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Group Photo of men in front of tractor
Group photo of eight men standing in front of a tractor. Man driving tractor is Bill Sowers. Men in front of tractor, left to right: 1. Tecoma Maguire 2. Anselmo Canet 3. Nicola Peirano 4. (Bill Saviers) 5. William Wadleigh. 6. _____ Isensee 7.…

A. L. Hobson on Horse
A. L. Hobson sits on a horse dressed up for the Ventura County Fair. Hobson holds an instrument? in his hand and is wearing a suit. Spectators are in the background.

Katherine Hoffman Haley on a Pony
Katherine Hoffman Haley sits on "Billy Boy" a pony looking toward the camera, while Walter Hoffman looks on (he is on the right hand side of photo). Katherine wears fuzzy chaps and a cowboy hat.

Katherine Hoffman Haley portrait
Full portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley, standing in the grass holding a rope attached to a toy bull. She is wearing fuzzy chaps and a cowboy shirt and hat. Rancho Santa Ana.

Walter Hoffman and Andrea Haley
Walter Hoffman & Andrea Haley. Andrea, a child sits on a pony while Walter stands next to the pony looking down at Andrea and the pony. Automobiles in background. Rancho Santa Ana.

Edith Hobson Hoffman portrait
Portrait of Edith Hobson Hoffman, seated, looking to the left of camera. She is dressed formally, wearing earings, a cross necklace, bracelets, glasses, and holds a clutch in her lap.

Half portrait of A. L. Hobson, seated, in a tuxedo, looking at the camera.

Adolfo Camarillo portrait
Bust portrait of Adolfo Camarillo, turned sideways looking to his left toward the camera, gazing to the left of camera. He is in suit and tie.

Newspaper Clipping, Seaside Park and Ventura County Fai
Clipping from Ventura Star-Free Press, Sept. 1948 re: Seaside Park and Ventura County Fair. Illustration on clipping is from John Brakey collection and is from 1911, possibly.

Limoneira Ranch Building 3 Construction
Bldg. #3. Sleeping quarters, Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula, 1922-23. "Art worked on building"
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