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Ventura Avenue Ice Plant
One large building with smaller sized buildings attached. Men standing in front of the building. One man is on a horse. Powerline in view. Vegetation in the foreground.

Tiburcio Vasquez
Portrait of Tiburcio Vasquez. His name is handwritten on the bottom of the photo. There is a small hole worn out of the middle of the photo.

Tiburcio Vasquez
Tiburcio Vasquez, the Notorious Bandit.


Rancho Sespe Packing House
Exterior view of the Rancho Sespe Packing House, showing railroad tracks alongside the building.

Rancho Sespe Packing House
View of an elevated open building at the Rancho Sespe Packing House. Another small building is in the background.

Rancho Sespe Packing House
Exterior view of the Rancho Sespe Packing House, showing a loading dock for trucks and railroad tracks running alongside the building on the left of the image.

Rancho Sespe Packing House
Exterior view of the Rancho Sespe Packing House, showing tracks running alongside the building a car parked in front of it.

Rancho Sespe Packing House
Interior view of the Rancho Sespe Packing House, showing a close view of machinery used in the packing processes.

Rancho Sespe Packing House
Interior view of the Rancho Sespe Packing House, showing what looks like a conveyor belt. View from above.

Entrance to Thacher School Postcard
A dirt road lined by trees and small plants, leading to Thacher School, Nordhoff, California. Caption at bottom reads "Enterance Thacher School Nordhoff Cal."
[No publisher stated]

Fwd_ Remembering Carmen Ramirez, a warrior with....pdf
An email with images and remembrance of Supervisor Carmen Ramirez's impact on the organization CAUSE [Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy].

Bird's Eye View of San Buenaventura, Cal 1877
Mounted photograph of map. Photo is black and white, original map is in color. Map is number M0230, available to view here. Shows view of Ventura in 1877, with a view "From the Bay, Looking North" as written along the bottom of the map. Ships, wharf,…

Olivas Adobe
Semi distant, exterior view of the Olivas Adobe (Old Adobe at Montalvo) in Ventura, California. A line of cedar trees and dirt yard in the foreground.

Additional information attached to photo.

Plaza School
Front exterior view of the Plaza School in Ventura, California, located on Santa Clara Street.

Lyman Harness Shop
Front exterior view of Lyman Harness Shop, with three men standing in or near doorway. Shop was located on Main Street in Ventura, CA, between Palm and Oak Streets.


Ventura Brass Band
Full group portrait of the Ventura Brass Band in their uniforms with instruments. Information written on photograph reads: "At Rose Hotel, east side."

L-R: H. Whitehouse; (?); V. Sanchez; Albert Ayers; Win Dicerad (?); Fulstone; H. M. Walker; B.…

Cueva Valdez, Santa Cruz Island
View of a sailboat in the ocean as seen through a natural archway at Cueva Valdez on Santa Cruz Island. Image is framed by the arch.

Charles Kuhlman with Other Musicians
Group portrait that includes Charles Kuhlman, seated at right, and four other men. The other men are not identified. All the men wear suits and hold stringed instruments. A dog lays on the ground in front of the group. Photo taken in Bisbee, Arizona,…

Ed. M. Hirschfelder
Bust portrait of Ed. M. Hirschfelder, wearing a three piece suit and bowtie. He is looking at the viewer. This is a cabinet card reading "J.C. Brewster; G. Max Lebo, Operator; Paris Panel; Ventura and Santa Paula, California."

Hill School in Late 1870s
Mounted stereoscope image of Hill School students. Shows an exterior side view of Hill School with students lined up next to the school. Several students are also crowded onto the balcony/veranda of the school (on left of image), and shows students…

Large Picnic Gathering
Group photo of a large group of nearly 100 of all ages. Picnic given by Mr. A. Puentener, Verdi (of north Ventura Avenue) for relatives from Switzerland, July 4, 1896.

Small Boy Sitting on Squash at Street Fair
Image shows a boy sitting on of two huge squash. Squash are on Oak Street during the Ventura Street Fair of 1900. In the background are tall bleachers and a two story building.

Emanuel Franz Home
Exterior front view of the Emanuel Franz home on Oak Street in Ventura, CA. The home appears to be one or one and one half stories with clapboard siding and a picket fence around the front yard. A woman in an apron stands on the front steps.

Old Moraga Grape Vine, Ventura Canyon
Up close view of a grape vine on a trellis, identified as "Old Moraga grape vine. Ventura Canyon."


Free Press Office during Presidential Campaign
Office of the Ventura Free Press on Oak Street during the McKinley-Bryan campaign. People have been identified as F. W. Train, Juan Isadoro Pico, Jonathon Velarde, and Fred Hawes.
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