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Construction scene with scaffolding.

Children and baby carriage on lawn in front of street scene and church

Ewing home, NE corner either Poli St. and Chestnut or possibly Poli and Catalina Streets

View of hillsides with road and houses in foreground

First page of handwritten copy of Assembly Bill Number 218, approved March 22, 1872, by the California State Legislature. Also contains original certification document, signed April 2, 1872 by H.H. Russell, deputy, for Drury Malone, Secretary of…

Ventura Liberty Boys group photo
Ventura Liberty Boys in front of Ventura County Court House. Some men are standing and some are sitting. Some people are shown in the window of the court house.

Ventura Liberty Boys group photo
Ventura Liberty Boys, group portrait, in front of Ventura County Court House. Some men are seated and some are standing. Some men are shown looking through a window toward the camera.

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Ventura Liberty Boys group photo
Group photo of World War I draftees, No. 2 draft. The group is in front of the Ventura County Court House. "Ventura Liberty Boys 9/21-17" across bottom left. Photo is creased and torn in some spots.

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Parade on Main Street between Oak and California Streets, Ventura, California. [Note banner of the Native Sons of the Golden West]

Edna H. Moody infant portrait
Seated infant portrait of Edna Huych Moody, born October 27, 1884 according to information on verso of photo. Edna is wearing a light-colored gown and looking to the right of camera.


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