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Pedro Ruiz and Maria Y. R. Duarte
Portrait Pedro Ruiz and Maria Ygnacia Real Duarte for the occasion of their wedding. Duarte is wearing a white dress, white gloves and a long lace veil. Ruiz is seated, wearing a gray suit with a lapel flower. Both are looking at the viewer. Museum…

Robert Ayers
Portrait bust of Robert Ayers. The portrait is a charcoal drawing on buff colored board. Mrs. Ayers is gazing to the viewer's right and has a small beard. According to library records, the Ayers were "the first white family in Ojai Valley 1868."

Mrs. Robert Ayers
Portrait bust of Mrs. Robert Ayers (Christiane Conner). The portrait is a charcoal drawing on buff colored board. Mrs. Ayers is gazing to the viewer's left and is wearing a dark, high collared dress with a pattern drawn on it, presumably by the…

Bust portrait, appears to be a charcoal drawing on buff colored board, of William G. Sharpe, who came to Ventura in 1875. He has a full white beard and is gazing to the viewer's left. Library records state "ship Anaconda."

Mrs. Tabitha Sharpe
Bust portrait, charcoal drawing of Mrs. Tabitha Sharpe, facing forward but looking slightly off center to the right. Sharpe wears small round glasses. She came to Ventura in 1875.

Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins
Bust portrait of Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins looking to the left of camera. She wears earrings and a brooch. Drawing is on buff colored board. She came to Ventura between 1870 and 1875.

Honorable W. Cannon Family Photo
Four women and three men in formal attire pose in a studio, some sitting and some standing. They are family of Honorable W. Cannon, but family members are not identified by name.

James Hollingsworth
3/4 portrait of James Hollingsworth wearing a suit and tie, one hand resting on a bookshelf holding California Annotated Codes and the other hand in his pocket. He is looking at the camera. Image is autographed "To my dear friend Dr. W. Achenbach."

Addie Webster Borgstrom

St. Francis Dam Post Disaster
Image showing the St. Francis Dam after the dam broke. A car is on the bottom left of the image, and a small tent/camp is at the bottom right of the image. Library records indicate photo was found at Blanchard estate in Terra Bella, CA.

Elizabeth Hardison, Child Portraits
Four portraits of Elizabeth Hardison as a toddler, mounted. They show her posed seated and standing wearing a long white dress, necklace, and a bow in her curled hair.

Olive Mann Isbell and Champ Fanster
Full portrait of Olive Mann Isbell in wheelchair with Champ Fanster standing behind her. Isbell is looking at the viewer and Fanster is looking to the left of camera.

Edith Bonestel Arneill
Full portrait of Edith Bonestel Arneill in a long short sleeved dress with a demi-train. She is standing in a studio in profile with face turned toward the camera. She leans on an upholstered armchair holding flowers in her hands. Photo is mounted.

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Erle Stanley Gardner at Desk
Erle Stanley Gardner dictates into a machine at his desk.

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Wilshire League Club Meeting, 1931
Large panoramic image depicting guests at the Wilshire League Club Meeting in the Fiesta Room, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California. Guests/members appear to all be men. The men are sitting at round tables and there is one long banquet table on…

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Mr. Lincoln, Ventura Avenue Farmer Portrait
Oval, tinted bust portrait of Mr. Lincoln, who was a Ventura Avenue farmer in Ventura, California, according to library records.

Hamilton Diamond Company Store
Closeup exterior view of the Hamilton Diamond Company Store. The store seems to take up at least the bottom floor of a several stories tall building. The second floor seems to advertise Dr. Joseph Bloom, Optometrist. Store is on a corner, double…

Matilija Dam
View of Matilija Dam with R. W. Lefever in the left foreground. Photo is mounted on a buff color board, with "Matilija Dam" handwritten on bottom left.

St. Francis Dam Disaster Aftermath
Bird's eye view of the aftermath of the St. Francis Dam disaster of 1928, looking toward Piru, with mountain range in the background.

Mission San Buenaventura Drawing
Drawing of the front exterior of the San Buenaventura Mission produced for the Tidewater Oil Company. Illustrated in pencil on beige paper, the illustration reads "Mission San Buenaventura" across the bottom.

San Buenaventura Mission and Museum
Front facing view of the exterior of Mission San Buenaventura from across Main Street running in front of it. The building next to the mission church clearly reads "Mission Museum" and a Camino Real bell is visible to the left of the mission steps.…

Distant view of Santa Paula, showing several buildings and farmhouses, as well as fields and some farm animals. Image mounted on cardboard.


Ventura Fire Department, 1900, Portraits
Individual bust portraits of the members of the Ventura Fire Department, 1900. Printed on the image is "Presented by J.H. Scotford, 6 March 1900."
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Newby, Ed; Delagere, A.; Briggs, A.D.; Day, M.E.; Bean, John;…

Men in Military Uniform
A row of men in military uniform stand in a row on a street. Uniforms have knee length coats, belts, sashes, and hats .

First Car Owned by Ventura County Sheriff
Four men sit in a car parked on Santa Clara Street in front of the first county courthouse. From image caption, lower left: "First Car Owned by Ventura County Sheriff-- 1906 Stevens Durea-- Left to Right: Dick Hayden, Undersheriff; Bill McGlinchey,…
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