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North 5th Street across from Plaza Park, Oxnard
Image taken from B Street intersection looking southwest at North 5th street across from Plaza Park. Part of Carnegie Library visible behind buildings. Building has shops including Automobile Trimmings, Plaza Hotel, and Plaza Hardware Co. Cars parked…

Southeast Corner of 5th and A Streets, Oxnard
Image of a vacant building on the southeast corner of 5th and A Streets. Man standing in the shade under building awning. Street is empty except for a parked car on the far right of the image.

5th Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the B Street intersection looking northeast at 5th Street. Bank of A. Levy, Lehmann Bros., and Post Office visible on the left of the image. 1920's style parked cars lining the front of the buildings. Woman walking in front of the…

First National Bank, Oxnard Looking Towards A Street
Looking southwest on 5th and A Streets. On left of image First National Bank entrance visible and shops lining the street. Cars parked in front of shops. Woman with stroller crossing the street. Men walking along street by bank entrance.

First National Bank, Oxnard
First National Bank in Oxnard on 5th and A Streets. Two story building with rows of windows on the side. Four large pillars adorning the front entrance. Four cars parked on the side of the building, three cars parked along the front entrance. A man…

Northeast Corner of 5th and B Streets, Oxnard
Image of the busy northeast corner of B and 5th Streets. Building shows signs for shops including Poggi's Drugs on the corner and possibly Lehmann Bros. next to it. Decorative arch with trees on the corner in front of Poggi's Drugs. Two women about…

Oxnard Carnegie Library
Exterior side view of the Oxnard Carnegie Library. Image taken from the street view to the right side of the entrance. Buildings visible to the left and right of the library. Three cars parked to the right side of the library.

Exterior View of St. John's Hospital
Exterior view of St. John's Hospital. Grassy field and trees visible in the foreground with the two-story building visible in the background.

St. John's Hospital, Exterior View
Exterior view of St. John's Hospital. Image of the two story building taken from the road leading to the entrance. Shrubbery visible lining the road on both sides and in front of the building. Building has two rows of fourteen windows across and has…

Santa Clara Roman Catholic Church, Oxnard
Santa Clara Roman Catholic Church on 3rd and E Streets in Oxnard. Image taken of the church exterior from 3rd Street looking toward the entrance of the church with trees surrounding the building. The entire building is visible in the frame with cross…

All Saint's Church, Oxnard
All Saint's Church on 2nd and C streets. Image taken from C Street side of the building, entrance on 2nd not visible. 1920's style car parked in front of the church. Trees visible on both sides of the church.

St. Paul's Methodist Church in Oxnard
St. Paul's Methodist Church on the south east corner of C and 6th Streets in Oxnard. Image taken from across the street to show entire building, including entrance and large stained-glass windows on the side of the building. 1920's style car parked…

Rail Cars Stopped at Oxnard Rail Depot
Image of trains stopped on tracks. On the right of the image there is a passenger train while one row over is a freight train. Visible in the background is the Oxnard rail depot. On the far right there is a building with a sign for the "Standard Oil…

Oxnard Rail Depot during World War II
Bird's eye view of the Oxnard Railroad depot. Building on the left has small sign of "Oxnard." There is a man standing on the deck on the far left of the image. On the right there are four rows of freight trains.

Freight Train Stopped on Tracks
Image of freight train cars stopped in front of buildings. Container on the right has "Chicago and North Western" and "Route of the 400 and the Streamliners" written on the side. Building in the background has logo for Sunkist. A set of tracks in…

Proposed Site for a State University
View of a possible agricultural field. Trees and mountains visible in the background. Image taken from higher ground looking across the field. No specific location indicated.


Entrance to St. Joseph's Institute
Image of St. Joseph's Institute on 4th and D streets taken from across the street. Palm trees lining the walkway to the building. Two story building with bell tower and cross.

Sign for Lying-In Hospital and Sanatorium
Image of the sign for the "Lying-In Hospital and Sanatorium." Building visible in the background. Possibly located on 5th and H streets in Oxnard, CA.


Road Sign Advertising for Oyster Loaf Café
Image taken from the side of the highway. Five cars visible on the highway in the foreground. Sign and greenery visible in the background. Sign reads "Dine at the Sign Coast Highway - Oxnard -- Beer on Draught".


Oxnard Masonic Temple Entrance
Oxnard Masonic Temple on 5th and C Streets taken from Plaza Park. Entrance visible with signs for "Theatre", "Victory", "Wed Thurs Ralph Lewis", and "The Third Alarm." Palm trees and park bench at Plaza Park visible in the foreground with building…

Oxnard Masonic Temple
Image of Oxnard Masonic Temple on 5th and C Streets taken from Plaza Park. Palm trees, grassy area, and park benches visible in the foreground with building in the background.

Exterior View of Catholic Women's Club Building Oxnard
Catholic Women's Club building in Oxnard with cars parked in front of the building. Image taken from across the street.

Aerial View of Oxnard Looking Toward Ventura
Aerial view taken from Oxnard looking towards Ventura. Pacific Ocean visible on the left side of the image. Open land visible in the foreground with mountains in the background. Library records indicate image was taken before 1930.

Aerial View of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory Looking Northwest
Aerial image taken from the northwest with Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory on the bottom right of the image and Oxnard city in the background. Library records indicate image was taken before 1930.

Aerial View of Oxnard Boulevard Looking North
Aerial view of Oxnard, image taken looking north at Oxnard Boulevard with the city on the left. Library records indicate image was taken before 1930.
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