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Portrait of Adelaide Comstock
A posed portrait of Adelaide Comstock. Comstock is in a 3/4 view, facing towards the left of the camera. Image is faded.
Text along the bottom of the image reads, "Grandmother Comstalk."

Portrait of Adelaide Comstock
A posed portrait of Adelaide Comstock. Comstock is in a 3/4 view, facing towards the left of the camera.
Text along the top of the image reads, "Grandmother Comstalk."

Adelaide Comstock Seated
A shot of Adelaide Comstock seated in a chair. The image does not appear to be a staged portrait.
Text on bottom of image reads, "Grandmother Comstock"


Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park
Bird's eye view of Babe Ruth Field at Seaside Park showing the entire baseball diamond and outfield. There are nine visible players on the field in various positions mid game. Residences and other buildings are in the background and advertisements…

Superior Court Interior, Ventura
Interior view of the Superior Court in the Ventura County courthouse. View of the judge's bench and plaintiff and defendant desks.

Main Street at Seaward Avenue, Ventura
Shot from the middle of left turning lane (to turn at Seaward Ave.) on Main Street. There is oncoming traffic and cars to the right. A gas station is on the left corner and a store (Applegate's) on the right corner.

Mill School Class Photo
Mill School class of Marie McVicar. A group of students stand in front of the school in an orderly line with their teacher on the far right.

Chamber of Oils and Mines Barbecue
Panoramic group photo of men standing at the Chamber of Oils and Mines Barbecue at Seaside Park, Ventura, California. Most of the men are wearing three piece suits and ties and are holding their hats in hand. A group of men on the right wear long…

Erosion in Alfalfa Field
Snapshot of a man kneeling next to a plant examining it with one hand and possibly a measuring device in his other hand. His hat lays on the floor. Library records state: "Showing 18" erosion in alfalfa field."

Close-up of Erosion
Snapshot of a man in a suit, hat, and glasses standing with a measuring stick in ditch in a field. He appears to be taking a measurement. Library records state: "A close-up of erosion."

Pierpont Beach After Destruction of Fishing Pier
View of Pierpont Beach looking west from east of Seaward Avenue after fishing pier was destroyed. Four figures, probably children, play in the waves, houses and mountains in the background.

Lawn at Seaside Park
Expanse of lawn at Seaside Park, Ventura. Lawn on the left of photo, palm trees line the lawn on the right, and in the background behind the palm trees are barns.

Santa Clara River Bridge, Missing Section
View of the west end of the Santa Clara River Bridge at Montalvo, missing after a flood. View is from the riverbank, and another bridge is in the background.

West End of Ventura River Bridge, Missing Section
View of the western end of the Ventura River Bridge, which is completely missing after a flood. A person stands on the bridge just before the missing section, a ladder stands against the bridge.

Aldegunda C. Del Campo
Bust portrait of Aldegunda C. Del Campo (Aldegunda De Los Reyes Camarillo Del Campo), looking to the left of the camera. She is wearing her hair up, and has a dark dress with a high neck and brooch at the neck. She was born in 1846, died 1927.


Mountain View Hotel, Piru, 1910
Front exterior view of Mountain View Hotel, a two story structure with a wraparound balcony on the second floor and wraparound porch on first floor. A small group of women and children stand on the front steps. Photo appears to be taken through a…

Pine Mountain Lodge
Front exterior view of Pine Mt. Lodge, a structure made of wood and logs. There is a small table outside of the front door on the left and a tree grows very close to the lodge to the right of the door.

Pine Mountain Lodge, Rear View
Pine Mt. Lodge (rear view) with 2 boys from Thacher School on
horseback. A third horse, or possibly a mule, stands without a rider. The lodge appears to be made of wood and wood logs with a stone chimney.

La Conchita, Rincon
Bird's eye view of coastline and houses in La Conchita.

Bird's eye view of La Conchita from just above Ojai Street. Residences and/or businesses on bottom half of photo, Pacific Ocean on top half of photo.

La Conchita, Upper Part
View of the upper part of La Conchita, Rincon, from Ojai and Surfside Streets. A house visible in the foreground on the right of photo.

Filming of "The Sheik"
Bird's eye view of the set of "The Sheik", a 1921 silent romantic drama starring Rudolph Valentino and Agnes Ayres. Filming was on an Oxnard beach. It is a crowded beach scene with many palm trees and large striped tents. A large group of people on…

View from the side of Roosevelt Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) of a car coming toward the camera and one driving away in the distance. There are large rock formations along both sides of the highway as well as safety barriers. Photograph is…

New York Giants Visit Oxnard
Bird's eye view looking south on A Street in Oxnard at a parade scene when the New York Giants came to town, circa 1911. The players appear to be walking in front of and alongside a decorated horse-drawn carriage. The carriage is followed by two more…

Mr. and Mrs. De La Riva on Porch at Adobe
Mr. and Mrs. De La Riva on stand on the porch at Olivas Adobe. She stands in front of him and they are both looking at the camera.
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