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Montie Montana with Horse and Woman at Fairgrounds
Outdoor scene showing Montie Montana (right) and his horse with unidentified young woman at the Ventura Fairgrounds, likely the Babe Ruth Baseball Field. Horse is seated on hind legs. Montie wears a floral shirt and cowboy hat. Fence in background is…

Scenes from DeLee's Childhood A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton's childhood.

Photo A: DeLee and her mother Peggy Staunton stand on rocks looking over tide pools at Moore's Cottages Beach, Solimar. Peggy wears a wide-legged swimsuit and a sunhat.

Photo B: DeLee sits…

DeLee Playing on Beach A
Three photos of DeLee playing on the beach at Moore's cottages, now Solimar.

Photo A: DeLee sitting on the beach. Using a small tool, she shovels sand into a bucket. Automobile in background.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother Peggy sitting on the…

DeLee Staunton Standing on Path
Outdoor scene showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl standing on a paved pathway outside of the Staunton home on Gould Ranch. She wears a wide brimmed hat and Jodhpur pants.

Library records indicate that the Staunton home was the ranch…

DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three portraits of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a child.

Photo A: DeLee crouches on a paved walkway beside a teddy bear in a toy stroller. She is wagging her finger at the bear. She wears a white dress, black shoes, and bobbed hair.

Photo B:…

Man Holding a Snake
Outdoor scene showing a man wearing work clothes, thick gloves, and a wide-brimmed hat holding a snake. The man smiles slightly over his shoulder towards the viewer. The snake appears to be moving or stretching to the left of the view. Unpaved trail…

Child with Dolls
Outdoor portrait of a child with four dolls. Child wears a knee-length white dress, short hair, and a wide-brimmed hat. They hold a small ragdoll in one arm, and hold hands with the largest doll. Large doll is seated in a chair and wears a dress and…

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Young Woman with Book
Outdoor portrait of a young woman standing next to a two-story wooden building. She is wearing a small, brimmed hat, blouse, and skirt. She is holding a notebook or writing tablet and a pair of gloves. She is smiling and seems to roll her eyes…

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Woman Posing on Beach
Outdoor portrait of a woman posing on a beach. She is wearing a dark skirt, white blouse, and a flowery hat. She is smiling and looking towards the viewer. She has one hand on her hip, and the other holds her hat. On ecru cardboard backing.

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Woman with Flowered Hat
Outdoor scene showing a woman outside of a two-story wood building. The woman is wearing a formal dress and a hat decorated with flowers. She is smiling and looking towards the right side of the image. On ecru cardboard backing.

Five Portraits of a Young Woman
Five diamond-shaped miniature portraits of a young woman arranged on ecru cardboard backing. Center portrait is a close up showing the woman smiling or laughing. Other portraits show woman from further away. She wears a hat in each photo.


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Women in Pony Cart
Outdoor scene showing three women seated in a horse-drawn cart. Two of the women are wearing patterned blouses and are looking towards the viewer. All three women wear straw hats. The photographer's shadow is visible on the ground. On ecru cardboard…

Group of Young Men and Women
Scene showing a group seated on steps outside of a building. Three young men wearing hats and suits are sitting on the bottom step. They are smiling and looking towards the viewer. Behind the men are three young women wearing hats. They are partially…

Young Men Chatting
Outdoor scene showing two young men standing together. Man on left is wearing a jacket and has his arms crossed with one hand on his chin. He appears to be smiling or laughing. Man on right is wearing a dark turtleneck sweater and holds a tennis…

Young Man in Suit and Bowtie
View of a young man dressed in a suit with jacket, waistcoat, bowtie and hat. The man is leaning against the exterior wall or a building. He has his hands behind his back and he is looking towards the viewer. On ecru cardboard backing.

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Young Man in Coat
Outdoor image of a young man dressed in a dark coat, hat, and bow tie. He is looking towards the viewer's right. Sidewalk, low, wooden fence, and garden with trellis in background. On Ecru cardboard backing.

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Sue and Annie Sem on Prop Train
Portrait of Sue and Annie Sem standing on the platform of a painted train backdrop. Sign on railing reads, "Tiajuana Mexico". Sue wears a fur lined coat and cloche hat. Annie wears a coat and poses with hand on her hip. Both have bobbed hair and…

Wilbur and Mabel Hing
Outdoor portrait of Wilbur and Mabel Hing standing by a stone staircase. Wilbur wears a light colored suit and holds a fedora-style hat in his hands. His hair is parted and slicked back. Mabel wears a dark dress and coat with ascot or scarf. She is…

Woman Standing in Front of Fence
Unidentified woman standing in front of a lattice fence. The woman is looking at the camera and smiling. She is wearing a hat and coat. One of her arms is holding a purse close to her chest while the other arm hangs by her side. Behind the fence…

Six Women Group Photo
Six unidentified women standing for a group photo, possibly women of the Daily family. All of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. The sun seemingly beaming down on the women as all the women are squinting. Four of the six women are smiling.

Four Women in Front of House
Picture of four unidentified women posing in front of a home. The women are standing in a row on the walkway that leads to the front door of the home. Each of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. To the left of the women the front door of the…

Philomena Louie Constance
Full portrait of Philomena Louie Constance dressed in formal attire. Her outfit includes a decorated hat and dark-colored Edwardian style skirt and shirt. Taken outside 411 Oak Street.

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Georgiana Mongari Brown
Portrait of Georgiana Mongari Brown standing next to a garden fence. Shrubbery shown on right side of image. Georgiana is wearing a large, decorated hat, Edwardian style coat, dark-colored shirtwaist, and skirt. Skirt and coat appear to have…

Dr. Newell Brown and Jeanne Zapf in Automobile
Shows Dr. Newell Brown holding baby Jeanne Zapf. Dr. Brown is sitting on the door of an early automobile that is parked on Meta Street. He is wearing a dark suit and a fedora-style hat. Jeanne is wearing light-colored baby clothes. County Hospital is…

Epifanio Manzo and Woman
Bust portrait of Epifanio Manzo and an unidentified woman. Epifanio is wearing a dark-colored suit and tie. His hair is styled and he wears a drooping mustache. The woman is wearing a large hat, a white Edwardian-style shirtwaist, and dark-colored…
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