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Riave Family at Passover Seder
Riave Family at Passover Seder. Family members are seated in a dining room at a long dining room table. L-R: Kermit Riave, Lionel Riave, Etheyl Riave, Bea Riave, Dora Riave Hantover, Lou Hantover, June Riave, Jean Riave, Irene Riave, Louis Riave, ---…

Max Riave Next to Notary Public Sign
Max Riave stands next to a sign advertising his services. Sign reads "Max Riave Notary Public 482-2660 Have Seal Will Travel." Max gestures toward the sign, smiling at the camera.

Santa Susana Grammar School Photo
School photo in front of Santa Susana Grammar School before World War I. Max Riave kneeling at right. There are boys, girls, and teachers in the photo. Children appear to be middle or high school age.

Colonel L. H. French
Bust portrait of Col. L. H. French in uniform, commanding officer of soldiers from Santa Susana in World War I. Handwritten on the bottom of photo: "L. H. French, Ass't Naval Attaché American Embassy Paris January to August 1918."

Max and Ruth Riave, left, at their "new" mercantile store located in the old post office building in Camarillo. A horse is also in the store along with a dog. An unidentified man dressed as a cowboy stands in front of the horse on the right of the…

Max Riave in American Legion Uniform
Bust portrait of Max Riave, wearing his American Legion uniform and hat. He is looking to the right of the camera with a slight smile. He is wearing glasses. Photo was taken later in his life.

Max Riave in American Legion Uniform
Bust portrait of Max Riave, wearing his American Legion uniform without his hat. He is smiling at the camera and wearing glasses. Photo was taken later in his life.

Max Riave, Bust Portrait
Bust portrait of Max Riave, taken when president of the Ventura County Jewish Council. He is looking to the left of camera, wearing a suit and tie, and he has round glasses.

Max Riave in World War I Uniform
Side view of Max Riave in full World War I uniform, standing outside of a building with a rifle in his hands. He is wearing a backpack and has a canteen at his hip. The photo is signed "Regards From Max" and signed "Mar. 25, 1918."

Wedding of Blanch Kohn
Blanche Kohn and her new husband are seen leaving a building post wedding ceremony (sign on building says community center). The bride and groom are smiling as small things are thrown at them (possibly rice?). Behind the bride and groom are Henry…

U.S. Army Soldiers in Dining Hall in France, World War I
View from above of U.S. soldiers sitting on long tables and benches in a dining hall in France during World War I. Max Riave is thought to be seated second from right. Note on back of photo reads: "Oct 7th 1918. I was in here peacefully writing…

Max Riave Holding Baby Daughter
Max Riave holds one of his daughters up for a photo while standing outside in front of Camarillo Mercantile in 1945. Max is looking downward and the baby girl is smiling at the camera. Other businesses are in the background.

Max Riave Wearing Tallit
Max Riave seated at a dining table looking at the camera. He is wearing a prayer shawl for daily prayer (tallit). Next to Max on the dining table are a menorah, and a tree of life. There are also Stars of David visible hanging in doorways. According…

Max Riave in Front of Camarillo Mercantile
Max Riave (right) stands with another man in front of the store he owned with his wife Ruth, Camarillo Mercantile. Both men are smiling into the camera and are wearing ties and long light colored coats. Behind them, part of the interior of the store…

Lionel and Kermit Riave as Children
Lionel and Kermit Riave pose for a photo together as boys outdoors. One boy has an arm around the other. It is unclear which boy is Lionel and which is Kermit. Kermit was killed in a motorbike accident at age 16. Lionel grew up to become a Circuit…


Max Riave in Army Uniform
Max Riave turned slightly to his right wearing his World War I Army uniform. He is standing in front of steps in front of a building. The bottom of photo has handwriting that reads "Dad-Girls delight 1918."

Outdoor Portrait of a Large Group
Several men and women pose for an outdoor group portrait. A hill is in the background, as well as an automobile.
Back row L-R: Gene Wegis, Rafael Wegis, Pete Reyes, Geraldo Reyes, Glendora Reyes, J. P. Reyes, E. C. Ortega, unidentified man, Anselmo…

Group portrait of women and girls, sitting outside on what appears to be the front steps of a house. L-R: Rosa Valencia Ortega, Beatrice Ortega Vanegas, ? , Baby Ruby Vanegas, ? , Rebecca Valencia.

Ruby Vanegas on Horseback
Side view of Ruby Vanegas, as a teenager or young woman, on horseback. She is turned toward the camera, smiling.


Mary Carrillo Ortega, E. C. Ortega, and Randolph Carrillo Group Photo
Group photo of (l-r): Mary Carrillo Ortega, E.C. Ortega (Chilis) and her son Randolph Carrillo. They are all standing outdoors next to a tree with shrubbery at their feet. Library records state this was E. C.'s second marriage.

Ruby Vanegas Portrait
Outdoor portrait of Ruby Vanegas standing in front of a tree. She is dressed in a floor length light colored gown with short balloon sleeves; it also has a collar and flowers at the neck. Ruby has on t-strap heels. Photo states: "This was taken in…

Ramon Vanegas on Horseback
Front and side view of Ramon Vanegas on horseback in a field with mountains in the background. He is wearing a jacket, hat, and bandana around his neck.


Ruby and Rosa Vanegas as Girls
Ruby (left) and Rosa (right) Vanegas standing in a yard. Both girls are wearing dresses.


Helen Bovee Vanegas and Ruby Vanegas
Helen Bovee Vanegas and Ruby Vanegas stand next to each other outside leaning forward against a railing. It is unclear which is Helen and which is Ruby. One woman wears a skirt suit, hat, and heels, while the other wears a patterned dress, hat and…

Beatrice Ortega Vanegas and Rosa Valencia Ortega
Two women, Beatrice Ortega Vanegas on left and Rosa Valencia Ortega on right, stand outside. Beatrice is looking at the camera and Rosa is looking toward Beatrice. Both women wear dresses and heels. Behind them is a garden or landscaping and a house.

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