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Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Military Photographers Group Portrait
Outdoor group portrait of six male military photographers seated and kneeling on steps. Four men holding up their cameras. Man in center wearing a different uniform than the others. One man appears to be smoking a cigar.

Note: Museum records…

Workers and Farm Machinery
Outdoor group photo of agricultural workers posed with machinery and haystacks. Most of the group stands in front of or on the machinery. Three men rest on the haystack. Man on right seated on horseback.

Fishermen Standing in Surf with Catch
Outdoor group photo of five men and one woman standing in the surf and holding a net full of fish. Taken in the vicinity of Mugu.

Musicians Playing Instruments on Boat
Outdoor group photo taken on the deck of a boat possibly Coos Bay in Ventura. Shows a group three musicians and onlookers. Musician on left is playing a violin-like instrument, other two musicians playing guitars.

Men pictured include Ignacio…

Ventura Pier Fire, 1936
Bird's-eye view of the Ventura Pier and outlying buildings in flames. Thick smoke obscures most of the structures. Firefighters on the beach spray water upwards at the fire. Crowd of onlookers in foreground. Photograph originally published in the…

Boy Scouts and Navy Personnel at Monument
Outdoor group photo of Cub Scouts, teenaged Boy Scouts, Scout leaders, and Navy personnel standing on either side of a monument and United States flag. Text on monument reads, "In Memoriam (date unreadable) J.N. Proctor President
Emeritus 1962,…

Boy Scout Troop 203 at Wild Cat Decathlon
Group photo Boy Scout Troop 203 at the Wild Cat Decathlon. Two men and six boys of various ages. The boys are dressed in Boy Scout uniforms and displaying medals and awards. Man in center appears to be dressed as a scout leader, the man on the right…

Bertha Tumamait Blanco Teaching Yucca Cordage
Bertha Tumamait Blanco (left) seated and instructing Courtney Marie Wallace on yucca cordage. Taken in the Museum of Ventura County courtyard during the Chumash Youth Program.

Note: Museum records indicate that Bertha Tumamait Blanco was born 20…

The Ventura Klezmer Band Group Photo
Outdoor group photo of the Ventura Klezmer Band members and their instruments in Port Hueneme. Drum reading "The Ventura Klezmer Band" in bottom center, with six band member seated around it. Two members stand on left holding brass horn-like…

Group Photo on Bridge Over Water
Outdoor group photo of six young women and men, possibly including Pansy Brewster, posing on a wooden bridge over running water, possibly Matilija Creek. Woman second from the right is seated on handrail and holding an umbrella over her head. Man…

Nailing Covers Upon Boxes Ready for Shipment
Interior scene of a Limoneira worker nailing covers onto boxes of citrus fruit that are ready to be shipped. The worker is standing at a work table with a Limoneira box in front of him. There is a blur from the motion of hitting nails with a hammer.…

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Sign Protesting Santa Paula City Council
Santa Paula street scene showing white truck parked next to sidewalk. Sign standing in truck bed reads "We love [heart symbol] Santa Paula except for the double standards you have for Mexicans. King in City Hall! [rest of sign illegible]." Buildings…

Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner and Granddaughter
Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner seated on a bench to the right of a window. Her toddler-aged granddaughter is seated on her lap. Wagner holds her granddaughter with one hand and a flower in the other. She is looking out the window, to the viewer's…

Linda Merrill Surfing the Rincon
View of Linda Merrill riding a surfboard at Rincon Point. She is crouched on her board and is holding her arms out for balance. A wave is curling over the back of her board, to the viewer's right.

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Group Photo at Asano Store
Group photo of Japanese American men standing outside the Asano Store in El Rio. Four of the men are holding children of various ages. Kamezo Asano is seated in the front, third from the right. Storefront and sign visible behind the group. A sign in…

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair, 1900. Storefronts and tents for fair vendors are visible behind large crowd watching the procession. Parade float passing crowd is pulled by two white horses. Six men dressed in…

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair, 1900. Storefronts and tents for fair vendors are visible behind large crowd watching the procession. Parade float passing crowd is pulled by two white horses. Six men dressed in…

Five Young Dancers at Flora Robb Dance Studio, Oxnard
Yolanda Verrett, Patricia Ann Holloway, Evelyn Yvonne Holloway, Lavonia Webb and Anna Fay Webb as young girls tap dancing at Flora Robb Dance Studio in Oxnard. The girls are dressed in matching leotards, tutus, tap shoes, and hair bows.

Dr. Stephen Coray Vaccinating Child Against Measles
Stephen Coray, M.D. (left) with a young patient. Dr. Coray is pressing a jet injector to the child's arm. The child is smiling and pointing to his arm. A sign that reads "Measles Stop Measles" in the shape of a traffic stop sign is visible behind the…

Group Portrait, Filipino Farm Workers at Arneill Ranch
Group portrait of Filipino workers at Arniell Ranch.

Note: Museum records indicate that Arniell Ranch worker housing was located along Arneill Road in Camarillo, on what is now Ponderosa Road, between the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust and Vons…

Bathers at Pierpont Beach
View of crowds of people wading in the ocean and lounging on the sand at Pierpont Beach.

Portrait of a Priest
A full body portrait of an unidentified priest. He is standing and holding a hat and cane in his hands.

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Carmen Camarillo Riding in Fiesta Parade
Carmen Camarillo and two unidentified men riding horseback during the Fiesta Parade on State Street in Santa Barbara. Carmen is riding a Camarillo White Horse, the two men are riding dark-colored horses.
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