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Mabel Hing as a Young Woman
Bust portrait of Mabel Hing as a young woman. She is turned slightly toward the viewer's left and wears a bobbed hairstyle. Written on photograph: Much love, Mabel.

E.W. Daily Home with Four People on Front Porch
Outdoor photo of E.W. Daily home - front view. Four people visible on front porch.

Exterior Home with Farm Buildings and Windmill
Brown toned photo of home with windmill and farm buildings. Location of home possibly Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, home of Mrs. W.R. Crowley, mother of Mrs. E.W. Daily.

Daily Baby Sitting By Flower Garden
Glossy outdoor photo of baby in romper and hat sitting on edge of flower garden. Daily family baby.

Daily Baby Sitting on Dog
Glossy outdoor photo of baby sitting on dog while being held by woman. Daily family baby.

Mrs. E.W. Daily in Rose Garden with Boy
Outdoor photo of Mrs. E.W. Daily with boy in garden with bouquets of roses outside of Daily home. Boy unidentified, but likely a son.

Exterior of Home and Front Lawn
Photo of front view of home. Home unidentified, likely Crowley home.

Mrs. E.W. Daily Outside in Rose Garden<br />
Outdoor photo of woman in garden with bouquets of roses. Women is Mrs. E.W. Daily outside of Daily home.

Exterior of Home and Front Lawn
Photo of home. View is a side view from the left and from street. Home unidentified, likely Crowley home.

Cow Outdoors Near Fence
Outdoor photo of dairy cow in fenced enclosure. Cow most likely property of E.W. Daily.

Daily Family Outside Barn and Sitting on Hammock
Outdoor photo of Daily family grouping under trees. Some family members in hammock. Three couples standing in front of barn. Scene is on E.W. Daily property with family members in photo.

Arches of Spanish Style Building
Outdoor photo of an unidentified Spanish Mission. Arches and palm trees in photo. Glimpse of edge of town on far right of photo.


Two Barns with Two Men and Poultry in Front
Slightly damaged photo of two small farm buildings. Trees, fencing visible. Two men in photo. Man on right surrounded by poultry.

Daily Family Members Outside
Outdoor photo of two men and one woman in center standing under trees. Building in background. Daily family members, exact identities undetermined.

Two Girls in Front of Railroad Station
Brown toned photo of two little girls in coats (one with bag). They appear to be in front of railroad station. Girl on right is same girl as girl on left of photo 34525.

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Three Girls in Swim Suits on Palm Tree Lined Street
Outdoor photo of three little girls in swimming costumes in front of palm trees. Same location as 34525. Identity of girls undetermined.

Daily Children on Palm Tree Lined Street
Outdoor photo of two children. One girl (left) and one boy (right) holding hands in front of palm trees. House behind palm trees. Children are likely Daily children - exact identities are undetermined.

Etta Crowley Daily and Two Women at Picnic Table
Outdoor photo of three women near picnic table. Two women standing, one seated. Woman seated is Mrs. E.W. Daily (Etta Crowley Daily).

Hillside Landscape Covered in Trees
Outdoor photo of outdoor scene. Trees visible in foreground with hill behind, also covered in trees.

People at Picnic Among Trees
Photo of people gathered around picnic table surrounded by trees. Three women sitting on front-facing side of table, one man sitting on back-facing side of table. One man standing in background behind table in shade.

Outdoor Picnic with Two Couples
Photo of outdoor scene. Picnic setting. There is a couple with back to camera and couple on the other side of picnic table.

Cattle in Pasture
Outdoor photo of cattle, including some calves, moving on pasture land near fencing and trees. Unidentified man in right background of scene.
Note: Museum records indicate location is likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Sheep Grazing in Field
Outdoor scene of sheep grazing in field. Fencing and trees visible in background.
Note: Museum records indicate location likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Home Nestled Among Trees
Brown toned outdoor view photo of home nestled in trees with partial fencing of both wood and stone.
Note: Museum records indicate location is likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Mrs. Crowley in Rocking Chair Outdoors with Cat
Faded brown toned outdoor photo of woman in rocker holding cat. Woman is likely Mrs. Crowley, mother of Mrs. E.W. Daily. Another woman in left rear of photo. Photo taken on E.W. Daily property.
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