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Charles Zapf and Power Plant Workers
Shows Charles F. Zapf (second from right) with three unidentified men. The men are all dressed in hard hats and long coats that appear to be leather. An automobile and corrugated metal structure in background.

Museum records indicate that Charles…

Residential Street Scene, Ventura
Shows a view of a residential street looking over the front yards of the homes on one side of the street. View appears to have been taken from someone standing on the sidewalk or a lawn. Automobiles are parked parallel at the sidewalk. Two men…

Celia Zapf in Opera Costume
Shows Celia Zapf standing in the yard of 57 N. Laurel Street. She is dressed in a costume for a Glee Club opera performance at Ventura High School. Her costume includes a long floral skirt, tunic-style shirt, and a head scarf. House, automobile, and…

Jeanne Zapf and Friend
Shows Jeanne Georgiana Zapf and an unidentified woman standing on the sidewalk outside of 57 N. Laurel Street. A automobile is behind them.

Epifanio and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo
Shows Epifanio (right) and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo standing next to a parked automobile on Meta Street. Erlinda is wearing a light-colored dress. Epifanio is wearing a dark cardigan sweater and striped tie. A dog is visible sitting in the driver's…

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Dr. Newell Brown and Jeanne Zapf in Automobile
Shows Dr. Newell Brown holding baby Jeanne Zapf. Dr. Brown is sitting on the door of an early automobile that is parked on Meta Street. He is wearing a dark suit and a fedora-style hat. Jeanne is wearing light-colored baby clothes. County Hospital is…

Newell Zapf Standing on Automobile
Shows Newell Zapf as a young child standing on the step of an early automobile parked on Meta Street. He has one arm hooked through the open side of the car to hold onto the door. He is wearing a large straw hat and is barefoot. Palm trees in…

Area Behind Newhall Mansion in Piru
View of a vegetated area behind Newhall Mansion, also known as Piru Mansion or Cook Mansion. Unpaved parking lot with one car parked is visible in the foreground. A telephone pole is in the center of the image placed among the trees. In the…

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Exterior view of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and school, later the Midtown Assembly of God, that was located at the northeast corner of San Clemente Street and Ocean Avenue. Building is adobe-style architecture with a spire above the entryway.…

Mission San Buena Ventura and Mission School, Ventura, Calif. 1928 postcard
Postcard shows the San Buenaventura Mission and school from the west and south sides. To the left of the Mission is a garden of flowers as well as four parked cars outside of the Mission. In the background there are hills covered with…

Street View, Oxnard, California postcard
Views of a busy street in Oxnard. Shows multiple cars driving and parked throughout the street. Shows businesses and storefronts on both sides of the street.

[DOPS in stamp area]

Securing Surfboard to Trailer
Shows an unidentified man securing a surfboard to a trailer with rope. Man is wearing a striped shirt and has coiffed hair. Automobile, house, and tree visible in background.

Ready to Surf
Shows an unidentified man standing by open door of an automobile. A cart is hitched to the back of the car, and is holding a striped surfboard. Houses and trees visible in background.

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Car and Surfboards for Puerto Vallarta Surfing
Shows parked car with doors open and trunk filled with surfboards and a wooden cart. Boards and cart appear to be strapped down, with small flags affixed to one of the boards. Museum records indicate that the car was packed for a surf trip to Puerto…

Transporting Surfboard
Shows a man wearing an aloha-print shirt loading a striped surfboard onto a car's trailer. Second man wearing striped shirt stands behind the trailer. An old model car is parked on the opposite side of the road.

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George Weston with Surfboard
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston standing on a beach with his surfboard on its side between his legs. He is wearing swimwear. Beach, parking lot with cars, palm trees, and telephone poles are visible in background.

Rainy Day in Fillmore
View of Central Avenue in Fillmore on a rainy day. Taken from the sidewalk. Rows of early automobiles are parked diagonally by the sidewalk. Group of men are visible standing under a storefront's awning. Edge of an awning visible in the upper left of…

Sign Protesting Santa Paula City Council
Santa Paula street scene showing white truck parked next to sidewalk. Sign standing in truck bed reads "We love [heart symbol] Santa Paula except for the double standards you have for Mexicans. King in City Hall! [rest of sign illegible]." Buildings…

Signs Protesting Santa Paula City Council
Two trucks parked at sidewalk curb, with political signs standing in truck beds. Signs were part of protest against Santa Paula City Council. Signs read, "We love [heart symbol] Santa Paula except the double standards you have for Mexicans. King in…

Decorated Automobiles
Row of five automobiles decorated in flowers and flags for unknown celebration. Men dressed in dark shirts and light pants and hats pose with the vehicles. Second automobile from the right appears to be a fire engine with ladder and bell.

Ventura County Bookmobile
A Ventura County Free Library bookmobile parked with back door open. Two patrons, a woman and a man browse the books on one side of the bookmobile. A third patron can be seen browsing books at the back of the vehicle.

Cars Driving By Saint Francis Dam Debris, Santa Paula
View of a row of early automobiles driving past debris left by the Saint Francis Dam failure.

Architectural Drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
Architectural drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Shows the exterior view of front of Oak Creek. Shows people on sidewalk, cars stopped on traffic circle, and foliage around building.

C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery, Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo, taken from field across the street. Several unidentified men stand outside the building. Two trucks are parked to the left of the building, one loaded with plants. There is an automobile…

Crowd in Front of Central Hotel, Fillmore
Group portrait of men outside the Central Hotel in on Central Avenue in Fillmore. Three men seated in a 1906 Ford Automobile in front of crowd. Hotel owner, Owen Miller shown standing on left by lamp post.
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