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DeLee and Frosty the Dog A
Two photos depicting DeLee Staunton and her dog Frosty.

Photo A: DeLee stands on the garden path of 828 Poli Street. Her dog Frosty stands near her. Frosty is a white dog that appears to be a Jack Russell terrier or similar breed. DeLee wears a…

Group Photo Near Matilija A
Two group photos taken in the area of Matilija Canyon.

Photo A: Several people sit on a boulder. Identified as C. C. Staunton, Jenny Stump, Doris Pennypacker, Annie Hanrahan, DeLee Staunton, and Peggy Staunton.

Photo B: Several people pose by a…

Life at Fallbrook A
Five outdoor scenes showing the Staunton family during their time at Fallbrook.

Photo A: C. C. and DeLee Staunton at the steps outside of the Fallbrook house. C. C. sits cross-legged on the wall beside the steps. DeLee stands beside her father…

Staunton Family Photos A
Three photos showing members of the Staunton family.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton and her mother Peggy standing by a four-limbed tree in Plaza Park, Ventura. DeLee stands in front, and holds two of the main branches. She wears a white dress and brimmed…

Staunton Family in Plaza Park A
Three views of the Staunton family at Plaza Park in Ventura, Calif.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton as a child standing on a unpaved path beside a hedge. She has a sprig of leaves in her hand and is looking at it. She wears a white dress and bobbed hair. …

DeLee Staunton Childhood Photos A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee riding a "Kiddy-car" or scooter. She looks to the left out of the sides of her eyes, with a serious expression on her face.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother, Peggy…

DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three portraits of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a child.

Photo A: DeLee crouches on a paved walkway beside a teddy bear in a toy stroller. She is wagging her finger at the bear. She wears a white dress, black shoes, and bobbed hair.

Photo B:…

DeLee Staunton Marshall and Family A
Four outdoor photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall and her family.

Photo A: DeLee as a child standing with three of her relatives. Annie Hanrahan (aunt) and Marguerite "Peggy" Staunton (mother) stand in back. DeLee and Mary Longmaid Hanrahan…

Nellie Daily Holding Siamese Cats
Outdoor scene showing Nellie Daily holding two Siamese cats next to a wooden house. Nellie wears a floral print dress and glasses and has curled hair. She looks down at the cats. The two cats look towards the viewer. Bush growing alongside house is…

Woman with Flowered Hat
Outdoor scene showing a woman outside of a two-story wood building. The woman is wearing a formal dress and a hat decorated with flowers. She is smiling and looking towards the right side of the image. On ecru cardboard backing.

Five Portraits of a Young Woman
Five diamond-shaped miniature portraits of a young woman arranged on ecru cardboard backing. Center portrait is a close up showing the woman smiling or laughing. Other portraits show woman from further away. She wears a hat in each photo.


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Two Women and Dog
Shows two women standing beside a wooden building with a dog. Women are wearing loose, checked dresses. Woman on left wears glasses and is bending down to pet the dog. The dog is medium-sized with shaggy white and dark fur. On ecru cardboard backing.

Group Photo on Steps
Group portrait on steps outside a building. Shows four men and four women wearing formal suits and dresses. Three of the women and one man are holding flower bouquets. Possibly a wedding photo. On ecru cardboard backing.

Mrs. Wong Ah
Portrait of Mrs. Wong Ah standing by a display window of a storefront. She wears a dark dress with pleated skirt. Her hair is styled in finger waves. She looks towards the viewer. Portions of cans are visible through the storefront window.

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Irene Soo Hoo
Outdoor portrait of Irene Soo Hoo as a young woman. She wears a white dress and shoes, and poses by a metal fence next to a sidewalk. She has one hand on the fence and smiles at the viewer. Her hair is curled and pulled back. Note written on photo:…

Sem Sisters
Studio portrait of Annie, Daisy, and Sue Sem. Daisy sits in a chair, with Annie and Sue standing beside her. The girls wear loose, flapper-style dresses and bobbed hair. Daisy's hair has finger waves.

Sue Sem and Kim Ung
Studio portrait of Sue Sem and Kim Ung. Sue wears a calf-length wrap dress with Chinese watercolor pattern. She holds a clutch purse. Her hair is bobbed. Kim wears a light-colored, double breasted suit. Both look towards the viewer.

Wilbur and Mabel Hing
Outdoor portrait of Wilbur and Mabel Hing standing by a stone staircase. Wilbur wears a light colored suit and holds a fedora-style hat in his hands. His hair is parted and slicked back. Mabel wears a dark dress and coat with ascot or scarf. She is…

Toy Ah Tim and Henry Sem
Studio portrait of Toy Ah Tim (seated) and Henry Sem (standing). Toy Ah Tim wears an embroidered satin dress. A purse is on her lap. Henry wears a sweater, light-colored pants, shirt, and tie. Both look towards the viewer.

Three Women Standing Outside Patio
Picture of three unidentified women standing side by side outside of a patio. All of the women seem to be wearing dress coats with the women on the left and the right holding flowers. They are standing on the grass lawn which takes up most of the…

Philomena Constance and Husband
Shows Philomena Louie Constance (standing) with her husband. Philomena is wearing a dark shirt and patterned apron. She has one arm resting on her husband's shoulder. Her husband is seated. He wears a dark suit and tie. He is holding a hat in his…

Philomena Louie Constance
Full portrait of Philomena Louie Constance outside 411 Oak Street. She has her hair pulled back and is wearing dark-colored, Edwardian-style skirt and shirt.

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Philomena Louie Constance
Full portrait of Philomena Louie Constance dressed in formal attire. Her outfit includes a decorated hat and dark-colored Edwardian style skirt and shirt. Taken outside 411 Oak Street.

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Philomena Hehn Thorpe
Full body portrait of Philomena Hehn Thorpe standing on a lawn near Main Street, Ventura. She is wearing glasses and a striped, double breasted dress, and has her hair pulled back. She appears to be shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand.

Ysobel Del Valle Cram With Guitar
Image of Ysobel Del Valle Cram with her guitar. She is the center of the image with a blank background behind her. She wears a dark dress with a head cloth that covers her hair. She looks directly at the camera as she holds the guitar like she is…
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