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N. O. Taylor House, Ventura
Exterior front view of the N. O. Taylor House at 973 E. Main St. Multistory, wood-sided building with diamond-patterned glass in several windows. Balcony over porch. Light-colored Triumph TR7 parked in front of building.

Museum records indicate…

Exterior of Home and Front Lawn
Photo of front view of home. Home unidentified, likely Crowley home.

Three Girls in Swim Suits on Palm Tree Lined Street
Outdoor photo of three little girls in swimming costumes in front of palm trees. Same location as 34525. Identity of girls undetermined.

Daily Children on Palm Tree Lined Street
Outdoor photo of two children. One girl (left) and one boy (right) holding hands in front of palm trees. House behind palm trees. Children are likely Daily children - exact identities are undetermined.

Home Nestled Among Trees
Brown toned outdoor view photo of home nestled in trees with partial fencing of both wood and stone.
Note: Museum records indicate location is likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

E.W. Daily home and Automobile
Photo of E.W. Daily home with family automobile in front of home.

Child in Fenced Yard
Photo of small child in heavy coat and hat. Child is in wire fences yard. Houses on hill behind child on sidewalk. Photo includes text "Merry Christmas" on left front corner.

Home on Snow Covered Street
Brown toned photo of home on snow covered street. Driveway & garage visible. Possibly Michigan as E.W. Daily lived there prior to 1904.

Small Home in Snow Covered Landscape
Brown toned photo of small home near tree in snow covered landscape. Other small sheds in background. Home unidentified.

Note: Museum records indicate scene is likely in Michigan prior to 1904.

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E.W. Daily Home Amidst Fields
Photo of home in distance - looking at home through agricultural fields. The E.W. Daily home.

Woman Outside Home in Snow
Matte photo of woman standing on walkway in snow in front of house. Number of house is 1127.

Museum records include text, "Did you say it was cold?" and, "Mrs. Warden - Oregon."

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E.W. Daily Family in Front of Their Home
Glossy photo of E.W. Daily family members on steps in front of their home at 145 Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

Residential Area of Santa Catalina Island
Glossy photo of boats in Catalina Harbor and some residences on Catalina Island. This is likely the town of Avalon.

Note: Museum records include text "Residential part of Catalina."

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Daily Family in Front of Their Camarillo Home
Photo of E.W. Daily home. Daily family members in foreground. Two women, three men, and a dog.

Note: Museum records include text "The Old Homestead."

E.W. Daily Home in Camarillo
Faded brown toned photo of E.W. Daily home taken from a distance. Photo depicts trees and fencing around home.

E.W. Daily Home in Los Angeles
Photo of E.W. Daily home with automobile parked in paved driveway.

Note: Museum records include text "145 Kingsley Drive, LA."

House Covered in Snow and Icicles
Photo of what appears to be a chalet type house covered by snow and icicles on a snow covered hillside.

Note: Museum records include text "California for mine."

Girl in Front of E.W. Daily Home
Sepia toned photo of one of the E.W. Daily children. Little girl standing in front of E.W. Daily fence and house.

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Four Children on Horse
Faded brown toned photo of four Daily children on a horse in front of E.W. Daily home. Some of fence around home visible.

E.W. Daily Family Sitting on Porch Steps at Home
Photo of E.W. Daily family sitting on front porch steps of E.W. Daily home in Camarillo.

Two Women Sitting on Porch
Exterior view of a house. Two women sitting on wall border. Identity of women and house unknown.

Note: Museum records indicate that house is likely the W. P. Daily home from rear view.

Family Gathering on Steps
Picture of a family sitting on the steps of the E. W. Daily home. There are five people sitting on the steps, three women and two men. On both sides of the group there are porch columns. Behind the group, is the front door to the house.

Neighborhood Homes in a Snowstorm
Image shows a neighborhood after a snow storm. Snow covers sidewalk, trees, and homes. On the right side of the image trees line the street. On the left side a few houses are visible. In the foreground of the image to the right there a tree and a…

Corner Home in California
Exterior view of a two story house on a corner lot. View taken from street outside of house. House has a brick trim around porch. Neighboring house visible on left. In the background to the right of the image is a smaller structure, possibly a garage…

C. J. Daily's Home in Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily home in Camarillo. Taken from the curved driveway that leads up to the home. The house is possibly craftsmen style architecture, having details such as square columns and visible brackets under the eaves. The home is…
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