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Wright's Harness Shop and Duval's Drygoods, Saticoy
Early street view of Saticoy storefronts. W. D. Wright's Harness Shop is on the left. Eugene Duval's Drygoods Store on the right. Three men stand on porch of store, second from right. A man with bicycle stands in front of same store. Two horse-drawn…

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E.W. Daily at Ford Coupe
Photo of E.W. Daily and Ford Coupe automobile in front of A.J. Dingeman's Ford Dealership.

Note: Museum Records indicate that Dingeman's Dealership was located on Saviers Road & 3rd Street, in Oxnard.

Main Street Scene, Ventura
Street scene showing the 500 block of Main Street in Ventura. Cars parked along sidewalk in foreground, partially obscuring street. Opposite storefronts visible including McCauley's Cafe and Montgomery Ward (at 529 and 535 E. Main Street…

Ventura Pastry Shop Storefront
Exterior view of the Ventura Pastry Shop at 1754 E. Main Street. Later location of Kingston Floral Shop. Shows windows of storefront with sign reading "Bakery." Two-door sedan is parked on street in front.

Bob Stuarts Ventura Toys Storefront
Nighttime exterior view of Bob Stuarts Ventura Toys store located in the 200 block of E. Main Street. Products visible through windows. Store signage is illuminated. Parking meters along sidewalk.

Cal Worthington Dodge Agency
Exterior view of Cal Worthington Dodge Agency at corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue. Shows storefront and drive-in entrance.

Watson's Furniture Storefront
Exterior view of Watson's Furniture at 138 E. Main Street, next to National Market. Lamps, chairs, and other furniture visible through store windows. Painted above door is a maple leaf with words reading "Maple and Birch."

John Taft Electric Storefront
Street view of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing John Taft Electric. Signs for GE Appliances and Westinghouse Appliances above windows. Store sign and GE billboard above roof. Large appliances such as washing machines visible through windows.…

Northside of Main Street, Between California and Oak Streets
Street view showing the northside of Main Street between California and Oak Streets. Automobiles parked at diagonal in front of storefronts. Hotel Ventura on far right. El Jardin Patio building on left. Other storefronts show signs for a Jeweler,…

Weatherly Motor Company Used Car Lot
View of the Weatherly Motor Company's used car lot on Main Street between the Mission and the Avenue. Shows many cars parked in a lot with three signs above. L-R the signs read: "Dodge - Plymouth, Guaranteed Used Cars - Trucks, Cash for used cars,"…

Weatherly Motor Company
Exterior, frontal view of Weatherly Motor Company at 52 E. Main Street in Ventura. Shows storefront and headlight station 92. Sign for Dodge Plymouth on top of building. Two automobiles parked in front.

Weatherly Motor Company
Exterior view of Weatherly Motor Company at 52 E. Main Street in Ventura. Shows storefront with automobile visible through windows. Signs for Dodge Plymouth on top of building and painted on side. Portion of adjacent building and side parking lot…

Santa Clara Street Laundry
Interior scene of a commercial laundry on Santa Clara Street, at the later site of the Ventura County Star-Free Press building. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Moore stand behind machinery, looking towards the viewer. Mr. Moore wear a loose shirt and cap. Mrs.…

Ventura Avenue Flooded
Street scene of Ventura Avenue with street flooded. Shows cars driving through floodwaters. Storefronts visible on right side of scene, including Larsen's Market, Jerry's Beauty Salon, and Avenue Shoe Shop.

Shaw's Soda Works
Interior scene of Shaw's Soda Works, located on East Poli and Hemlock Streets. Shows five workers in a warehouse. Boxes and machinery behind the workers. Table covered in beverage bottles in front of them.

Avenue Drug Store
Exterior view of the Avenue Drug Store. Car parked on sidewalk by building. Drugstore and Coca-Cola signs visible on front of building.

Note with photograph: "This was my father's Drug store from about 1910-1960. His name was John H. McClaran. I…

Harrison Avenue Drug Store During Flood
Exterior view of the Harrison Avenue Drug Store on the corner of Harrison and Ventura Avenues during a flood. The water appears to have flooded the roads. A man and a woman stand on the sidewalk by the entrance to the store. Signs for the drug store…

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View of the outside shelves at Bart's Books. I love going to Barts because they always have so many interesting books!

Fulkerson Hardware, Somis
Three-quarters exterior view of Fulkerson Hardware. The sign is painted with bold letters at the top and to the side of the building. Big glass windows show the wares within the store. A neighboring building can be seen to the right of the image as…

Fulkerson Hardware, Somis
Three-quarter exterior view of Fulkerson Hardware. The sign is painted with bold letters at the top and to the side of the building. Big glass windows show the wares within the store. A neighboring building can be seen to the right of the image as…

Downtown Oxnard, Calif. postcard
A street in downtown Oxnard, California circa the 1960s. Businesses pictured include F.W. Woolworth, Town and Country, See's Candy and Colby's.

[Roberts, Mike Natural Color, Berkeley 2, Calif. (published for Schulze News Co., Ventura,…

Santa Paula Hardware Co., Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the corner of the Santa Paula Hardware Co. a two story building. Victorian-style architecture is seen on the second story portion of the building. The street pictured with the building is somewhat busy with men waiting outside of the…

Street View, Oxnard, California postcard
Views of a busy street in Oxnard. Shows multiple cars driving and parked throughout the street. Shows businesses and storefronts on both sides of the street.

[DOPS in stamp area]

Ventura, California (Shows Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia) postcard
Street view of Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia with signs visible. Shows a man waiting on a bench as well as cars parked on the curbside. A liquor store neighboring the Poinsettia establishment is also shown.

[No publisher stated]

C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery, Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo, taken from field across the street. Several unidentified men stand outside the building. Two trucks are parked to the left of the building, one loaded with plants. There is an automobile…
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