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DeLee Staunton Childhood Scenes A
Four photos depicting DeLee Staunton as a child.

Photo A: Group photo. Left to right, Mary Hanrahan - grandmother, J. C. Hanrahan - grandfather, Ann Hanrahan - aunt, Margarite "Peggy" Staunton - mother, and DeLee Staunton.

Photo B: Outdoor…

Group Photo on Steps
Group portrait on steps outside a building. Shows four men and four women wearing formal suits and dresses. Three of the women and one man are holding flower bouquets. Possibly a wedding photo. On ecru cardboard backing.

Family Gathering on Steps
Picture of a family sitting on the steps of the E. W. Daily home. There are five people sitting on the steps, three women and two men. On both sides of the group there are porch columns. Behind the group, is the front door to the house.

Sunday School Picnic 1910
Group portrait of a Sunday school class picnic. The children pose in a group by a eucalyptus grove. The children are dressed in formal attire. The smallest children are in the front and the taller children in the back of the group. To the right of…

Group Photo in Front of Michigan Home
Group photo of the Crowley and Daily families. House and tree in the background. Grouping in front are left to right: Will Crowley, Mrs. Daily, Mrs. Burdick, and Mrs. Crowley (The mother of Mrs. Daily).

Library records include caption reading,…

Musical Group at Rancho Camulos
Image depicts a group of six women posing with musical instruments. From left to right, Rosa del Valle, Nina del Valle Cram, Ysobel del Valle Cram, Josepha del Valle Forester, Alice Bowers, and Enedina del Valle. The women are sitting close to one…

Group Photo with Charles Lummis
Image depicts a group photograph with Charles Lummis at the center. Woman marked by number 2 is part of the Rimpau family. The other people are unidentified. The four women surround Lummis, two of them stand beside him while the other two kneel.…

Group Photo of Children at Rancho Camulos
Image depicts a group of eleven people, women and children, posing for a photo on a bench at Rancho Camulos. Alice Bowers is the first woman sitting on the left side of the bench. Enedina del Valle and Nachita del Velle Kirby are seated in the middle…

Gottfried and Sophie Maulhardt Wedding Anniversary
Image shows the wedding anniversary of Gottfried and Sophie Maulhardt in a group photo. Gottfried and Sophie sit in the foreground of the image next to a table with dishes and food. Surrounding them in a half circle formation are the friends and…

Group Photo by Palm Tree
Shows a large group of men, women, and children posed for a photo. Large palm in background. Individuals largely unidentified. Museum records indicate that man on far left is Charles F. Zapf.

Lounging on Puerto Vallarta Beach
Shows surfers George "Wimpy" Weston, Mac, John Larronde, Herb Chase, and a fifth unidentified man lounging on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Surfriders Stage Group Photo
Group photo taken at the "Surfriders Stage" at 3 J's Inn, Topanga Canyon. Shows group of men sitting and standing in front of five upright surfboards. Wooden building and hillside visible in background.

Back row L-R: Chuck Spurgin, Jim McGrew,…

Wimpy, Blake, and Herb at Puerto Vallarta
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston, Blake, and Herb Case standing on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Wimpy is holding a surfboard. Blake and Herb are holding a surfboard between them. All three men are fully dressed. Sand dunes are visible behind them.

San Onofre Surfing Contest, 1939
Group photo of contestants at a San Onofre surfing competition. Contestants are posed standing with their surfboards upright behind them.

Pavins Company Workers Group Photo
Portrait of a group of men posed with gardening tools in front of a house, another house in background. Men are dressed in hats, overalls, work shirts, and work pants. Writing on photo verso: "Nacho Camarillo and Charles Camarillo, Pavins Company of…

Olivet Baptist Church Workers
Group photo of women workers at Olivet Baptist Church in Ventura. The women are seated around a table and are looking at the viewer. Portion of an upright piano is visible on the right side.

Left to right: Annie Walker, Bennie May Bryant,…

Surdam and Aides in Fourth of July Parade, Santa Paula
Group photo of men on horseback. Possibly R. D. Surdam and aides ready for the Santa Paula Fourth of July Parade. Trees and buildings visible behind the men.

Surfing on the Sand
Group photo of four men and a boy on a beach. The men are standing on surfboards and pose to look like they are riding the surfboards. The boy watches from the right side of the image. A building and telephone wire are visible in the background. The…

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Workers and Farm Machinery
Outdoor group photo of agricultural workers posed with machinery and haystacks. Most of the group stands in front of or on the machinery. Three men rest on the haystack. Man on right seated on horseback.

Boy Scouts and Navy Personnel at Monument
Outdoor group photo of Cub Scouts, teenaged Boy Scouts, Scout leaders, and Navy personnel standing on either side of a monument and United States flag. Text on monument reads, "In Memoriam (date unreadable) J.N. Proctor President
Emeritus 1962,…

Boy Scout Troop 203 at Wild Cat Decathlon
Group photo Boy Scout Troop 203 at the Wild Cat Decathlon. Two men and six boys of various ages. The boys are dressed in Boy Scout uniforms and displaying medals and awards. Man in center appears to be dressed as a scout leader, the man on the right…

The Ventura Klezmer Band Group Photo
Outdoor group photo of the Ventura Klezmer Band members and their instruments in Port Hueneme. Drum reading "The Ventura Klezmer Band" in bottom center, with six band member seated around it. Two members stand on left holding brass horn-like…

Group Photo on Bridge Over Water
Outdoor group photo of six young women and men, possibly including Pansy Brewster, posing on a wooden bridge over running water, possibly Matilija Creek. Woman second from the right is seated on handrail and holding an umbrella over her head. Man…

Group Photo at Asano Store
Group photo of Japanese American men standing outside the Asano Store in El Rio. Four of the men are holding children of various ages. Kamezo Asano is seated in the front, third from the right. Storefront and sign visible behind the group. A sign in…
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