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Women Picking Oranges
Picture of four women picking oranges at the E.W. Daily Ranch. The caption on the photo reads "Picking Oranges in December". Two of the four women are looking at the viewer while one of the women is actively picking oranges as the remaining woman…

Women Picking Oranges
Picture of four women picking oranges at the E.W. Daily Ranch. One of the women is using an orange picking tool to grab the fruits. Two of the women are the left of the image facing the other two women. Woman on the right has her back turned to the…

Produce Displays
Shows various kinds of produce on display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Gourds, apricots, fruit preserves, and more are shown. Light display with prop oil towers in background.

Rancho Sespe Fruit Display
Shows the Rancho Sespe fruit display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Boxes of citrus are arranged to showcase the fruit. Other boxes are arranged along base of the display to showcase the citrus labels. A trophy is in the center of the exhibit.

Grape Arbor Walkway
Walkway through the grape arbor at Rancho Camulos. In the middle of the walkway there is a wooden bench in the center of the dirt path. Above there are branches and vines hanging over the wooden lattice. To the sides leaves and other vegetation peek…

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Apricot Harvest at Elliot Hendry Ranch
View of two boys scraping dried apricots from a wood frame into fruit crates. Boy on left has face obscured by a shadow. A stack of empty frames is behind the boys. More frames containing drying apricots are visible on the ground around the boys.

Old Moraga Grape Vine, Ventura Canyon
Up close view of a grape vine on a trellis, identified as "Old Moraga grape vine. Ventura Canyon."


Simi-Santa Susanna Fair Booth
Ventura County Fair Booth for Simi-Santa Susanna, circa 1917-1920, showing a display of fruits and vegetable nestled amongst two tall trees. There is also a panted backdrop of agricultural fields and farmland with mountains in the background.…

Ventura County Fair Display, 1930
A woman stands holding a bowl of fruits or vegetables in a room set up as a fair display. Display includes a picnic table set up with two mannequins sitting at the table. Display also includes fruits and vegetables displayed on the table and on the…

Apricot Crew and Trays of Drying Apricots
Several rows of drying apricots lay on the ground in the image foreground. In the background is a large group posing for the camera. Among them are men, women, and children. Some of the group sit on sacks (presumably filled with…

Canet Apricot Drying Camp
Group photo of eight men at work drying apricots on Canet Ranch on "The Avenue" in Ventura. The Avenue refers to Ventura Ave. Five men sit in front of a shed, while stand near apricot drying trays. Some trays are stacked and others are laid out for…

Oxnard Produce Exhibit, Ventura County Fair
Closeup view of an Oxnard produce exhibit at the Ventura County Fair. A picket fence surrounds the display which consists of fruit displayed around a three tiered display stand that is holding plates of various vegetables and fruit. The top tier also…

Six Men in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand
Six young men eat pineapple in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand. Two kneel and four stand or lean against a station wagon with surfboards in the back. The men are in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. One is wearing a hat and one is wearing…

Man Turning Drying Apricots
A man flips over apricots drying on trays at Canet's Apricot Ranch in Ventura, Calif. A man can be seen holding the corner of a tray with one hand and a tool in the other hand. Stacks of trays and other men can be seen in the background.


Apricot Drying Yard
View of the drying yards at Canet's Apricot Ranch. Trays of apricots are lined up in the sun in foreground. Stacks of trays and buildings can be seen in the background. Agriculture workers can be seen at various tasks.

Museum records indicate the…

Blanchard's Picking Crew, Santa Paula
A group of 14 men stand in an orchard. All are standing in a row, carrying bags. Crates of crops are on the ground around them. E. G. Outland, fourth from right; Fred Outland, extreme right.

Tables of Fruits and Preserves
Tables of fruits and preserves on display at Ventura County Fair.

Japanese Workers at Limoneira
Japanese workers pose for a group photo at a Limoneira packing shed. They are gathered around a large box of what appear to be lemons.
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