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E. W. Daily Home
Exterior view of the E. W. Daily home. Two women and two men stand on and outside the porch area. The women are standing on the steps of the home while the men stand in the lawn in front of a hedge. The porch, entrance, columns and a portion of the…

The Placita Looking North
Image shows the small plaza in Rancho Camulos looking northward. View of curved hedges and trees. There are three buildings visible behind the plaza garden. Forested area and mountains visible in background.

The Placita at Rancho Camulos
Shows small plaza in the yard at Rancho Camulos. A lawn is in the foreground. Garden of curved hedges with trees. To the right of the image are more shrubs planted along a building. In the background to the left is the outline of mountains.

Trees in the Placita
View of trees and a hedge within a small plaza at Rancho Camulos. In the foreground is a small lawn, behind which a hedge expands beyond the left and right sides of the image. The hedge creates a perimeter around a small grove of trees. In the far…
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