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Thomas Bard Gerberding and Richard Bard Playing
Indoor scene at Berylwood showing Thomas Bard Gerberding and Richard Bard sitting on the floor and playing with several toys including a plush dog or cat, a plush sheep, and what appears to be pick-up sticks or jacks.

Barbara and James Jue, Jr.
Portrait of Barbara and James Jue, Jr. as children. Barbara's face is turned towards the right, but she looks towards the viewer. Her hair is bobbed. James Jr. wears shirt and pants with suspenders. His hair is slicked back. His mouth is slightly…

Women and Children
Outdoor scene showing two women, a child, and two toddlers. R-L: Loretta Ung, Sue Sem, James Jue, Jr., Daisy Jue, and Barbara Jue. Sue is holding Loretta in her arms and Daisy holds Barbara. James stands between the two women and appears to be…

Henry and Annie Sem
Outdoor portrait of Henry and Annie Sem as children. Henry wears a pair of overalls. Annie wears a striped sweater, skirt, and bobbed hair. They stand in a grass field and look towards the viewer. Buildings in background.

Women and Young Children
Outdoor scene showing two women watching over young child and toddlers. Women identified as Sue Sem and Daisy Jue. Children identified as Loretta Ung, and Barbara and James Jue, Jr. James holds a long stick and wears overalls. One toddler is ridding…

Oscar and Philomena Constance
Shows Philomena Louie Constance (left) with her son, Oscar Constance standing outside their home at 411 Oak St. Philomena wears her hair pulled back, a dark shirt, and a torn apron over her skirt. She is looking at the viewer. Oscar wears overalls…

Scott Peck and "Wizard" at Ventura County Fair
Shows Scott Peck and "Wizard," the 4-H prize sheep at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Scott is kneeling behind Wizard and appears to be supporting the sheep's head. Wizard is has its wool shorn and has a white body with black face and…

Lance Gunter and Prize Hog at Ventura County Fair
Shows Lance Gunter, a student from Fillmore, with his FFA prize hog at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Lance is kneeling on the ground, behind his pig, with a hand resting on its back. He is looking towards the viewer. The pig is a…

Boy Milking Cow
Shows a young boy sitting on a box and milking a black cow. The boy is wearing overalls and a wide-brimmed straw hat. He is looking over his shoulder to the right side of the view. Cow is facing the right side. A chain is looped around its horns.

Portrait of Karl Zapf with Violin
Portrait of Karl Zapf aged 9 holding a violin under his arm. Karl is turned three-quarters to the viewer's right. He is looking towards the viewer. He is wearing a suit, messy tie, and has his hair side-parted and slicked over.

Museum records…

Henry Arellanes' Children
Shows Henry Arellanes' daughter and son posed together outdoors. Daughter is wearing a light-colored dress, floral crown, and veil. Son is wearing a suit with boutonniere, and has his hair side-parted and slicked over. Tree, foliage, and pathway in…

Newell and Donald Zapf in Western Costumes
Shows Newell and Donald Zapf as young boys dressed in Western or cowboy-style costumes. Costumes include jeans, furry chaps, vests, bandanas, and hats. House in background.

Karl Zapf Holding Fish
Shows Karl Zapf as a young boy showing off his catch after fishing, likely in the Ventura River. He holds a fish in each hand, and is wearing tall boots, pants, and long-sleeved shirt.

Newell Zapf Standing on Automobile
Shows Newell Zapf as a young child standing on the step of an early automobile parked on Meta Street. He has one arm hooked through the open side of the car to hold onto the door. He is wearing a large straw hat and is barefoot. Palm trees in…

Charles Kuhlman Garden Portrait
Shows a full portrait of Charles Kuhlman lounging in the Solari home garden. Charles is seated on a grass lawn and leaning against a small, plaster column and planter. He is wearing a dark suit, straw hat, and floral boutonniere. Buildings and garden…

Henry and Johnny Kuhlman
Seated portrait of Henry and Johnny Kuhlman as young adolescents. Both boys are dressed in suits and their hair is coifed. Henry is looking at the viewer. Johnny appears to be gazing at Henry or at something out of view and to the left of the viewer.…

Charlie Chaplin Costume Contest
Group of young boys dressed as Charlie Chaplin for a costume contest at Barnes Theatre in Fillmore. Building on left is Pearson's barbershop, on right is Monty Everett's jewelry store.

Museum records indicate that "Sadie" Gerald Davis won first…

Boy Scouts and Navy Personnel at Monument
Outdoor group photo of Cub Scouts, teenaged Boy Scouts, Scout leaders, and Navy personnel standing on either side of a monument and United States flag. Text on monument reads, "In Memoriam (date unreadable) J.N. Proctor President
Emeritus 1962,…

Eddie Gonzales at Rivcom Protest
Eddie Gonzales holding sign for Rivcom [Rancho Sespe] protest at the Ventura County Government Center. Gonzales is two years old in photo. Other protesters visible in background. Gonzales' sign reads "I need water to grow." Ventura County Star-Free…

Children Working at FSA Camp
View of children working at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. One girl is standing in center of view with arms crossed and facing viewer. Around girl, other children carry stacks of wood.

Men at Work at FSA Camp
View of three men woodworking outdoors. A young boy is seated on a work table and is watching the men. Men are wearing hats. Tent visible in background.

Shot taken at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio.

Children Under FSA Camp Sign, El Rio
Group of five boys seated in a circle under the sign at the entrance to the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. Trees and tents visible in the background.

Sign reads, "U. S. Department of Agriculture // Farm Security Administration…

Face Painting on Freshman Day
View of a male upperclassman at Ventura High School applying markings to the face of younger male student for Freshman Day. Younger student wearing glasses and headband. Upperclassman wearing a class ring.

Female Freshman Student Kneeling on Lawn, with Other Students Braiding Her Hair, Freshman Day, Ventura
View of kneeling girl having her hair curled or braided by peers on a grass field. Other students and a brick structure visible in background.

Sherlock Bristol Seated with Grandson Leroy Bristol Chick
Outdoor, full portrait of Sherlock Bristol seated with his grandson, Leroy Bristol Chick standing to the right. What appears to be a hat sits on the ground to the right of Bristol and Chick. A garden and a house with windows are visible in the…
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