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Maria del Espíritu Ortega Ustasaustagui With Baby Ruby Vanegas
Maria del Espíritu Ortega Ustasaustagui, seated, holding baby Ruby Vanegas in her lap. Photo appears to be cut into an oval shape. Maria is elderly and is wearing glasses and a vest, and appears to be mid-knitting. Baby Ruby is holding a toy to her…


Ruby and Rosa Vanegas as Children
Ruby, left, and Rosa, right, play with dolls. The girls are outdoors and both are kneeling next to doll strollers with dolls inside. Both girls smile up at the camera.

Rosa, Bud, and Ruby Vanegas, Childhood Group Photo
The children stand in a yard, looking at the camera. Left to right: Rosa Vanegas, Bud Vanegas, and Ruby Vanegas. Rosa is wearing a dress, Bud is wearing overalls and a hat, and Ruby is wearing pants and a hat and holding a chicken. There is a…

Rosa Vanegas, Child Portrait
Portrait of Rosa Vanegas as a child, approximately 5 years old. She is standing outdoors and is seen from the knees up. She is wearing a hat and has a bird, possibly a mourning dove, standing on her shoulder. There is a wooden fence in the…

Charlie Ruiz Outdoor Portrait
Full portrait of Charlie Ruiz outside at his home on South Ventura Street in Ojai. He is standing slightly turned left of camera and smiling into the camera. He is wearing chaps, boots, and a cowboy hat while holding a coiled rope in his hands.

Charlie Ruiz Working for Forest Service
Side view of Charlie Ruiz working for Forest Service at Pine Mountain. He is on horseback wearing chaps and a hat. He is in the middle of rough shrubbery. Image taken from above him and at a distance.


Horse at Potrero Seco Forest Service Station
Charlie Ruiz's horse at Potrero Seco Forest Service Station. Saddled horse appears to be grazing. Horse is next to a makeshift flagpole flying a United States flag.

Charlie Ruiz Sitting Near Fireplace
Snapshot of Charlie Ruiz sitting on the hearth of a fireplace. He appears to be looking up at someone. Living room furniture in foreground.

Reginaldo Ruiz and John Dalton Deer Hunting
Reginaldo Ruiz, left, and John Dalton on horseback while deer hunting. A mule with a dead deer on its back is between them. Dalton is carrying a rifle.

Group photo of a hunting party on the North fork of Matilija Creek. There are five men on horseback, some are carrying rifles. There are two pack mules with the group.

Reginaldo Ruiz With Toddler and Dog
Reginaldo Ruiz and "Chickadee" Agnes Cruickshank, a toddler, outside a home possibly on South Ventura Street in Ojai. They are outdoors and Reginaldo is crouching next to Agnes and there is a dog at their feet. There are some buildings behind them, a…

Sam Frazier and Reginaldo Ruiz on Horseback
Sarn Frazier, left and Reginaldo Ruiz on horseback with a mule between them at Matilija Ranch. A deer appears to be draped across the mule's back.

Three Men on Horseback
Group photo of three men on horseback on mountain. L-R: Jesus Baron, Reginaldo Ruiz, and Jose "Slow Joe" Ortega.

Charlie Ruiz, left, and an unidentified man hold up a mountain lion that appears to be dead. The men are at Pirie Ranch, a building is in the background.

Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of kids at Hill School. Charlie Ruiz second from right in front row.

Charles Ruiz on a Mountain Peak
Charlie Ruiz atop one of the peaks, Piedra Blanca. Ruiz is wearing what appears to be a park Ranger uniform, holding a hat at his side. Bottom of image reads: "on top of one of the Padres."

Reginaldo Ruiz and Mr. Decarte
Full outdoor portrait of Reginaldo Ruiz, left, and Mr. Decarte, first name unknown, standing on a lawn with shrubbery and a building in the background. Ruiz leans on a cane and holds something in his other hand. Decarte wears a suit and tie.

Reginaldo Ruiz Portrait
Bust portrait of Reginaldo Ruiz later in his life. He is wearing a light colored button-up collared long-sleeve shirt and hat. He is looking at the camera.

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Potrero Seco Forest Service Station
Image is of Potrero Seco Forest Service Station. Scene shows two horses in a field facing each other (view of horses in profile) with a flag pole between them--a United States flag flying atop the flag pole.

Charlie Ruiz Perched on Rock
Charlie Ruiz lying on a rock, top half of body perched on one elbow, probably in Sespe. He is wearing cowboy boots and hat and appears to be eating something.

Charlie Ruiz, left, skinning a deer at South Ventura Street Ojai home in 1950s. Another man is also skinning. Image in an oval.

Charlie Ruiz Trapping Mountain Lion
Charlie Ruiz trapping mountain lion on Pirie Ranch. Charlie holds up what appears to be a dead mountain lion by its front legs and looks at the camera. He is outside, with a small building in the background.

Charlie Ruiz Leading a Mule
Image of Charlie Ruiz wearing chaps, cowboy style hat and bandana, leads a mule with what appears to be a deer on the mule's back. View of Charlie is in profile, mule is facing the camera.

Full circular portrait of Charlie Ruiz, standing outdoors with a rifle and his dog Shep. Charlie has a cigarette hanging from his mouth and he wears a gun in a holster with an ammunition belt around his waist. Charlie and Shep are looking into the…

Reginaldo Ruiz on Horseback
Reginaldo Ruiz sits on a horse with a rope attached to its saddle. They are next to a tree in a wooded area. An open car is in the background.
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