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Ed Robings in Museum Collections Department
Portrait of Ed Robings, executive director of the Ventura County Museum of History and Art, currently (in 2022) called the Museum of Ventura County. Robings is tipping a hat to the camera, seated amidst museum objects. Amongst them are a stuffed…

Michael Flynn Oval Portrait
Oval bust portrait of Michael Flynn, a young man wearing a three-piece suit and string bow tie, gazing to the right of the viewer. He has a mustache and short beard.

Portrait of a Woman Standing With Hand Resting on a Book
Full portrait of an unidentified woman standing next to a table with a cloth draped over it. She has her right hand resting on a book on the table and she is facing the viewer gazing at the viewer. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back,…

Juan E. Camarillo
Bust portrait of Juan E. Camarillo, in a three-piece suit and tie looking off to the right of the viewer.

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Santa Cruz Island Excursions Advertisement
Copy of advertisement for Santa Cruz Island excursions from Eaton's Pelican Bay Camp, Captain and Mrs. Ira K. Eaton, Proprietors. Weekend excursions, charter boats, and camping are advertised. The address is listed as 1121 State Street in Santa…

Newhall Mansion
Exterior view of the Newhall Mansion, also known as the Piru Mansion and Cook Mansion. Landscaping in front of the mansion as well as mountains behind visible.

Oil Well, Ventura Avenue Oil Field, 1979
View of an oil well on the Ventura Avenue Oil Field near a railroad crossing. Buildings and mountains in the background. Many telephone or utility poles visible.

Piru Methodist Church
Exterior view of Piru Methodist Church. A large hill or mountain visible just behind the church.

Ventura and Ventura Harbor Aerial View
Aerial view of city of Ventura and the Ventura Harbor looking east from top of Kalorama Street. Taken before construction of the Ventura Keys in the 1960s.


Ventura Harbor Flood Damage, 1969
Flooding shown from a 1969 winter flood near Ventura Harbor.

Ventura Harbor Flood Damage, 1969
Flood damage to the Ventura Harbor from a 1969 storm. Image shows some boats docked in high water. Street in foreground, mountains in background.

Aerial View of Ventura Harbor, 1969
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor looking southeast from over a mobile home park. Shows major flooding of the harbor. Ocean along the top of the image.

Mound School, 5th and 6th Grades, 1933
Group photo. Mound School fifth & sixth grade class 1933. Mr. Hartman, principal & teacher. David Hill, third from right, second row from bottom. Some children hold various items--balls, flowers, a cat, a turtle.

Wedding of John Deidrich and Katie Sailer Group Photo
Group portrait of John Diedrich and Katie Sailer on the occasion of their wedding and their wedding party. Left to right: Joe Sailer (usher), Mary Diedrich (bridesmaid), Selma Brucker (maid of honor), William Deidrich (best man).

William McLoughlin on Beet Wagon
William McLoughlin sits in the driver's seat of a beet wagon on his home ranch. He wears a hat and looks at the viewer. Three men on the right of the image throw beets into the tall wagons.

Keith Foster at Ventura County Museum of History and Art
Three-quarters portrait of Ventura County Historical Society executive director Keith Foster standing amidst an outdoor exhibit at the Ventura County Museum of History and Art, currently (in 2022) called the Museum of Ventura County. Foster stands…

Ventura County Courthouse Just Prior to Becoming Ventura City Hall front doors
Photo looking upwards from the street level at the front of the courthouse building in Ventura. Sign reading "Ventura County Court House" is prominent. Photo taken just before the sign changed to San Buenaventura City Hall.

Ventura County Courthouse Just Prior to Becoming Ventura City Hall street view
Street view of the Ventura County Courthouse from across Poli Street. There is a woman standing on the front steps looking at the viewer. She appears to be dressed in clothing from early 1900s.

Lopez Adobe
Lopez Adobe on land granted to Teodora and Raphael Lopez. Adobe was built in the early 1800s. Image is a close up view of what appears to be the front of the adobe showing a door and large window, tiled roof, and a chimney. The front courtyard has a…

Joseph Sailer
Bust portrait of Joseph Sailer at approximately age 85, mayor of Oxnard from 1910-1920. He wears a suit and tie and wire rimmed glasses. He has a thin mustache and is looking to the viewer's left.

Eight Mule Team Hauling Limas
Bert Culbert drives an 8 mule team hauling two wagonloads of lima beans to Hueneme. In the background is a two story warehouse or barn. According to museum records "Negative includes obituary notices from ppr."

St. Francis Dam Post Failure
Closeup view of the parts of the St. Francis Dam that were still standing after its failure and subsequent flooding in March 1928. Some people can be seen standing around the ruins.

St. Francis Dam Disaster Damage
Bird's eye view of the St. Francis Dam after it failed in 1928. Image shows center section that remained after the failure and some of the wall that stayed in place as well. Background shows the washed out river valley and mountains.

Center of St. Francis Dam
Close view of the center of St. Francis Dam, still mostly intact after its failure in March 1928.

Newbury Park Snow Scene
Snapshot of a snowy scene showing a single story home, wagon, and dog. Snow covered ground and many trees are prominent in the scene.
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