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Pierpont Cottages, Ojai Valley postcard
Four people on horseback on a driveway at the Pierpont Cottages. Rose bushes line the driveway and a person on the left appears to be tending the yard. Caption on the top left: "Pierpont Cottages, Ojai Valley, California."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los…

Boiler Room, Oxnard Sugar Factory postcard
View of the boiler room at the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Caption bottom left of postcard reads: "Boiler Room, Oxnard Sugar Factory, Cal."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, made in Germany]

Hotel Oxnard postcard
View of Hotel Oxnard exterior with sidewalk and street in foreground. Grounds around the hotel are visible as is a church (?) to the right of photo behind the hotel. Caption at top reads: "Hotel Oxnard," Oxnard, Cal.
[Newman Company, Los Angeles,…

Ferndale Lake, Santa Paula postcard
View of lake with trees reflected on the lake. Caption on left bottom of postcard: "Ferndale Lake, Santa Paula, Cal."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany; Harding, photographer]

Apricot Drying, Santa Paula, California
Wide view of apricots drying in racks with laborers working near the racks and some in an apricot drying shed in background.
[Newman Post Card Co., made in Germany]

San Antonio Creek postcard
Photographic postcard showing San Antonio Creek, with a decorative border around the photo and caption at bottom of postcard: "San Antonio Creek."
[Ojai Print, Nordhoff, Cal]

Conejo Inn, Camarillo postcard
Photographic postcard of a street corner showing Conejo Inn, a restaurant, in the middle and to the right of postcard. Buildings to the left are Camarillo Meat Market and Camarillo Garage. Two cars are parked in the street and many store signs and…

General View of Ventura, 1906 postcard
Bird's eye, panoramic view of Ventura from hillside, looking toward the ocean. Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital is in the bottom left. Caption at bottom reads: "Ventura, Calif. General View of Ventura."
[MacGregor, J.J., publisher]

Gally's Cottages, Ojai Valley near Nordhoff postcard
View of walkway and grass area between cottages lining the left and right sides of postcard. Some people are seated or standing in the grass. Bottom caption of postcard: "Gally's Cottages, O-jai Valley near Nordhoff, Ventura County, Calif."

County Fair Grounds at Seaside Park, Ventura, Calif. postcard
Far view of County Fair Grounds at Seaside Park in Ventura. Appears to be a view from the grass in the middle of the horsetrack. The grandstand with spectators is in view on the right and a few horses are visible on the left. Grass in foreground,…

Rex Motel postcard
View from the street of Rex Motel, with a median with grass and trees down the center of the postcard. Parking spaces/driveway in front of motel rooms align opposite sides of the postcard. Address at bottom of postcard: "2406 Thompson Blvd. (U.S.…

Ocean View Motel postcard
View from the street of Ocean View Motel with an archway over the parking lot reading: "Garages Ocean View Motel Television." Address at bottom of postcard: 1690 Thompson Blvd (101 Highway) "Centrally Located" Ventura, California.

Swimming Pool, Sulphur Mt. Springs postcard
View of swimmers in and around a pool, with a group of 4 spectators on a platforms watching the swimmers on the right. Bottom caption reads: "Swimming Pool, Sulphur Mt. Springs, near Santa Paula, Ventura Co., Cal."
[Brakey, John R., Ventura, Cal.,…

Ventura River Bridge, 1918 postcard
View of partial underside and side of Ventura River Bridge from the bank of the river. River is in the foreground. Caption top left of postcard: "Ventura River Bridge, Ventura, Cal."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal.]

Tennis Courts, Thacher School, Ojai postcard
View of roadway running alongside the tennis courts at Thacher School in Ojai, which are to the left of postcard. There are benches on a grassy hill alongside the courts with one spectator; many players are on the tennis courts. Caption at bottom…

Maricopa Highway, Ojai, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Maricopa Highway in Ojai.
[Albertrype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., The Finest American Made View Post Cards; Boardman's Rexall Drug Store, Ojai, California]

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A car, people and horses are shown on left of postcard, and a storefront with Wheeler Hot Springs office sign in the front is on the left. Caption at bottom of postcard reads: "WHEELERS HOT SPRINGS. VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA."
[Albertype Co.,…

Jungleland Safari Ride
A safari tour tram with people inside and a driver conducting a tour drive through Jungleland, "Home of Movie Animal Stars." Giraffes can be seen on the left and a large group of people are walking through the park on the right.
[Columbia Wholesale…

Thousand Oaks, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Moorpark Road in Thousand Oaks with shopping and commerce centers alongside and some vehicles on the road and parked in parking lots.
[Plastichrome; Colourpicture, Boston, Mass., P88770]

Simi Valley, A Journey Through Time 1997 postcard
Postcard shows cover of Simi Valley Historical Society's book titled "Simi Valley, A Journey Through Time" that shows images of Simi Valley people and places.

Mission Bell Motel postcard
Mission Bell Hotel shown on the right, Mission Bell Motor Court on the left and a tree-lined road down the center of the postcard. Caption at bottom of postcard: "Mission Bell Motel, Ventura, California". Back of postcard lists Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin…

Hyatt Chalet Motel postcard
Entrance to the Hyatt Chalet Motel in Thousand Oaks, some cars are visible in the parking spaces in front of motel rooms. A large sign with the hotel name visible on right side of postcard.
[Wemyss Printing Associates, Los Angeles]

A Ford near The Foothills Hotel post card
"A Ford near The Foothills Hotel, Nordhoff, Calif." captions this postcard showing two women on horseback in the middle of a river.
[Rieder, Publ., Los Angeles, Cal.; Made in Germany, 12003]

Channel Islands Harbor postcard
View of boats docked at Channel Islands Harbor, Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club on right side of photo. Postcard reads "Oxnard, California" along the top.
[Columbia Publishing, Ojai, California; Sumner, Tim, photo by, T-809; CP14545]

Limoneira Ranch, Stables and Corral
View of Limoneira Ranch stables and corral. Men stand alongside horses and mules, and one man sits in a wagon hitched to two horses loaded with what appear to be lemons.
[Woodís Inc., published for Edwin Virden, Santa Paula, Cal., 141]
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