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Women and Children
Outdoor scene showing two women, a child, and two toddlers. R-L: Loretta Ung, Sue Sem, James Jue, Jr., Daisy Jue, and Barbara Jue. Sue is holding Loretta in her arms and Daisy holds Barbara. James stands between the two women and appears to be…

Women and Toddlers
Outdoor scene showing two women and two toddlers. Women L-R, Sue Sem and Daisy Jue. Children L-R, Loretta Ung and Barbara Jue. Loretta is riding a small scooter. Daisy holds Barbara's hands, and Sue leans down to Loretta. Both women smile towards the…

Women and Young Children
Outdoor scene showing two women watching over young child and toddlers. Women identified as Sue Sem and Daisy Jue. Children identified as Loretta Ung, and Barbara and James Jue, Jr. James holds a long stick and wears overalls. One toddler is ridding…

Daily Family Photo Outside of Michigan Home
Daily family outside a home in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Four adults standing with a child kneeling in front. The boy, identified as Kenneth, is holding a small dog. The wooden walls and stone foundation of house are on the right of the image, wooden…

Outdoor Family Photo
Family portrait of seven people outside what appears to be a train station. There are two men, three women, and two children in the photo. A portion of an automobile is to the right of the picture, behind the family.

E.W. Daily Family Photo
Picture of a large family photo, likely the E. W. Daily family, taken in front of pine trees. Children kneel in front, adults standing. Everyone in the picture is dressed in semi-formal attire. Pine trees behind the group. In the far background to…

Group Photo on a Bridge
Picture of the E. W. Daily family on a bridge. There are five people in the photo, two men and three women, all dressed in dark formal attire. Behind them, a pole extends into the top of the image. There are trees in the distance.

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group of seven people posing for a picture on a bench at Rancho Camulos. There are five people with numbers over their heads for identification purposes. From left to right there is Enedina del Valle, Susanita del Valle, Charles Lummis,…

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group photo taking place in Rancho Camulos. Three women and one man sitting on a bench make up the image, with two big wooden doors on either side of the subjects. Each person with a number over their heads in order to identify the…

Group Photo of Musicians at Rancho Camulos
Picture depicts a group of women posing in a group photo. The group is carrying an assortment of wind and string instruments. Each woman in the picture is seen with a number over their head to identify who is who. From left to right, Susanita del…

Gottfried and Sophie Maulhardt Wedding Anniversary
Image shows the wedding anniversary of Gottfried and Sophie Maulhardt in a group photo. Gottfried and Sophie sit in the foreground of the image next to a table with dishes and food. Surrounding them in a half circle formation are the friends and…

Priest Blessing the Del Valle Family
View of a priest blessing women of the Del Valle family. There are numbers over each person in the image to help identify who they are. In ascending order: 1. Nina del Valle Cram, 2. Susanita del Valle, 3. Ysolbel del Valle Cram, 4. Natalia "Nachita"…

Henry Arellanes Family Portrait
Family portrait of Henry Arellanes (right), wife, and their nine children. Mrs. Arellanes holds the youngest daughter on her lap. Three older children stand between their parents. Younger children sit or kneel between their parents. There are six…

Fourth of July Livingston Family Picnic
View of a group sitting around a picnic table in Grant's Pass, Oregon. Two men sitting on the left of the table look at the camera. Other picnickers are facing towards the center of the table. The picnic is shaded by a large tree. In background are…

Fourth of July Livingston Family Picnic
Picture taken in Grant's Pass, Oregon. View of a crowd seated around a picnic table. Most of the people shown are facing away the camera. One young girl is looking over her shoulder towards the camera. At the end of the picnic table there are three…

Livingston Family Portrait
Portrait of the Livingston family, taken at their cabin in Oregon. Shows Mrs. Lee Ruth, sitting in a chair in the middle with an animal in her lap. Standing directly behind her are two younger women, the one on the left is the only person not looking…

Gillibrand Family of Simi Valley
Group portrait of the Gillibrand Family sitting in front of a wooden building. A child seated in the center holds a small dog.

Chick Family Portrait
Group portrait of Alice Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Leroy B. Chick, and baby Gwendolyn M. Chick. Amelia is seated in the center and is holding Gwendolyn. Door and wooden building shown behind the family.

Four Generations of Chick Women, Moorpark
Group portrait of Antoinette Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Alice B. Chick, and Gwendolyn M. Chick. Amelia is seated and holding Gwen. Door and wooden building visible behind the women.

Note: Museum records indicate that Antoinette Chick was…

Chick and Bristol Family Portrait
Outdoor group photo of Alice B. Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Leroy B. Chick, and Allan. Allan is shown as a young child standing in front of Amelia Bristol.

Note: "Allan was Leroy B's son by his first marriage."

Casper Borchard Family Portrait
This photograph depicts Mr. and Mrs. Casper Borchard, a baby and five other children of varying ages. Mr. Borchard and sons are shown in suits, Mrs. Borchard and daughters wear dark dresses. The daughters wear lace collars and necklaces. The baby is…

J. F. Roth Family
Portrait of the J. F. Roth Family, including J. F. Roth, his wife Juanita, and their children.

L to R: Caroline Mary Roth
J. F. Roth
Frederick Joseph Roth
Juanita M. Roth
Matilda N. Roth
Elvira Louise Roth
Sitting on hassock: Bertha Helen…

Large Picnic Gathering
Group photo of a large group of nearly 100 of all ages. Picnic given by Mr. A. Puentener, Verdi (of north Ventura Avenue) for relatives from Switzerland, July 4, 1896.

F. W. Otte Sr. and Family
Family portrait of the F. W. Otte Sr. family. They are eight in all, three women and five men, one row of four standing behind a seated row of four. They all wear formal suits and dresses. They are from Ocean View (a section of Oxnard).

Panoramic group portrait for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Masakatsu Iwamoto. Married in the first wedding conducted at Oxnard Buddhist Church in Oxnard, Calif. in 1931. Bride, groom, wedding party and guests are gathered outside the church for the…
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