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Bird's-Eye View of Wheeler Hot Springs Resort
Bird's-eye view of some of the buildings at the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Dense foliage and mountains surround the resort.

Bird's Eye View of Wheeler Hot Springs
Bird's eye view looking over the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Cabins, stream, and warm mineral plunge visible amidst foliage.

Downtown Ventura, Aerial View<br />
<br />
Aerial view of the downtown area of Ventura, Calif. Courthouse visible at the foothills, slightly above center. Plaza Park in lower right quadrant.

Snowy View of Ventura Avenue
View of Ventura Avenue from the Cross. Snow covers Ventura Avenue and the mountains.

The Placita Looking North
Image depicting the small plaza at Rancho Camulos looking northward. Shows the plaza and its garden from a birds-eye view. In the background four buildings are visible. Mountains are in the far background.

The Placita Looking North
Image shows the small plaza in Rancho Camulos looking northward. View of curved hedges and trees. There are three buildings visible behind the plaza garden. Forested area and mountains visible in background.

Small Home, Berylwood
Elevated, exterior view of a home, possibly belonging to a Chinese American man, on Thomas Bard's Berylwood estate in Port Hueneme. The home is one story tall, with a covered entrance. Grove of pine and eucalyptus trees grow around the building. A…

ABD Storage Area
Bird's-eye view of the ABD storage area. Shows men working among stacks of crates and pallets. Train visible in foreground. Copy from CBC (Construction Battalion Center) Library.

ABD Storage Area
Bird's-eye view of the ABD storage area. Shows men working among stacks of crates and pallets. Copy from CBC (Construction Battalion Center) Library.

View of the Plaza, Oxnard, California postcard
Bird's-eye view of a park at the Oxnard Plaza.

[Roberts, Mike Color Production, Berkeley 2, California (Published for Schulze News Co.,Ventura, California), C3259]

Webster Bay, Anacapa Island, Calif. postcard
Bird's-eye view of Webster Bay on Anacapa Island. Small manmade structures and beached boats visible on beach.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70877]

San Buenaventura Mission postcard
Exterior bird's-eye view of San Buenaventura Mission, showing the rear of the mission. Ventura City visible in background.

Caption: "Founded 1782. Showing old wall used as protection against Indians."

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card),…

From Near the Foothills Hotel, Nordhoff, Ojai Valley, Calif. postcard
Bird's-eye view of the Ojai Valley taken from Foothills Hotel. Topa Topa Mountain visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70889]

Bird's Eye View of the Ventura Street Fair, 1901
Bird's eye view of the Ventura Street Fair. Crowds of people fill the street. A Maypole with children dancing around it is visible in the foreground. Also visible is a stage with carpet leading to the Fair's Queen and her court. Storefronts are…

"Echo Point," W. J. Richardson Ranch
Birds-eye view of the W. J. Richardson Ranch in Moorpark. Barn, farmhouse, windmill and other structures visible. Hillside visible in the background.

Rancho Guadalasca Panorama
An aerial or long distance view of Rancho Guadalasca. Shows agricultural fields and hills. A directional sign is attached to the image in the lower left side.

View of Ventura
View of Ventura taken from the hill behind the Mission. Principally between Palm and Oak Streets, lumber yard is about 150 feet east of the Mission.

View of Ventura
A view of Ventura from the hill behind the Mission.

Library records include note: "Mission in foreground, Santa Clara House at far right. Court house is about in center, surrounded by trees, only the roof visible. This picture is probably later…

View of Ventura Residential District
View of Ventura, looking southeast from a hilltop. First street ahead is Oak Street. Cacti visible on hilltop. Pacific Ocean is visible to the right.

Library records include note: "The Ventura Library was first located 1874-75 on the second floor…

Sheep Shearing
Birds-eye view overlooking a ranch. There are several pens housing sheep. In one of the pens there are ranch hands shearing sheep. Pens are surrounded by fields and trees where three horses are grazing. Hills and mountains visible in background.

Monumental Hose Co. Parade with New Pump
Bird's eye view of a parade on Main Street, looking west from Palm Street. A float shaped like a ship, marching band, flags, and other miscellaneous floats are visible. The San Buenaventura Mission and Ayer's Hotel are visible in the background. Main…

Bird's Eye View of Ventura Coastline with Pier
Bird's-eye view of Ventura and the coastline with the Ventura Pier in the background. Library records indicate that the view is from the southeast at Palm Street.

Pier and Coastline view, San Buenaventura
A panoramic view of the Ventura pier and coastline, boardwalk, rail line, wooden buildings, a ship is in the ocean. There is a handwritten note in the top right corner "Photo made before --- fill --- of -- beach before --- of 1914"

Ventura, Bird's Eye View
A bird's eye view of Ventura viewed from the hill near the reservoir. The Rose Hotel can be seen on the right side of the photograph. The ocean is visible in the background. Channel Islands can be viewed in the distance.

Bird's Eye View of Main and Palm Streets, July 4 Parade
Bird's eye view from Main and Palm Streets of the Fourth of July Parade in Ventura. Spectators are standing along the street and in storefronts, horse-drawn carriages and horses in the street.
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