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Duval Family Portrait
Portrait of the Duval family. Older children stand in back, parents and younger children sit in front. All look towards the viewer.
Back row, L-R: Caroline Duval Kimball, Anna Duval Willis, Eugene Winton Duval, Gertrude Duval Wright.
Front row:…

E.W. Daily Family Sitting on Porch
E. W. Daily family sitting on the steps of the E. W. Daily home. There are seven people in the image, six women and one man, as well as a dog. Tear in image fully obscures the face of the woman on the far left. Porch columns frame the group. Porch,…

Outdoor Family Photo
Family portrait of seven people outside what appears to be a train station. There are two men, three women, and two children in the photo. A portion of an automobile is to the right of the picture, behind the family.

E.W. Daily Family Photo
Picture of a large family photo, likely the E. W. Daily family, taken in front of pine trees. Children kneel in front, adults standing. Everyone in the picture is dressed in semi-formal attire. Pine trees behind the group. In the far background to…

E.W. Daily Family Portrait
E. W. Daily family portrait on the steps of the family home. There are five women and two men. The family dog is pictured on the left of the image. Two of the people in the picture are standing on the walkway to the household rather than the steps.…

Home of Casper Borchard on the Conejo
The Casper Borchard family is depicted standing in a row in front of their two-story wood frame house. There is smaller building to the left of the house. Some trees, a windmill and farm implements are visible.

Casper Borchard Family Portrait
This photograph depicts Mr. and Mrs. Casper Borchard, a baby and five other children of varying ages. Mr. Borchard and sons are shown in suits, Mrs. Borchard and daughters wear dark dresses. The daughters wear lace collars and necklaces. The baby is…

John Arneill Family
Portrait of the John Arneill Family. Three men, three women, and three children sit or stand, looking at the viewer. Records indicate "Mrs. John Arneill standing between two young men."

Atala, Will, and Adela Wagner
Family bust portrait of three children: Atala, Will, Adela Wagner. The children are only identified by name, not position in photograph. They all wear corsages. One of the children, a girl and possibly the eldest, stands behind the other two…

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cerf and Family
Portrait of the Leon Cerf family, two adults and five children. The family is all dressed in formal clothing. Mr. and Mrs. Cerf sit on chairs, along with one son sitting between them, perhaps on a stool. Mr. Cerf holds a child in his lap, and the…

Parajedes and Adolfo Camarillo
Portrait of siblings Parajedes and Adolfo Camarillo. She is a young woman and he is a baby. She is wearing a dark dress with light flowers and he is in dark clothing. The portrait is in an oval frame with "William Shew's Enameled Cards, 417…

Daily Children Portrait--Milton, Tom, and Lillian
Full portrait of three Daily children from l-r: Milton Frank Daily Sr., Tom Daily Sr., Lillian Daily (Borchard). Milton, a baby, shares a chair with Tom, while Lillian stands on a step stool. The children face the camera, but gaze to the right of the…

Fox Brothers of Ojai and Moorpark
Full, group portrait of three men wearing suits, ties, hats, and boots. Two sit in chairs and one man stands between them. The men are facing the camera.

Baby Gabriel with Sisters Ruth M. and Lucy V. Ruiz
Oval portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz, Lucy V. Ruiz and baby Gabriel Ruiz. They are all wearing white children's clothing and Ruth has white ribbons in her pigtails. The picture is bordered by a light embossed Artistic Portraits frame.

Lucy, Ruth and Gabriel
Group portrait of Lucy V. Ruiz, Gabriel Ruiz and Ruth M. Ruiz. Lucy and Ruth are seated while Gabriel stands in the middle. A studio backdrop is visible in the background.

Petra Ruiz Solari with sons Augustine and Gabriel
Oval portrait bust of Petra Ruiz Solari with her sons Augustine and Gabriel. Petra and one of the songs is seated while the second son is standing behind the first. All three are staring straight ahead. The picture is encapsulated within a black…

Manuel K. Inadomi Family Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. Manuel K. Inadomi posing with their daughter, Midori for a studio portrait.

Takeda Family Portrait
This image is an interior group portrait of the Takeda family.
L-R: Shisaku Shimizu, Magoichi Takeda, Mr. Tamura, Hoyo Takeda. Children: Hiroshi, George, and Miyoko Takeda.

Masunaga Family Portrait
This image shows Reverend Taiken Masunaga posing for a portrait with his family. Taiken Masunaga came to Oxnard in 1929 where he became the Reverend for the Buddhist Church of Oxnard. The photo was taken inside the Buddhist Church of Oxnard.

Hanzo Kurihara Family Portrait, 1930
This image shows the Hanzo Kurihara family seated together inside a living room for a portrait.
From left to right: Tatsuo Kurihara, Asako Kurihara, Hanzo Kirihara, Allen Kurihara, Sumiye Kurihara.

Fujita Family Portrait, 1928
This image shows Chotaro and Satsuki Fujita posing with their children, Nagao and Yoshie. This is a full-view portrait studio portrait.

Takasugi Family Portrait, 1927
Takasugi family, group portrait, 1927. From left: Tono with baby Jim, Knox, Thomas (in sailor suit), John, Frank (Senior), Tsuta (grandmother), George, Leonard, and Gorokichi (grandfather).

Takasugi Family Portrait, 1941
Group portrait of the Takasugi family, outdoors on the front steps of a house or building:
Back row: George, Frank, Leonard.
2nd row: Knox, John, Jim, Thomas
3rd row: Frank, Herb
Front Row: Fran, Tono holding Abe, Ida

Del Valle Family
Portrait of Del Valle family, left to right: Josepha, Ignacio, Jr., Ysabel, Reginaldo, and Ulipano (?) Del Valle.
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