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Gathering Flowers
Outdoor group photo of five people in and around an automobile, some holding armfuls of flowers. L-R: Anne Gould Yelland (wife of carpenter, Raymond Yelland), Belle Taylor, Ruth Taylor (later Whitaker), John B. Taylor, Jr. (inside vehicle), and…

Myrtle Shepherd
Portrait of Myrtle Shepherd wearing a light colored dress with a small arrangement of flowers attached at the bodice. She is looking to her right. "Brewster" and "Ventura and Santa Paula, Cal." are printed on the lower border of the cardstock to…

A Field of Cala Lilies Near Ventura postcard
Two unidentified figures stand waist deep in a field of Cala lillies. The figure to the left stands facing the viewer with hands on hips and wears a tan colored suit and hat. The figure to the right stands facing the figure on the left but looks…

A Colorful Santa Paula, California Landmark postcard verso
Color view of a palm tree. Trunk of the palm tree is overgrown with foliage and red flowers. A white fence is visible in front of the tree. Houses and vehicles are visible in the background.

Caption: A Colorful Santa Paula, California…

Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom postcard
Fields of mustard plants in bloom are depicted on either side of a dirt road leading to "Santa Paula Mineral Springs." Mountains are visible in the background.

Caption: Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom, Santa Paula Canyon,…

Theodosia B. Shepherd
Bust portrait of Theodosia B. Shepherd looking to the left of the viewer. She wears a dress or blouse adorned with a lace front with a flower.

Theodosia Burr Shepherd's Flower Seed Farm
View of a dirt pathway alongside a fence or wall of blooming flowers. Pathways appears to end at a two story home. Verso of photo reads: "Mrs. T. B. Shepherd flower seed farm Main Street, Laurel, Santa Clara, Kalorama Block. Background A. L. [Arthur…

Flower Held by Man's Hand
Photograph of a flower held by a man's hand. The flower is very large and is held by a short stem. The flower is held upright by the hand on top of a small table or other piece of furniture covered with a cloth.


May Davison Riding in Float
May Davison (Mrs. Jack Neville) rides in a float along with a man in what appears to be a sailor suit and cap. May Davison holds an umbrella. The float is a car decorated with flowers and shrubbery that is made out to look like a boat. A US flag…

Pastel Passion 2002 Exhibit Postcard
Pastel drawing of a serene meadow of wildflowers with a small footpath running through it. Large trees in the background and hills or mountains in the far background complete the scene. Pastel drawing is by Jannene Behl called "Spring Passion." This…

For the Love of Flowers, 2002 Exhibit Postcard
Postcard showing a watercolor of irises by artist Timberly Dunn. The postcard is for an exhibit titled "For the Love of Flowers" running September 14 through October 21, 2002 at Camarillo Johrei Center, Camarillo, CA. Exhibit featured watercolorist…

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Poppy, California State Flower postcard
Several orange poppies in various states of blooming. They appear to be illustrated and are on a black background. Postcard reads "Poppy California State Flower" along the bottom.
[M. Peiser, Copyright 1910, 6742]


Lillian Dudley Bushnell Picking Flowers
Lillian Dudley Bushnell, a young girl wearing a dress, lace up shoes, and a hat is on the bottom left of image picking flowers at the Frank Dudley estate. She holds calla lilies in her arms. Neat rows of small flowers are in the background. There…


Funeral service for Matsuko Suzuki
Funeral guests gather for a group photo with the casket at at the funeral for Matsuko Suzuki. Mourners stand outside of a mortuary (possibly S. H. Diffenderffer & Son Mortuary) and they include men, women, and children.

Field of Calla Lilies near Ventura, California postcard
Two men in suits and hats stand amongst rows upon rows of calla lilies, both looking at the viewer. Top of postcard reads: "A Field of Calla Lilies near Ventura, California."
[Cardinell-Vincent Co., Pub., San Francisco, California, for J. R. Brakey,…


Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Loving Greetings
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal cupid in a flowery garden, a bouquet of purple flowers in between a boy and a girl. Reads "Loving Greetings" at fold.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Cherubs in Garden
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal a bouquets of flowers and two cherubs playing instruments that are seemingly made of flowers. Reads "To My Valentine" on folded area. Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Cherubs and Carriage
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal a three dimensional scene of two cherubs flying alongside a white carriage. Inside the carriage sits a little girl in a pink dress holding a basket of flowers. Greeting card cataloged and stored in library…

California School for Girls, Ventura, California postcard
Distant view of six large white buildings nestled on a hillside making up the California School for Girls in Ventura. A car is visible driving away from the school. "California School for Girls, Ventura, California" printed along the bottom of the…

Olivas Adobe, 1977
Front exterior view of Olivas Adobe, a two story building, showing hanging baskets hung along the roofs of the two porches on the first and second floors.

Tram Wheels Sign at Hueneme Historical Museum
Closeup view of tram wheels that were uncovered in 1975, along with a sign describing the historic use of trams in Hueneme. Sign and tram wheels are located on the outside of the Hueneme Historical Museum.

Pansy Brewster in Fancy Cloak With Flowers in Hair
Sepia toned full studio portrait of Pansy Brewster, side view. She is dressed in a light colored lacy dress with shawl or cloak with collar and furry fringe. She wears her hair up with flowers in it. There is a fur in the foreground and a studio…

Pansy Augusta Brewster, Age 21
Sepia toned full side view portrait of Pansy Augusta Brewster at approximately age 21. Pansy is sitting in a chair, holding two roses, and appears to be examining them. Pansy wears her hair in a Gibson Girl hairstyle and is wearing long gloves and a…

Ventura High School Graduation, Class of 1891
Group photo of seven young men and women pose sitting and standing in formal dresses and suits. The women are carrying bouquets and wearing corsages, and all hold large diplomas. A garland of flowers lays in front of the group.

Students are…

Ruth Ruiz - Age 8
Full portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz at age eight leaning against an ornate wooden chair. She is wearing a light colored dress with dark stockings and booths. She has ribbons in her hair in the pigtail fashion. A studio backdrop of a concrete wall and…
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