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Ventura County 150 Memories


Ventura County 150 Memories (VC150 Memories) is a project organized by the County of Ventura and the Museum of Ventura County to collect memories from…

Voices of Ventura County

Voices of Ventura County Digitized Oral Histories is a remarkable collection that commemorates the rich tapestry of Ventura County's history over the…

Martin and Associates

Map of Part of Subdivision 43, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia

This collection includes engineering and architectural drawings, maps, and other planning documents created by the Robert Martin and Associates civil…

Carmen Ramirez Remembrance Collection


Herman Keene Collection

Video footage of events in the life of Herman Keene, a lifetime resident of Santa Paula, California. He was born on December 26, 1878 and died on…

Veteran Oral Histories

In collaboration with the Ventura County Library, the Research Library and Archives completed three oral histories with veterans as a part of the…

Object Collection

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Rose Bouquet

The 19th: Votes for Women Community Stories About Voting


The Museum of Ventura County is working to create an exhibit about Ventura County and the suffrage movement. To create this exhibit, we’d like to hear…

Brewster Photography

Steam Powered Ship in Ventura

This collection represents photographs by John Calvin Brewster, first Ventura County resident photographer during 1874–1909. This collection is not…

General Collection

E. W. Duval House, Ventura

Images in this collection represent various people, places, and subjects pertaining to Ventura County.

Stories from COVID-19


As Ventura County residents react to new policies and recommendations aimed to restrict the virus’ spread, we wish to document and preserve the…

2020 Ventura County Protests

Serra IMG_2117.jpg


Glen Tavern, Santa Paula, California postcard

Collection of historical Ventura County area postcards. Images include cityscapes, historical landmarks, buildings, people, and events. Expect this…

Art Collection

Plein Air Sketch_Foster Park.jpg


San Buenaventura, Cal., 1877: Being a "Birds Eye" View of<br />
Downtown Ventura

Collection of digitized maps mainly of Ventura County, California

Port of Hueneme, Oxnard Harbor District

Cottage built in 1915 that housed the Women's Improvement Club of Hueneme and the Hueneme Library

Photos gathered for a slide presentation for the Port of Hueneme, Oxnard Harbor District President's Dinner at the Museum of Ventura County on…

Glass Plate Negatives

Portable Drilling Rig

Over 500 glass plate negatives with images of Ventura County are presented. These include works of John Calvin Brewster, first resident photographer…