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Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor
Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor on Vanoni Ranch, Saticoy, at 10814 Telephone Rd. He drives the tractor on a trail through trees, and a small dog sits atop the tractor.

Tractor and Planting Device in Field
A man drives a tractor that is pulling a planting device across a field. Another man and a girl are on top of the device. There is a barn in the background and some small trees in the field.

Old Fashioned Bean Threshing
"Old fashioned bean threshing" agricultural scene. A group of men, women, and children stand among threshing equipment. Mountain in the background identified as South Mountain.

Identified individuals include:

(front row): Frank Moore; George…

Group Photo on Frank Petit Ranch
Oval portrait showing three men working on a field with a threshing machine on the Frank Petit Ranch, possibly lima beans. Horses and agricultural equipment in the scene.

Group Portrait, Japanese Beet Workers
Group portrait of six men working in a field. They are described as Japanese beet workers on Maulhardt Ranch in Oxnard. The group has some equipment with them (rake and glovers), but may be pulling the beets up by hand. Some of the men hold beets.…

Lima Bean Ranch Near Ventura, California Postcard
View of a Lima bean ranch near Ventura. There is a car and two palm trees in the field. Caption at bottom reads: "A Lima Bean Ranch near Ventura, Cal." Duplicate of 20198 PC.
[J. R. Brakey, Pub., Ventura, California, Made by CT American Art,…

Threshing Beans in Saticoy
Scene showing agricultural equipment being used to thresh beans in Saticoy, CA. Men and horses or mules with carts are also visible.

Frank Marr on Samson Tractor
Frank Marr sits on a Samson tractor pulling farm equipment. Photo taken from behind, Frank turned toward the viewer. Field and farm building in the background.

Distant View of Santa Paula, 1891
Distant view looking down on Santa Paula in 1891 from atop a hill. Grass and a house are in the foreground, and spread out houses and buildings dot the scene. Mountains are in the background of the image. This image is the left half of a panorama…

Man Turning Drying Apricots
A man flips over apricots drying on trays at Canet's Apricot Ranch in Ventura, Calif. A man can be seen holding the corner of a tray with one hand and a tool in the other hand. Stacks of trays and other men can be seen in the background.


Fruit Drying on Robinson Ranch
Seven men are seen working around an agricultural structure on Robinson Ranch. They are engaged in the process of fruit drying. Two men stand on either side of a table. Others are working in the distance.

View of Santa Paula, California
Distant view of Santa Paula, showing several buildings and farmhouses, as well as fields and some farm animals. Image mounted on cardboard.


Black-and-white footage of a family gathering, featuring men and mostly women of a variety of ages, along with occasional footage of orchards, a shooting range, and a chicken farm.

The footage opens with a gathering of men and women in formal…

This reel's footage includes a succession of short scenes that mostly show people of various ages on vacation:

A large group gather for miniature golf and an elaborate picnic deep in a wooded area, beside a wood cabin. Families drive to and from…

Gill Brothers Lima Bean Threshing Outfit
Panorama shot of the Gill Brothers lima bean threshing outfit in Camarillo, California. Several farm workers stand in the forefront looking at the camera. Threshing equipment and horse-drawn carts are in the background.

Bean Threshing on Deidrick Ranch
Panorama of a bean threshing outfit on Deidrick Ranch. A group of workers stand in the center of the shot and face the camera. The bean threshing machine is behind them.

Hauling Beets Near Oxnard postcard
Three wagonloads of beets are pulled by a team of horses in the middle of a field.
[Rieder Publ., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 2904]

Man Balancing on Bicycle Seat
A young man in trousers with suspenders and jacket balances on one leg on a bicycle with hat in one hand. He is in front of a farmhouse. Photo is mounted in album.
[Old photo # P-217-4]

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Small Boy on Big Bicycle
A small boy sits on a bicycle much too large for him in front of a farmhouse. A man with a horse and wagon behind him are on the right side of photo. Photograph is mounted in album.
[Old #P-217-4]

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Santa Paula Flower Fields
Photograph of bright yellow, pink, orange, and green flower fields in Santa Paula. Utility lines, a few small buildings, and mountains are in the background.
[Western Publ., Los Angeles, Calif., Curteicholor, J-28; 7CK-2754]

Bean Threshing, Oxnard postcard
An oval agricultural scene showing farm equipment being used to thresh beans in Oxnard, CA. Men and a team of horses or mules is also visible. The message is written around the oval image on the front of the postcard.
[Poggi, I.M.]

Oxnard, CA Strawberry Fields postcard
A view of Strawberry Fields in Oxnard, CA. Rows of strawberries are visible along with field workers who are picking the berries. Port-o-Pottys and vehicles visible in the background.
[Columbia Publishing, P.O. Box 675, Ojai, California 93023., T…

Hauling (5 Ton) of Sugar Beets, Oxnard postcard
A wagonload of beets is hauled by a team of eight mules. A man, possibly the farmer, sits astride one of the mules.
[J.R. Drake, Box 706, Los Angeles, Cal.]

Bean Threshing in Ventura County Postcard
Postcard captioned "7414 Bean Thrashing in Ventura Co. Cal." [sic] and showing the process of bean threshing on a farm. There are three carts with large spoked wheels, agricultural machinery with a flag, people working on the threshing, and draft…

A Sugar Beet Field postcard
Foreground features a sugar beet field. In the background you can see trees and some sort of structure.
[Rieder, M., Publ., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 9339]
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