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Four Children on a Playground Outside Palm Street Kindergarten, ca. 1930
Mounted snapshot of a group of four children playing on playground equipment outside of Palm Street Kindergarten. There is a wooden-framed swing set in the background and two wooden see-saws in the foreground. Each see-saw has a child sitting on one…

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Plaza Park and Post Office, Ventura postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Ventura on Santa Clara Street from Plaza Park across the street. Park grounds in foreground. Many cars are parked along Santa Clara Street.
[No Publisher Stated; EKC in stamp block]

Young Man Carries Christmas Tree
John Page carries Xmas tree cut at Watt's Ojai Xmas Tree Farm, 12211 0jai & Santa Paula Rd. Upper Ojai. Ventura County Star Free Press photo taken 30 Nov 1985; published 2 Dec 1985.


Gally's Cottages, Ojai Valley near Nordhoff postcard
View of walkway and grass area between cottages lining the left and right sides of postcard. Some people are seated or standing in the grass. Bottom caption of postcard: "Gally's Cottages, O-jai Valley near Nordhoff, Ventura County, Calif."

Street view of Santa Clara Catholic Church in Oxnard through a frame of trees. The middle of three doors is open.
[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 7609 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood 46, Calif., H1317 & 19639]

The Poinsettia City Postcard
View of a sidewalk that cuts through Plaza Park in Ventura. View is from the corner of Thompson Blvd. and Fir St. Running the edge of the intersection are two rows of short bushes with orange flowers, one row on each side. Various trees dot the lawn…

The Creek Road, Camp Comfort Postcard
A dirt trail, surrounded on either side by tall green grass and oak trees. The oaks' branches hang over the path, shading it from the sun.
[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 13567]


In Foster Memorial Park, Near Ventura, Cal. undated Postcard
An oak tree with a curved trunk frames the right side of the image. Behind it is a wide dirt path, and on the other side is a forest with mountains in the background. Two men, one if a grey suit and one in orange, lean against a triangular wooden…


Fir Street postcard
View of Fir Street intersection. There is a large house on both corners. The street is lined with trees, and there is a car driving on the street. Caption at bottom reads: "Fir Street, Ventura, Cal.'
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (C.T. American Art),…

Center of Ventura postcard
Bird's-eye view of Ventura. There is a street on the left side of the image, and there are buildings on the right side. Mountains are visible in the background. Caption at bottom reads: "The Center of Ventura, Calif."
[Detroit Publishing Co.…

Picturesque Roadway postcard
View of a curving roadway through hills. A car is driving away from the viewer. A small home is on the left side of the road.
[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 11401 Chandler, North Hollywood, Calif., 3079]

Snowy scene in Newbury Park
Fence posts in the foreground and a field in the background are covered after snow in Newbury Park.


San Buenaventura Mission Sesquicentennial Tree Planting Ceremony
A large group of people gather in the Mission courtyard and on the sidewalk for the Mission's 150th Anniversary celebration and tree planting ceremony on April 3, 1932. Cars are parked along Main Street in the foreground. The photo seems to have been…

Stereoscopic view of palm trees and houses.

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a waterfall.

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a man standing in front of a redwood tree.

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Shed between brick buildings.

Photograph of a landscape painting.

Landscape, field and trees with mountains in background.

Snow-covered Yosemite National Park.

Church building.

View of canyon stream.

Large Oak tree between buildings.


West side of Mission San Buenaventura looking northeast from across Main Street; Norfolk pines are about 30 feet tall.

Street view of the bell tower of San Buenaventura Mission.
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