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Staunton Family in Sierra Nevada A
Three photos depicting the Staunton family's visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo A: Peggy and C. C. Staunton stand together in front of a lake. Both wear Jodhpur pants and boots. Peggy wears a tank top and has a sweater or scarf tied over…

Lake and Forest
Image depicts and unidentified lake. The lake fills the foreground. The background shows a small hill visible on the right side of the image and a forest that extends into the distance.

Sinaloa Lake, Simi Valley, California postcard
View of a small wooden dock on the water of Lake Sinaloa in Simi Valley. A small, red boat is next to the dock, with the forward appearing to be slightly ashore. Trees and foliage are growing near the dock. Water birds and another boat are visible in…

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Lake Sherwood
A view of Lake Sherwood when the lake was full. Foliage visible in foreground. Hills surrounding the lake are in the background.

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Wiley's Lake near Fillmore, California
Scene with Wiley's Lake in foreground and mountains in background.
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany for Richard Stephens, Fillmore, Cal.]

Ferndale Lake, Santa Paula postcard
View of lake with trees reflected on the lake. Caption on left bottom of postcard: "Ferndale Lake, Santa Paula, Cal."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany; Harding, photographer]


Drawing of Lake Bennett wilderness area.

Lake or tidal basin with mountain backdrop.
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