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Busch Gardens, Pasadena
Lawn at Busch Gardens in Pasadena. In the middle of the lawn is a small bird standing on the grass. To the left of the bird there is a small shrub and a walking path. Trees of many different varieties in background, including a large palm tree.

Chicken Pens
View of the chicken pens at an unidentified farm. Chicken enclosure consists of a covered coop building, and four yards divided by fences. Chickens are roaming the yards. A man is standing in the second from the left yard, next to the coop. Two women…

Egret at Walter Moranda Park
Side view of an egret standing in water with a branch sticking out of the water next to it. Image taken at Walter Moranda Park. Ventura County Star Free Press photo taken March 19, 1985; published March 20, 1985.


Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, mainly of hunting and trapping, animal carcasses, captive wild animals, and mountain scenes.

Keene outside of a cabin covered in skins; High cliffs; Keene examines the leg of a horse with a…

Rosa Vanegas, Child Portrait
Portrait of Rosa Vanegas as a child, approximately 5 years old. She is standing outdoors and is seen from the knees up. She is wearing a hat and has a bird, possibly a mourning dove, standing on her shoulder. There is a wooden fence in the…
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