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E.W. Daily Family Home
Exterior view of the E. W. Daily house from the front. The cone shaped roof and front fence are visible. The pillars of the veranda are square. Architecture appears to be a mix of Victorian and Craftsman styles. The entrance is somewhat covered by a…

Group Photo in Front of Home
Two women and two men, standing in front of a house, possibly J. Maulhardt's house. The people are dressed in early 1900's attire. The house itself seems to be built in the Craftsmen style architecture evident by the square pillars and details under…

Women Outside the E.W. Daily Home
Blurry exterior view of four unidentified women outside of the E.W. Daily family home. Three of the women sit on the steps of the house while the fourth woman stands beside them. The House appears to be of Craftsman design with square pillars on the…

Henry Levy House, Oxnard
View of the front entrance to the Henry Levy house, at 155 G Street and 2nd Street in Oxnard, CA. It is a historic two story craftsman bungalow home. Front stoop and porch visible, as well as some climbing plants along the second floor.

Henry Levy House, Oxnard
Side view of the Henry Levy house at 155 G Street and 2nd Street in Oxnard, CA. It is a historic two story craftsman bungalow home.

Pierpont Inn
Exterior view from a distance of the Pierpont Inn. Image shows extensive grounds in front of the inn that appear to be ready for landscaping. A circular driveway in front of the building with people in a car on the left of the image on the driveway…

Pierpont Inn, Exterior View
Exterior front view of the Pierpont Inn, taken from the grounds in front and to the right of the building. Driveway is visible in the image as well as landscaping and a bench around the inn.

Pierpont Inn, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: Pierpont Inn. VENTURA, Cal.
Front view of the Pierpoint Inn hotel and its roundabout driveway. A two story Craftsman style building with wood shingle paneling, flanked by greenery.
Verso script: Author writes about being next to the…

Dining Room of Pierpont Cottages in Ojai Postcard
Image captioned "Dining Room, Pierpont Cottages, Ojai Valley, Cal." The photograph includes four arranged tables with chairs, tablecloths, flower arrangements, and cutlery, and three large windows with multiple panels and sheer curtains. The lower…

Foothills Hotel
Exterior view of Foothills Hotel, with a young man holding a hat in his hand standing in the driveway. The hotel opened in January 1904 and burned down in a fire in June 1917.
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