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Small Shed
Exterior view of a shed in a field. The shed has two windows and a door. There are two telegraph poles in the front of the shed towards the right of the image. Behind the shed there is a very large open field which looks to be used for farming.…

Small Shed
Exterior view of a small shed. The shed has a window and a large open door. In the foreground there are small plants growing out of the ground, which has a light dusting of snow on it. In the background of the image behind the shed there are a…

Mrs. Eaton and Her Pet Chickens
View of Mrs. Eaton wearing a prairie dress and bonnet feeding her pet chickens. There are at least five chickens visible in a variety of colors. Behind Mrs. Eaton is a small shed, possibly a coop. A field is visible in the background.

Survey of Part of Subdivision 74, Rancho Colonia
Grey pencil survey map of part of Subdivision 74, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia, made for Louis Lissner. Hueneme Road and the State Highway (Highway 1) are located on left side of the map. Area of interest has bold lines around it and…

Survey of Part of Lot 19, Block 1, Treher's Addition, Hueneme
Grey pencil survey map for James Scharnack of a part of Lot 19, Block 1, Treher's Addition in Port Hueneme. Area of interest is surround by Ponoma Street and Ventura Street on left and right sides and C Street running along the bottom. A shed is…

Shearing Shed Interior
View of the interior of a large shearing shed on Santa Cruz Island. Library records indicate: "Gates that form partitions between pens (on left) are rolled out (middle right) seat from which fichas are given out. On both sides of seat are shelves on…

Apricot Pitting Shed
Group photo of agricultural workers, mainly women, and one child and baby in the Moorpark-Simi area. They stand in an apricot pitting shed all facing the camera. There are trays of apricots in stacks on the ground on tables all around the shed. Shade…

Shed between brick buildings.

House with shed.
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