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Home on Snow Covered Street
Brown toned photo of home on snow covered street. Driveway & garage visible. Possibly Michigan as E.W. Daily lived there prior to 1904.

C. J. Daily's Home in Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily home in Camarillo. Taken from the curved driveway that leads up to the home. The house is possibly craftsmen style architecture, having details such as square columns and visible brackets under the eaves. The home is…

Map of Drainage for Lot Number 41, Tract 1703-1, Ventura County
Map of drainage for Lot number 41, Tract 1703-1, Ventura County. Shows lot, patio, house, cone walk, driveway, and drain plan, with house outlined in bold. Separate figures show profile of water trap and landscaping.

Architectural Drawing of a Foundation Plan for Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones, Santa Paula
Drawing of architectural plans for a residence and garage belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones of Santa Paula. Drawing is of foundation plan of home and area of garage leading to driveway.

Pierpont Inn, Ventura postcard
A view of the northern and eastern facades of the Pierpont Inn. It is a two story building clad with wood shingles. There is an automobile parked near the front entrance on a circular entry driveway. A sailboat is visible in the distance on…

Theodosia Burr Shepherd's Flower Seed Farm
View of a dirt pathway alongside a fence or wall of blooming flowers. Pathways appears to end at a two story home. Verso of photo reads: "Mrs. T. B. Shepherd flower seed farm Main Street, Laurel, Santa Clara, Kalorama Block. Background A. L. [Arthur…

Ventura County Jail, Exterior Front and Side View
Exterior view of the Ventura County Jail, taken from the driveway leading up to the jail, driveway visible in foreground. The jail was on Poli Street in Ventura, CA. There is a man walking toward the jail on the right side of the image.

Verso of…

Somis School
View of hedge lined driveway up to school with two cars parked in front. Caption reads "Somis School."

Pierpont Inn
Exterior view from a distance of the Pierpont Inn. Image shows extensive grounds in front of the inn that appear to be ready for landscaping. A circular driveway in front of the building with people in a car on the left of the image on the driveway…

Pierpont Inn, Exterior View
Exterior front view of the Pierpont Inn, taken from the grounds in front and to the right of the building. Driveway is visible in the image as well as landscaping and a bench around the inn.

Home of Katherine Hoffman Haley
View of the road approaching Katherine Hoffman Haley's home on Rancho Mi Solar. A white brick house can be seen in the background. The image shows a long driveway with a mound of dirt to the right and plants to the left.

Color film of elderly men and women as they walk, sit, visit, and pose for photos outside of a home during daytime; Group of men and women enter the home; Quick clip of an arbor covered driveway; Quick clip of Santa Paula High School marching band in…

Home on the Hill, Rancho Casitas
Glossy photograph of the exterior of Rancho Casitas. It is a close up view from the driveway, in foreground, leading up to the front entry. Some of the Spanish or Mediterranean architectural details are visible. Handwritten in pen on front "Casitas".…

Entrance to Sulphur Mt. Springs postcard
A square wooden arch with Sulphur Mt. Springs in white on a black background. Above it is a smaller sign that says 'automobiles slow down'. The left-hand leg of the arch as two US flags, one above the other, and the right-hand leg has one, with a…

Pierpont Cottages
Driveway leading up to Pierpont Cottages in Ojai Valley. There is a man in a hat and suit standing on right side of driveway turned and looking to the right.


Lloyd-Butler House (Sanchez Adobe)
Front view of Lloyd-Butler house (Sanchez Adobe) at 2317 Los Angeles Ave., Oxnard. Lawn and trees in foreground.
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