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Scott Peck and "Wizard" at Ventura County Fair
Shows Scott Peck and "Wizard," the 4-H prize sheep at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Scott is kneeling behind Wizard and appears to be supporting the sheep's head. Wizard is has its wool shorn and has a white body with black face and…

Lance Gunter and Prize Hog at Ventura County Fair
Shows Lance Gunter, a student from Fillmore, with his FFA prize hog at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Lance is kneeling on the ground, behind his pig, with a hand resting on its back. He is looking towards the viewer. The pig is a…

Boy Milking Cow
Shows a young boy sitting on a box and milking a black cow. The boy is wearing overalls and a wide-brimmed straw hat. He is looking over his shoulder to the right side of the view. Cow is facing the right side. A chain is looped around its horns.

Proud Eric and Bashful Idol
Shows Proud Eric and Bashful Idol, two show cattle belonging to F. F. Peabody of Eagle Ranch in Atascadero, Calif. The cattle were likely shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The cattle have shiny, black fur and wear bridles. They appear to…

Show Cow
A "show" cow shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Cow stands in profile view, with side facing viewer. Cow is white with several, small black spots. Cow wears a bridle.

Show Cows
Three "show" cows shown at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The three cows stand side-by-side. Middle cow has white fur. Cows on right and left are black and white. The cows wear bridles and reins. Two men visible in background.

Cows Grazing
View of hills and fields. A herd of cows is grazing the grass. Trees are scattered across the landscape.

Melanie Allred and Freddie the Goat
Portrait of Melanie Allred posed with her goat "Freddie," the grand champion Anglo-Nubian goat at the Ventura County Fair. Tom Pugliese on left and Plinky Mier on right. Freddie is wearing a floral cape. Signs in background for 4-H and Ventura County…

Threshing Barley on Patterson Ranch postcard
Agricultural scene with mules, agricultural equipment, and people threshing barley on Patterson Ranch near Oxnard.
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles; Made in Germany]
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