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Ventura Free Press Office
Outdoor scene showing the Ventura Free Press office on right with sign. Home with fence on the left. Trees line wooden sidewalk. Street appears to be unpaved. Man wearing top hat is walking a spotted dog by the offices. Man is identified as Dr.…

E.W. Daily Family Portrait
E. W. Daily family portrait on the steps of the family home. There are five women and two men. The family dog is pictured on the left of the image. Two of the people in the picture are standing on the walkway to the household rather than the steps.…

Women Posing with Turkey
Picture of five women outside of the E.W. Daily household. The caption for the photo reads "The Pet Turkey Lover". From left to right: Mrs. Bayer, Mrs. Daily, Bern, Nell, and Ruth "The Turkey Tamer". The two women in the middle are kneeling next to…

Seal Rock
Picture of a rock in the ocean with seals sitting on top of it. The caption to the image reads "Seal Rock, Catalina Island" The foreground of the image shows the rock with a pod of seals lounging on it. Seal on the top of the rock is barking at the…

Dean H. Blanchard's Beloved Ducks
Close-up view of Dean H. Blanchard's Mallard ducks by the Santa Paula Blanchard Ranch Reservoir. Six ducks in view, two hens, four drakes. Background out of focus.

Note: "Enlarged by Earl V. Lewis Co. LKA and Hollywood."

A. Levy Looking at Hogs
Outdoor scene of A. Levy at his home in Hueneme. Levy is standing by a pig pen, and is looking over fence at three hogs. Hogs are sniffing ground and eating. Levy is wearing suit and hat. Buildings in background.

Photograph given to A. Levy Bank…

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Feeding Ducks and Geese
Outdoor scene of unidentified man feeding ducks and geese at a small pond. Man is wearing suit and hat. Ducks, geese, and one chicken crowd at one end of the pond. Farm buildings and fence in background.

Philomena Constance Feeding Chickens
Shows Philomena Louie Constance standing in a yard by wooden structure. She is holding a dish of chicken feed and is scooping it out with a spoon. Chickens surround her.

Scott Peck and "Wizard" at Ventura County Fair
Shows Scott Peck and "Wizard," the 4-H prize sheep at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Scott is kneeling behind Wizard and appears to be supporting the sheep's head. Wizard is has its wool shorn and has a white body with black face and…

Lance Gunter and Prize Hog at Ventura County Fair
Shows Lance Gunter, a student from Fillmore, with his FFA prize hog at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Lance is kneeling on the ground, behind his pig, with a hand resting on its back. He is looking towards the viewer. The pig is a…

Trained Goats at Goebel's Lion Farm
Shows three goats performing a balancing act on a seesaw. Their trainer stands behind the seesaw, and appears to be giving them commands. One goat stands in the center of the seesaw. The other two goats stand with their front legs on a platform on…

Proud Eric and Bashful Idol
Shows Proud Eric and Bashful Idol, two show cattle belonging to F. F. Peabody of Eagle Ranch in Atascadero, Calif. The cattle were likely shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The cattle have shiny, black fur and wear bridles. They appear to…

Show Cow
A "show" cow shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Cow stands in profile view, with side facing viewer. Cow is white with several, small black spots. Cow wears a bridle.

Chariot Team
Shows a chariot team standing next to grandstands. Team consists of four horses to pull the chariot. Charioteer stands in the chariot, holding what appears to be a whip.

Chariot Race
Shows charioteers and horses mid-race. The horses are running down a dirt racetrack. Trees in background.

Show Cows
Three "show" cows shown at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The three cows stand side-by-side. Middle cow has white fur. Cows on right and left are black and white. The cows wear bridles and reins. Two men visible in background.

Horses on Parade
View of nine men on horseback at the Ventura County Fair. Riders and horses are standing on a racetrack. Trees in background.

Cows Grazing
View of hills and fields. A herd of cows is grazing the grass. Trees are scattered across the landscape.

Chicken Pens
View of the chicken pens at an unidentified farm. Chicken enclosure consists of a covered coop building, and four yards divided by fences. Chickens are roaming the yards. A man is standing in the second from the left yard, next to the coop. Two women…

Charles Lummis on Horseback
View of Charles Lummis sitting on horseback in front of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The veranda and main door of the building are visible.

Ruth Ventura Zapf Riding Pony
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf as a young girl riding a spotted pony. The pony is standing next to wooden building lined with shrubs.

Museum records include note that the photographer owned the pony and went door-to-door soliciting photographs.

Charles Zapf Sitting with Schnaps the Dog
Shows Charles F. Zapf sitting in the backyard of 57 N. Laurel Street. His pet dachshund, Schnaps, is laying on his lap. Garden beds and shrubbery visible in background.

Irish Setter Dog
Image of an Irish Setter dog on a sidewalk of a street. The dog stands in profile view. In the background is a paved road with car parked on the side of the street. The sidewalk on the other side of the street in the background is lined with small…

Ruth & Perky Kneel in Front of Wooden Building
View from the roadside. Ruth and her dog Perky kneel in front of a Hotel on Whidbey Island in Washington. To the left of the building there is a much smaller wooden structure with two canoes inside of it and one on top of it. In front of the building…

Mr. Dawsen and Dog in Garden
Shows Mr. Dawsen and a spotted dog sitting on the ground beside newly planted plants. Dawsen is wearing a white shirt and overalls. He is leaning back on one hand and is looking at the dog. Wooden stakes are in the ground next to the…
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