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Flower Held by Man's Hand
Photograph of a flower held by a man's hand. The flower is very large and is held by a short stem. The flower is held upright by the hand on top of a small table or other piece of furniture covered with a cloth.


John Arneill Family
Portrait of the John Arneill Family. Three men, three women, and three children sit or stand, looking at the viewer. Records indicate "Mrs. John Arneill standing between two young men."

Apricot Crew and Trays of Drying Apricots
Several rows of drying apricots lay on the ground in the image foreground. In the background is a large group posing for the camera. Among them are men, women, and children. Some of the group sit on sacks (presumably filled with…

Main Street, Ventura, 1870s
Bird's eye view of Main Street looking east from Ventura Avenue. Several storefronts are visible, including a bakery. Hill school visible, which was built in 1873. Image taken in the 1870s, but after 1873.

Two duplicate photos in collection.…

Girl and Baby in Decorated Stroller
A little girl in a fancy light colored dress with a bow in her hair holds the handles of a stroller adorned with flowers that has a baby inside. The girl and stroller are on the grass in Plaza Park in Ventura, the Congregational Church in the…

Picking Oranges at Limoneira
Several men climb ladders to harvest oranges in an orchard at Limoneira. Oranges are slid down tubes into crates on the ground. A man on a horse drawn wagon is in the middle of the scene. To the left of the image there is a load of filled crates on a…

Three Palm Trees
Image shows three date palm trees standing in the San Buenaventura Mission orchard in early Ventura, CA. Originally there were four Arabian date palm trees in the orchard, which is in present day (2022) Mission Park. A man stands next to one of the…

Ventura County Officials, 1898 mounted
Group photo of Ventura County officials. Five men in suits and bowties in two rows, 3 men sitting, 2 standing. There are two versions of same photo-- one is sepia with the men's names written in ink along bottom of photo, and the other is black and…

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Ventura Auto Club, 1903
Ventura Auto Club in 1903, showing a group of four cars with drivers and passengers lined up in a row on a tree lined dirt road. Typed on front of card "all the cars in Ventura in 1903 excepting one owned by Will (?) and Frank Barnard. First a Ford…

Ventura County Officials and Deputies, 1888
Group photo of Ventura County officials and deputies standing outside of a building. They are numbered 1-14 and identified as follows:

1. J. M. Owens
2. A. W. Browne
3. Henry Clay
4. A. J. Bell
5. N. Rodriguez
6. C. H. Bradley
7. Ben…

Orestes Orr
Bust portrait of Orestes Orr, Attorney, Ventura. He gazes to the viewer's right.


Union Oil Company, Santa Paula Canyon
Bird's eye view of buildings and tanks belonging to Union Oil Company located in Santa Paula Canyon, surrounded by trees and wilderness. Three men and a dog visible in the scene. Tall mountains in background.


Hauling Grain Out of Simi
Distant view of teams of horses and/or mules hauling wagons of grain out of Simi. They head for Hueneme via Springville. Hills and mountains in the background.

Piedra Blanca in the Sespe Country
Closeup view of a waterfall at "Piedra Blanca in the Sespe Country". A man stands on the left side of the image, right of the waterfall, and two women sit on the right side of the image, left of the waterfall.

Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior distant view of the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Image shows a dirt road and what appears to be a railroad track in the foreground. There are also two figures standing in the foreground facing the factory. Factory buildings are in view, as well as…

Ysoardy Building Stereoscope
Stereoscope of a long one story building on Main Street in Ventura, CA. The building has a long porch where several men are standing and sitting. Building was across from Mission San Buenaventura. Main Street in foreground.

Museum records indicate…

Bathing in the Ventura Surf
A group of men and women stand in shallow water at the beach; they stand in a row holding hands facing the viewer. Other men and women stand in the surf in the background, one woman sits on a man's shoulders.

Gathering to Greet Senator Bard at Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
Bird's eye view of a crowd gathered to greet Senator Bard at the Southern Pacific station in Ventura. There is a band ready to perform holding their instruments, mid image. Pioneer Society banner behind band. Several horse-drawn carriages are in the…

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cerf and Family
Portrait of the Leon Cerf family, two adults and five children. The family is all dressed in formal clothing. Mr. and Mrs. Cerf sit on chairs, along with one son sitting between them, perhaps on a stool. Mr. Cerf holds a child in his lap, and the…

San Buenaventura Mission Reservoir and Hill School
Sepia-toned photograph of Hill School looking toward the Ventura
River. Prominent in the image is the San Buenaventura Mission Reservoir in the foreground, left. City of Ventura houses, buildings, and farmland visible in the top half of image.

San Buenaventura Mission and Adjacent House
Mounted early photograph of the San Buenaventura Mission and the house adjacent to it to the east. A man next to a horse drawn carriage are on the street next to the sidewalk. Mounted photograph.

Floral Display
A display of flowers arranged in vases on a table decorated with flowers. There is a backdrop that is adorned with flowers and floral wreaths. One wreath has the letter "C" in it. Another wreath has a photo of a baby in it.

San Buenaventura Mission Exterior Rear View, 1874
View of back of San Buenaventura Mission, founded 1782, showing the grounds around the mission as well as some buildings in the city of Ventura. In the foreground is a wooden fence. Scene reaches out to the Pacific Ocean, visible in the top quarter…

Portrait of a Woman Standing With Hand Resting on a Book
Full portrait of an unidentified woman standing next to a table with a cloth draped over it. She has her right hand resting on a book on the table and she is facing the viewer gazing at the viewer. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back,…

Threshing Beans in Saticoy
Scene showing agricultural equipment being used to thresh beans in Saticoy, CA. Men and horses or mules with carts are also visible.
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