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Entrance to St. Joseph's Institute
Image of St. Joseph's Institute on 4th and D streets taken from across the street. Palm trees lining the walkway to the building. Two story building with bell tower and cross.

Somis School
View of hedge lined driveway up to school with two cars parked in front. Caption reads "Somis School."

Second Schoolhouse Built in Santa Paula
Exterior view of a schoolhouse in Santa Paula. There re trucks parked in front of it and a group of people near the front porch. It appears to be raining. According to library records: "Second schoolhouse built in Santa Paula in 1884. 1938 flood.…

Timber School, Newbury Park
Glossy outdoor view of Timber School. Image shows two buildings next to one another. Buildings seem to be one story with small flights of steps leading up to their respective doors. Timber School located in 1955 at 1872 Newbury Rd. Newbury Park in…

Original Timber School in Conejo Valley
Groups of children stand outside of the original Timber School building, built in 1889. The school has a bell tower, a front stoop beneath it. One group of children sit in a horse-drawn wagon with a child sitting on the horse.

San Buenaventura Mission Reservoir and Hill School
Sepia-toned photograph of Hill School looking toward the Ventura
River. Prominent in the image is the San Buenaventura Mission Reservoir in the foreground, left. City of Ventura houses, buildings, and farmland visible in the top half of image.

Woodrow Wilson School, Oxnard
Side and front exterior view of Woodrow Wilson School taken from across the street. The school appears to be on a corner of an intersection, visible in image foreground. The school has a two story building at its center, with single story buildings…

Haydock Grammar School
Exterior view of Haydock Grammar School taken from across the street, front of school off center. Image shows a large, stately building with columns and stairs at the entrance. Front of the school landscaped with grass, bushes and miniature palm…

Roosevelt School, Oxnard
Exterior side and front view of the Roosevelt School in Oxnard from the sidewalk in front of the building. A walkway leading up to the front of the school is prominent in the image, as are two trash cans or large planters flanking the walkway. School…

Roosevelt School, Oxnard
Exterior view of Roosevelt School taken from the lawn on one side of the school. The side and front of the building, as well as a walkway and flagpole, are visible. A water tower can also be seen in the distance on the opposite side from where the…

Log School House at Rose Ranch
Exterior view of log school house used for Rose children at Rose Ranch. Side and front of the one room schoolhouse visible through some dried trees or tall shrubs. Schoolhouse has a door with a window, at least one visible window, and a straw roof.


Oxnard High School Board of Trustees
Group portrait of the Oxnard High School Board of Trustees. Left to Right: Roy Fulton, Fred Aggen, Joe McGrath, Perry Dennis, and unknown. They are seated around a table in a room with bookshelves.


Man Rearing on Horse in Front of Old Ventura High School
Sepia toned outdoor photograph with "Old Ventura High School finished in 1900, later Ann Street School." This image is in the near right background of photograph. Houses visible in far background. Man on rearing horse in right foreground. Mounted on…

Gilbert & Sullian Musical, Nordoff High Schoo
Group photograph of high school students on stage for the performance of a Gilbert & Sullivan musical. There are two rows of students in a U-shaped formation around three sides of the stage. A piano and chairs are on the floor below the stage.…

Large Group of Children in Costumes
Group photo of a large group of children all dressed in costumes. The children are standing in front of Washington School in Ventura, and most have big smiles. There are two teachers not in costume standing amongst them. It is unclear why they are in…

Clown on Santa Clara Street in Ventura
A clown in a striped and starred costume with a ruffled neck stands in front of his mule, who is also dressed festively. They stand on Santa Clara Street in Ventura with Plaza School in the background on the right of the image. Photo is from the…

Ojai Valley School
Exterior of Ojai Valley School framed by very large trees, as image taken from a short distance from under a tree. The school is a two or three story light colored building.

Students Building the Castle
Several children build a castle or several castles outdoors at the Ojai Valley School. They are building on a round, stone platform. Two children are using a wheelbarrow. The school visible in the background.

High School, Nordhoff color postcard
"High School, Nordhoff, Ventura Co., Calif." printed across top of postcard showing side and front of Nordhoff Union High School. It is a bungalow style building with a stone porch and brick walls. There is a bell tower visible as well as landscaping…

Union High School, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of the entire exterior of Nordhoff Union High School, showing the front entrance to the right of the image and side of the school on the left. There are large trees around the sides of the school, partially obscuring the view of the school. What…

Mill School Exterior, 1969
Exterior view of Mill School front entrance, shrubbery around the building.


Arnaz School Group Photo
Exterior view of Arnaz School, Ventura, a one room schoolhouse. A group of children poses in front of the school. There are mainly boys under a line of windows and mainly girls sitting on the front door step. The grounds around the school are…

Old Sespe School and Pupils
The pupils of the Sespe school gather outside of the school. Some of the children sit and some stand along with one female teacher. The school is in full view.

Katherine Hoffman Haley at St. Catherine's School
Five children are seated at two tables in a classroom at St. Catherine's School. At the far table, there is a young girl looking directly at the viewer and a young boy reading a book. At the nearer table, Katherine Hoffman Haley is seated on the left…

St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-14
Group portrait of St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-34. (Left to Right, Standing): Katherine Hoffman, Rita Mae McGraf, Mary Ida Daly, Betty Lou Bonstell [possibly Bonestel], Eleanor Lagomarsino and Janice Daly. (Left to Right, Seated):…
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