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Montie Montana with Horse and Woman at Fairgrounds
Outdoor scene showing Montie Montana (right) and his horse with unidentified young woman at the Ventura Fairgrounds, likely the Babe Ruth Baseball Field. Horse is seated on hind legs. Montie wears a floral shirt and cowboy hat. Fence in background is…

Joe E. Brown Cutting Cake at Ventura County Fair
Actor Joe E. Brown (left) and three others cutting a large, decorated cake baked by Bill Baker, at the Ventura County Fair. Bill Baker is second from the left. Crowd visible in background.

Amateur Theatrical Group Photo
A group portrait of an Amateur Theatrical group, some of them in costume and posed as characters.

Library records indicate:
Hattie Boquist, Alice Day, Geo. S. Gilbert, Celia Perkins, Unknown, Prof. Meredith, Ed Sheridan, Belle Curry, Anna…

Josephine Dunn and Friends
Josephine Dunn poses with two other women at the opening of the Ventura Theatre, August 1928. They stand in front of the theatre on the sidewalk with a large crowd of people behind them. Dunn was one of the stars of the film Excess Baggage, which…


Actors Filming "The Sheik"
Actors in the film "The Sheik" carry another actor in a palanquin or litter. There is also another actor on a chariot next to them pulled by two horses. Filmed at Hollywood by the Sea, The Sheik is a 1921 silent romantic drama starring Rudolph…

Production of Robin Hood
Group photo of several children performing a production of Robin Hood outdoors under a large tree at the Ojai Valley School.

Howdy Folks-Welcome to Corriganville postcard
Features a western scene from Corriganville. Two men and a woman dressed in period western costumes (probably actors) stand in the middle of a dirt street featuring historic looking western buildings on what may be a movie set. A black and white…

J. C. Brewster in Civil War Drama

Scene from a movie being filmed at Gaston Melies movie studio in Santa Paula, Calif.

Scene from a movie being filmed at Gaston Melies movie studio in Santa Paula, Calif.

Filming Ramona at Mountain View Hotel
Group photo of three actors during the filming of Ramona. They stand in costume on the lawn in front of the Mountain View Hotel. Left to right: Henry B. Walthal, Mary Pickford, and Kate Bruce.

Clark Gable Holding Lion Cubs
Portrait of Clark Gable holding two lion cubs. He is wearing a turtleneck shirt, sweater and slacks. A building can be seen in the background. He is smiling and looking at the camera.
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