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Steam Powered Ship in Ventura
Image shows the steamboat from the side angle. There smoke stack in the middle of the boat emitting black smoke. The boat also has two masts, for supplemental sails, one to the front and one to the rear of the boat. Passengers on the vessel are…

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Unloading Lumber on Ventura Wharf, 1874
View of lumber being unloaded from a ship at Ventura Pier. Three horse-drawn carts wait on the wharf. A large pallet of wood is being moved from the ship to the carts. It appears blurry as though in motion. The masts of the ship are visible behind…

Coos Bay Shipwreck Washed Ashore
View of the Coos Bay washed ashore. A team of workers assess the situation.

Library records indicate: The Coos Bay sank off of the pier in 1915, and was thrown up onto the beach following a night of high waves 1947-11-25. Landed on top of an…

Captain John Quinn and Guests on U.S.S. Norton Sound AV-11
Official photograph U. S. Navy.

Group photo of Captain John Quinn with guests during an open house on the U. S. S. Norton Sound AV-11.

Left to right: Captain W. B. Jackson, Captain E. W. Parish, Jr., Adolpho Camarillo, Milton Ramelli, Captain…

A real photo postcard depicting the Ventura Pier after the ship Coos Bay collided with it. A man is visible in the foreground surveying the damaged pier. The pier appears to be cut in half. Three men are visible on the other side of the cut looking…

The Pier, Ventura postcard
A scene of the Ventura Pier with a boat moored to it. There is a larger ship offshore near the end of the pier. The Channel Islands are in the distance with the beach and rolling surf in the foreground. Two images are depicted: A sepia version of…

Ventura Beach Scene postcard
A beach scene in Ventura with numerous fully dressed people sitting on the sand. Other people in silhouette are standing in the water. Children are playing in the shallow water at the edge of the surf. On the left side of the image is a horse and…

Ventura, Cal. Ventura Wharf 1906 black and white postcard
View of the Ventura Wharf from the shoreline, with one ship leaving and at least one ship docked.
[MacGregor, J.J., Ventura, Cal. Photo by J.C. Brewster. (Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)]

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Ray Prueter, Robert Jennings, and Tom Laubacher at Groundbreaking for Hueneme Harbor Expansion
Group photo of three men each holding on to one of three handles of a shovel that is ready to go into the ground. The men wear suits and ties and are at the Hueneme Harbor. Next to them is a drawing reading "artist's conception future expansion Port…

Ventura View from Hills near San Buenaventura Mission
Bird's eye view of Ventura extending out to the ocean from hills behind the San Buenaventura Mission grounds. Ventura Wharf in view with a large shipped docked there at left of image. Bottom left of image shows a lumber yard. A large portion of Main…

Sketch of a Clipper Ship
Sketch of a clipper ship Richard Robinson built in 1854 by W. Stetson & Co. The sketch shows a black and white drawing of a three-masted ship on the waves. A banner reading: R. Robinson is flying from the middle mast of the ship. A smaller ship is in…

Dick Gould and Dorothy Durfee as Children on Beach
Cousins Richard (Dick) and Dorothy play in the sand as children on a beach in Ventura. Dick lays on the ground next to a rope, and Dorothy stands. Both look at the viewer. The shipwrecked Coos Bay is behind them as well as the Ventura Wharf.

Ship Loading Oil
Closeup view of a ship loading oil. A Union 76 storage tank is in left foreground of the image.

Library records indicate this is part of "The Petroleum Industry - transportation & refining. Marguerite Brown Study Prints."


Ships Loading Oil
Bird's eye view of ships loading oil in a harbor. Ships, buildings, and oil storage tanks visible, as well as water surrounding harbor and tracks running through the harbor.

Library records indicate this is part of "The Petroleum Industry -…

Image taken from afar, ocean in foreground, of the USS South Dakota, in Ventura for a celebration in 1914. Bottom right of photo reads "Compliments of Dingman Studio Ventura."
'Photographer - Dingnan Studio.

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This reel's footage includes a succession of short scenes that mostly show people of various ages on vacation:

A large group gather for miniature golf and an elaborate picnic deep in a wooded area, beside a wood cabin. Families drive to and from…

Bird's Eye View of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill, 1911 postcard
Caption: "Bird's eye view of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill."
View of Ventura from the hill, focusing on a road stretching from the foreground through the city to the shore. Trees and buildings are nestled along the street in the foreground. The ocean…

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Untitled, (View of Wharf) Post Card
Landscape image of a seaside wharf. The wooden pier is in the background to the left, with a schooner ship docked at its head. The shoreline, dotted with dark pebbles is in the foreground, a foamy wave about to break.
[No publisher Stated (Logo:…

The Ocean-Ventura, Calif. Post Card
View of the Pacific Ocean from the beach. There are pebbles and gentle waves breaking on the sand. The silhouette of a ship with a smokestack is in the distance.
[No publisher stated, 33]

Proposed Harbor at Hueneme, Calif. undated. post card
Bird's eye view of proposed harbor build out at Hueneme. A freight ship is shown pulling into the proposed harbor, with industrial buildings and the coastline in the background.

Atlantic Fleet Passing Hueneme postcard
View of beach in the foreground with two girls playing in the water. Fleet of ships are in the ocean in the background. Wharf shown on the right. Caption reads: "The Atlantic Fleet Passing Hueneme, Cal."
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in…

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Ventura, West Section, 1878
Bird's eye view of Ventura's west section facing westward toward the ocean.

Navy Ships

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FullTransportationPanelLarissa StraussTimelineMVC.jpg
Image of mosaic commissioned by Museum Docent Council. Artistic representation of the development of transportation in Ventura County.

Sailing ship at wharf.
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