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Mabel Hing as a Young Woman
Bust portrait of Mabel Hing as a young woman. She is turned slightly toward the viewer's left and wears a bobbed hairstyle. Written on photograph: Much love, Mabel.

DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three portraits of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a child in various poses.

Photo A: Shows DeLee wearing dark coat over light blouse and bloomers. She is holding a leaf or flower and studies it.

Photo B: Bust portrait, shows DeLee looking…

DeLee Staunton Marshall and Family A
Four outdoor photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall and her family.

Photo A: DeLee as a child standing with three of her relatives. Annie Hanrahan (aunt) and Marguerite "Peggy" Staunton (mother) stand in back. DeLee and Mary Longmaid Hanrahan…

Frank Sam
Portrait of Frank Sam as a young man. He wears a pinstripe suit with patterned tie and pocket square. His hair his parted and slicked back. He smiles slightly at the viewer.

Rose Soo Hoo
Portrait of Rose Soo Hoo wearing patterned dress or blouse with wide color and bow. She wears dark lipstick and her hair is curled and pulled back. She smiles towards the viewer.

Irene Soo Hoo
Outdoor portrait of Irene Soo Hoo as a young woman. She wears a white dress and shoes, and poses by a metal fence next to a sidewalk. She has one hand on the fence and smiles at the viewer. Her hair is curled and pulled back. Note written on photo:…

Dorothy Soo Hoo
Portrait of Dorothy Soo Hoo as a young woman. She wears dark lipstick and sweater. Her hair is curled and pulled back. She smiles over her shoulder towards the viewer.

Sem Sisters
Studio portrait of Annie, Daisy, and Sue Sem. Daisy sits in a chair, with Annie and Sue standing beside her. The girls wear loose, flapper-style dresses and bobbed hair. Daisy's hair has finger waves.

Sue Sem and Kim Ung
Studio portrait of Sue Sem and Kim Ung. Sue wears a calf-length wrap dress with Chinese watercolor pattern. She holds a clutch purse. Her hair is bobbed. Kim wears a light-colored, double breasted suit. Both look towards the viewer.

Ventura Junior High Class Photo, 1931
Ventura Junior High School class photo, showing girl students. Ruth Ventura Zapf is in front row, third from left. Adah Callahan is in front row, second from right.

A building at the Ventura County Fairgrounds was named for Callahan.

Georgiana Mongari Brown
Portrait of Georgiana Mongari Brown standing next to a garden fence. Shrubbery shown on right side of image. Georgiana is wearing a large, decorated hat, Edwardian style coat, dark-colored shirtwaist, and skirt. Skirt and coat appear to have…

Epifanio Manzo and Woman
Bust portrait of Epifanio Manzo and an unidentified woman. Epifanio is wearing a dark-colored suit and tie. His hair is styled and he wears a drooping mustache. The woman is wearing a large hat, a white Edwardian-style shirtwaist, and dark-colored…

Female Freshman Student Kneeling on Lawn, with Other Students Braiding Her Hair, Freshman Day, Ventura
View of kneeling girl having her hair curled or braided by peers on a grass field. Other students and a brick structure visible in background.

Susana Hill More
A portrait bust of Susana Hill More, wife of Thomas Wallace More.

Portrait of John R. Stone
Bust portrait of John R. Stone, the first elected sheriff of Ventura, serving 1873-1877. Portrait shows Stone angled slightly to his right. He wears a dark suit, styled and curled hair, and a prominent mustache and goatee.

Frank Sheridan
This is a cabinet card photo of Frank Sheridan at age 12. He is standing, resting his right arm on the back of a chair. There is a hat in his left hand. He is wearing a suit and tie.

Handwritten caption at bottom of photo: "Frank Sheridan, Aged…

Myrtle Shepherd
Portrait of Myrtle Shepherd wearing a light colored dress with a small arrangement of flowers attached at the bodice. She is looking to her right. "Brewster" and "Ventura and Santa Paula, Cal." are printed on the lower border of the cardstock to…

Myrtle Shepherd and Son
Portrait of Mrs. Myrtle Shepherd holding her baby son in her arms. The baby is facing the viewer, and Myrtle's side is towards the viewer.

Casper Borchard Family Portrait
This photograph depicts Mr. and Mrs. Casper Borchard, a baby and five other children of varying ages. Mr. Borchard and sons are shown in suits, Mrs. Borchard and daughters wear dark dresses. The daughters wear lace collars and necklaces. The baby is…

J. F. Roth and Juanita
Portrait of J. F. Roth seated, with his wife Juanita standing behind him on the right of the photo. Roth wears a dark pinstriped suit, a thick mustache, and curly hair parted on his left. Juanita wears a dark dress with a lace collar, several tiers…
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