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Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley
Street view of several buildings on Los Angeles Avenue in Simi. Street is unpaved and several buggies are parked beside buildings.

Signage on leftmost building reads: "W.S. KEIR. DEALER IN GEN'L MERCHANDISE. SIMI STORE."

Lover's Lane Near Santa Paula
Street view of "Lover's Lane" near Santa Paula. Road is unpaved and lined with large trees. An unidentified person is shown walking in the distance.

Ventura Avenue Road Scene
A view of Ventura Avenue. Road is unpaved with a horse-drawn wagon visible in the background on the right hand side of the image. A wood fence runs along the side of the road. Trees and other foliage are growing along the road and in the background.

Shaw's Soda Works
A man dressed in a suit, tie and hat is sitting in the driver's seat of the Shaw's Soda Works delivery wagon. Two horses pull the wagon. "Acme Soda Works" is painted on the side of the driver's seat and "Mineral Waters" is painted on the side of the…

Main Street, Nordhoff, California postcard
Street view of Main St., Nordhoff, California. To the left of the viewer there is a wooden utility post and a wooden building. To the right of the viewer there are shops along the dirt road. Signs for a bakery and a grocery store are visible.…

Ojai Avenue Nordhoff postcard
Street view of Ojai Avenue. There is a big building to the left of the viewer with tall columns at the front of the building. To the right of the viewer there is a grocery store. There are several carriages parked along the dirt road. Two trees stand…

Untitled, (Parade Floats) postcard
A parade scene. A woman riding in a cart is holding the reins of four small horses. An automobile decorated in flowers is partially visible behind the horses. The parade appears to be passing a park. Several people, standing and seated, watch the…

Untitled, (Picture of Parade Float, Native Sons and Daughters of Golden West) postcard
This postcard depicts a decorated parade float. A man is standing on the float holding the reins of two horses that are pulling the float on a dirt street. A bear is part of the float decorations. Buildings are visible in the background.

[AZO in…

Street Scene, Ventura, Cal. postcard
A view looking west on Main Street from the intersection with California Street. City Hall is on the northwest corner and a bank building is on the southwest corner. Pedestrians and horse buggies are visible in the street. The streets are unpaved.…

A View of Ventura, Cal., Looking East From California and Main Streets postcard
This birds-eye view looking northeast from California and Main Streets shows numerous wood frame houses and commercial structures, including the Ventura Free Press building. The Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, located on Poli Street, is visible in…

Ventura County Court House postcard
Looking north on California Street toward the front facade of the Ventura County Courthouse. The street is dirt but there are paved sidewalks on either side. An automobile is parked on Poli Street in front of the building.

[MacGregor Bros.,…

San Buena Ventura Mission, Ventura postcard
A view looking northwest toward the mission from the opposite side of Main Street. The street is not paved. Four men wearing hats are sitting on the building's steps. Part of the Parish House is visible as well as one of the Norfolk Pine…
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