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Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior view of the buildings at the Oxnard Sugar Factory, showing a railroad track at the bottom right of the image. Smoke is coming out of some of the many smokestacks on the buildings.

Ventura, Cal. Ventura Wharf 1906 black and white postcard
View of the Ventura Wharf from the shoreline, with one ship leaving and at least one ship docked.
[MacGregor, J.J., Ventura, Cal. Photo by J.C. Brewster. (Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)]

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Saticoy Railroad Depot
Exterior view of the Saticoy Railroad Depot with a train coming into or leaving the station. Huge plumes of dark smoke come out of the train. Railroad tracks in foreground of image. Building across the tracks from the station visible on right of…

Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior distant view of the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Image shows a dirt road and what appears to be a railroad track in the foreground. There are also two figures standing in the foreground facing the factory. Factory buildings are in view, as well as…

American Beet Sugar Works
American Beet Sugar Works building side exterior view, with train cars in foreground. Smoke pouring out of the smoke stacks visible.

Dynamite Blast for Railroad Tracks on Rincon
Dynamite blast for Southern Pacific Railroad tracks on Rincon. View from above of smoke and debris spewing from the side of a mountain or hillside.


Oil Steamer Fire at Ventura Wharf
Oil steamer, W. L. Hardison, on fire at Ventura wharf. Black smoke fills the air above it.


Aerial View of Ventura, 1948
Aerial view of Ventura taken about 1948
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