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US Cavalry Performing Maneuvers
4 images showing the US Cavalry (several uniformed men on horseback) performing maneuvers on a dirt road. According to library records they camped at Seaside Park in Ventura, Calif.

G.A.R. Vets Civil War Gathering
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Civil War vets encampment gathering at Plaza Park in Ventura, Calif. The large group stands in front of tents under trees. According to museum records there "appears to be a rubber tree surrounded by Cypress, 200…

Rio Mesa High School Track Meet
Four female runners are pictured crossing the finish line at a track meet at Rio Mesa High School. Three of he women wear uniforms that state "Hueneme" across the front and one woman wears one that states "Spartans." Ventura County Star-Free Press…

Ventura Police Boys' Club Marching Unit
Group photo of the Ventura Police Boys' Club Marching Unit standing at present arms. The unit is preparing to march in the the 1948 Ventura County Fair Parade. A uniformed police officer stands with the unit at right of image. At center left of the…

Cavalry Unit at the Ventura County Fair
Snapshot of a cavalry unit on the track at the Ventura County Fair in 1927. The unit is in uniform and one man at the front is holding a US flag and another man holds another flag (unidentified). Some spectators can be seen at right of the image…

Fillmore Fire Department and Chief of Police Group Photo
Group photo of Fillmore Fire Department fire fighters in and around a firetruck. One little boy sits on the firetruck as well. Chief of Police Earl Hume is on a motorcycle parked next to the firetruck. All face the viewer. According to library…

Ventura County Football Team, 1896
Group photo of the Ventura County Football Team outdoors. They appear to be in uniform except for one team member, who is laying on the ground with a football in front of him. The top of photo has writing in pen that reads: "Ventura County Football…

Santa Paula High School Girls Basketball Team, 1904
The Santa Paula High School Girl's Basketball Team poses for a group photo in uniform laying and/kneeling in a field. There are five girls and one girl holds a basketball that reads "S.P.H.S '04."

Front row (l-r): Virginia Nicely; Hope Hardison.…

Ventura High School Football Team, 1904
Group photo of the Ventura High School Football team sitting and standing in four rows. This is a studio portrait and the team is in uniform.

Golden State Softball Team
Golden State softball team group portrait. Players are in uniform, except Charlie Sample, in two rows, outdoors in front of a sign reading "Golden State Dairy Products Dependability." Two of the players hold glass jars, possibly filled with milk.…

Carl A. Brown
Portrait of Carl A. Brown in his World War II military uniform standing on the cowling of a C-18 aircraft. Brown is leaning to one side with his arm resting on his leg. The front of the airplane including two propellers and the cockpit can be seen.…

Benedict Arnold Historical Figure
Benedict Arnold distinguished himself as a military leader in the Revolutionary War, but became bitter when others were promoted ahead of him despite his exemplary record. As commander of West Point in 1780, he planned to betray the fort to the…

Group Photo in Front of Fillmore High School
Group photo of two young women and two young men in front of Fillmore High School. The group stands in a line with hands on the waist of the person in front, but turned toward the camera. Only two of the people are identified, Woody Ybarra, left, and…

Woody Ybarra in Front of Fillmore High School
Full portrait of Woody Ybarra, son of Soledad Sanchez Ybarra, standing on the lawn in front of Fillmore High School. Woody is in Army uniform and standing with arms behind his back, smiling at the viewer. High school building visible in the…

Mary Sanchez, Woody Ybarra, and Nellie Carrillo Group Photo
Outdoor group portrait of Maria (Mary) Sanchez, left, with her nephew Woody Ybarra, middle, and a neighbor, Nellie Carrillo, right. Woody is in an Army uniform, while Mary and Nellie wear skirt suits.

Arnulfo Sanchez in Uniform
Full portrait of Arnulfo Sanchez in his Army uniform, standing in front of a car in a driveway. A house is in the background. Arnulfo looks at the viewer.

Arnulfo Sanchez in Uniform Sitting on a Car
Arnulfo Sanchez, in his Army uniform, sits on the front bumper of a parked car in front of a house. He is looking at the viewer.

Dolores Sanchez in Baseball Uniform
Full portrait of Dolores Sanchez in a baseball uniform. He is standing outdoors near a tree with some buildings in the background. He is wearing a cap and looking at the viewer. It is unclear, but his uniforms seems to read: "Esperanza Club."

Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team
Group photo of the Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team--13 young men dressed in their uniforms pose for an outdoor photo in two rows, back row standing, front row crouching with a baseball bat "sculpture" in front of them. Spectators in the background.

Banda Mexicana in Parade
Banda Mexicana in a parade performance for the annual Fillmore May Festival in 1928. It was also Cinco de Mayo. The band is marching past Roy's Garage.

Ventura Brass Band
Group photo, Ventura Brass Band in uniform with instruments in hand. They are ten men standing next to one another on a sidewalk. The two men at either end have drums, while the others have brass instruments. The man on far right has a large drum…

Bartlett's Band
Group portrait of Bartlett's Band, all men, in uniform and with their instruments in hand.

Chinese Domestic Worker in Army Uniform
Full portrait of an unidentified Chinese man in an army uniform and hat. He is standing with his hands behind his back looking at the viewer with a slight smile. Portrait taken in Tacoma, Washington, but according to library records, the man "was a…

White House Baseball Club
Group photo of the White House Baseball Club, a team of young male baseball players in uniform in three rows. In the top row there is a man between two of the players, and is presumably a coach. The coach holds two flags that read "White House." A…

Phillip Rodriguez in Japan
Philip Rodriguez, a young man in army uniform, boots, and hat, leans against a railing attached to two wooden posts in a wooded area. Location is Japan.


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