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Linda Merrill Surfing the Rincon
View of Linda Merrill riding a surfboard at Rincon Point. She is crouched on her board and is holding her arms out for balance. A wave is curling over the back of her board, to the viewer's right.

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Woman and Children at the Beach
Unidentified woman and two children wading into water at Ventura Beach. Woman wearing hat and light-colored dress, holding skirt and hand of one child. She looks over her right shoulder towards the viewer. Child on right wearing hat and turned…

Ventura Beach Scene postcard
A beach scene in Ventura with numerous fully dressed people sitting on the sand. Other people in silhouette are standing in the water. Children are playing in the shallow water at the edge of the surf. On the left side of the image is a horse and…

View of Hollywood by the Sea Beach
Bird's eye view of a busy beach scene at Hollywood by the Sea. Library notes indicate this was taken before 1935. Scene shows a road in the sand lined with utility poles running through the center of photo, water at left of image. Several houses and…

Aerial View of Ventura Marina, 1966
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor/Marina looking eastward. Marina at lower part of the image and farmland and mountains at top. Several sailboats sailing.

Aerial View of West End of Ventura
Aerial view of the West end of Ventura, looking towards the center of town. On the right of the image is the Pacific Ocean; center of image shows city of Ventura, Ventura River and Ventura River Bridge; mountains and hills on left of image.

Bird's Eye View of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill, 1911 postcard
Caption: "Bird's eye view of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill."
View of Ventura from the hill, focusing on a road stretching from the foreground through the city to the shore. Trees and buildings are nestled along the street in the foreground. The ocean…

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Chautauqua Grounds Postcard
A scene of the coast in Ventura, California (as listed). A green field has a path cut through it, leading to a large brown house (?) is slightly to the right of center, surrounded by small white tents. Smaller brown buildings are at either edge of…

Portrait of two women on the beach with pier in background.

Portrait of a man on the beach.

Poor image of Anacapa Island.

Steamship Santa Rosa at Santa Barbara Wharf with horses and buggies on wharf.

Man with machine.

Vista of Ventura, California.

Vista of Ventura, California

Ventura Wharf from the beach with people playing in the surf.

Steam ship at pier.

Navy Ships

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Three adults on rocky shore of Channel Islands.

Sailing boat off Channel Islands with houses on shore.

Couple on Channel Island rocky shore with ocean waves.

Camping on Channel Islands with ocean view.

Dwellings on Channel Islands with ocean view.

View of two people in a rowboat from a cave.

View of Island cliffs from the sea.
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