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Sespe Railroad Bridge, 1969 Flood
View of flood damage at the Sespe railroad bridge. Bridge is a metal, trestle bridge. Debris, mud, and pools of water visible around the bridge. Creek visible under bridge.

House Overlooking Flooded Sespe Creek
View of a two-storied, wooden home next to the flooded Sespe Creek. Large stones appear in the bottom right of the foreground. Water seems to be moving quickly with visible rapids.
Caption: "House almost washed away Sespe"

Ventura Beach After a Storm, 1907
View of an unidentified man standing on the Ventura Beach after a storm, with the pier in background. Taken at the foot of California Street. The man is facing the ocean. Rocks and pools of water cover the beach.

Ventura Pier Fire, 1936
Bird's-eye view of the Ventura Pier and outlying buildings in flames. Thick smoke obscures most of the structures. Firefighters on the beach spray water upwards at the fire. Crowd of onlookers in foreground. Photograph originally published in the…

Forest Service Workers Creating Fuelbreak
View of three Forest Service workers using shovels to clear an unpaved road in Gridley Canyon during the 1948 Wheeler Springs fire. Debris and flames can be seen to the left of the road.

Portrait of a Weary Firefighter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
Portrait of a firefighter sitting on the ground, massaging his right foot. His boot is on the ground next to him. He is holding his sock in his right hand. His face appears to be smudged with dirt or ash.

Note: Museum records indicate that the…

Injured Man in Helicopter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
View of an injured man through glass body of helicopter. The helicopter pilot is leaning forward and his face is obscured by the controls. Injured man and pilot appear to be speaking to two men outside of the helicopter.

Note: Museum records…

Fire on Ventura Avenue and McFarland Drive
View of a building fire on the corner of Ventura Avenue and McFarland Drive. Building consumed by flames, which have also spread to a nearby bench and palm tree. General Machine Co. visible in background on left.

Aftermath of Saint Francis Dam Disaster
View of debris following the Saint Francis Dam disaster. Groups of people visible walking through the rubble.

Firefighters Putting Out Oil Fire
Five fire fighters wearing bunker gear spraying water from two hoses to create a heat shield against an oil fire.

Note: "pk 74"

Aftermath of 1938 Sespe Creek Flood
View of pile of wooden branches and debris following the 1938 Sespe Creek Flood. On left side of view, a man and woman stand on the debris. The man appears to be covering his face with his hand. Citrus trees are visible in the background.

Aftermath of 1938 Sespe Creek Flood
Collapsed bridge following the Sespe Creek flood in 1938. People stand on each side of the bridge, looking down at the creekbed. Other group of people look at the damage from the ground by the creek.

Aftermath of Ojai Fire, 1917
Group of men, possibly firefighters, examining rubble and debris following the Ojai Fire in 1917. Two men are holding a fire hose. Clouds of smoke obscure the background.

Cars Driving By Saint Francis Dam Debris, Santa Paula
View of a row of early automobiles driving past debris left by the Saint Francis Dam failure.

Saint Francis Dam Damage, Santa Paula
View of group of people standing together looking over damaged trees and destroyed structure. Standing structure visible in background.

Crowd Looking Over Saint Francis Dam Debris, Santa Paula
View of a crowd looking over damage from the Saint Francis Dam Failure. Some of the crowd looking at pile of debris in center of view. In background, other individuals are visible walking through the debris.

Image 1 of 2 Santa Paula Flood Images
Two flood scenes showing the destruction after the St. Francis Dam disaster of March 1928.

First image possibly taken near Isbell School showing buildings and trees that are still standing, but debris and some fallen trees or bushes and water in…

St. Francis Dam lake bottom
View of lake bottom, post St. Francis Dam Disaster.


Flood Area East of Camulos
Birds eye view of flood area east of Camulos, 18 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Flooded Area at Santa Paula
Birds eye view of flooded area at Santa Paula, 16 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Flooded Area at Castaic Junction, 1928
Birds eye view of flooded area at Castaic Junction in Los Angeles County, 18 March 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Flooded Area West of Santa Paula, 1928
Birds eye view of flooded area west of Santa Paula, 17 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.
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