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Young Man in Coat
Outdoor image of a young man dressed in a dark coat, hat, and bow tie. He is looking towards the viewer's right. Sidewalk, low, wooden fence, and garden with trellis in background. On Ecru cardboard backing.

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Sue and Annie Sem on Prop Train
Portrait of Sue and Annie Sem standing on the platform of a painted train backdrop. Sign on railing reads, "Tiajuana Mexico". Sue wears a fur lined coat and cloche hat. Annie wears a coat and poses with hand on her hip. Both have bobbed hair and…

Six Women Group Photo
Six unidentified women standing for a group photo, possibly women of the Daily family. All of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. The sun seemingly beaming down on the women as all the women are squinting. Four of the six women are smiling.

Four Women in Front of House
Picture of four unidentified women posing in front of a home. The women are standing in a row on the walkway that leads to the front door of the home. Each of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. To the left of the women the front door of the…

Thomas Jefferson Historical Figure
Thomas Jefferson rose to prominence in Virginia politics, supported the revolutionary movement, served in both Continental Congresses, and was a major drafter of the Declaration of Independence. Became Governor of Virginia in 1779 and later succeeded…

Louisa Ruiz Walker and Walter Walker
Full portrait of Louisa Ruiz Walker and her husband Walter Walker sitting on the steps of the first house that they lived in together. Louisa is wearing a coat with a fur collar and Walter is wearing a suit and holding a fedora in his hands between…

Ruth M. Ruiz
Portrait bust of Ruth M. Ruiz sitting in front of a photography studio backdrop. She is wearing a dark colored overcoat buttoned up over a light blouse with a floral collar. Ruth is sitting upright facing straight ahead while her head and eyesight is…

Inadomi Family Vacation
This image shows Anna, Manuel, and Jean Inadomi posing with Anna's brother and sister, Susumo and Mirian Nishikawa. They are at Boulder Dam in Nevada.
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