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Four Staunton Family Group Photos A
Four images showing various group photos taken outdoors.

Photo A: Three children sitting on a boulder, trees in background. Each child holding a stick. DeLee Staunton Marshall on right.

Photo B: Three women and three children. Top row L-R:…

Child Riding Scooter
Outdoor scene showing a young child riding a scooter on a walkway. Wooden house in background. Child wears overalls and has short, blond hair.

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Child Playing with Toys
Outdoor portrait of a child playing with several toys in what appears to be a sandbox. The Child wears a white dress and has short hair. They are playing with two toy horses and carriage, and plush dog. Three other unidentified toys on ground nearby.…

Barbara and James Jue, Jr.
Portrait of Barbara and James Jue, Jr. as children. Barbara's face is turned towards the right, but she looks towards the viewer. Her hair is bobbed. James Jr. wears shirt and pants with suspenders. His hair is slicked back. His mouth is slightly…

Barbara Jue
Childhood portrait of Barbara Jue. She wears a white dress. Her hair is combed to the side, with one curl on the side of her face. She looks towards the viewer's right.

Jue Siblings as Children
Childhood portraits of James Jr., Kenny, and Barbara Jue. Portraits trimmed from larger photos and arranged together. Names written above each portrait.

Luana and Daisy Jue
Portrait of Daisy Jue holding baby daughter Luana. Luana is wearing a sweater and is wrapped in a blanket. She stares towards the viewer. Daisy wears a thick coat and has her hair curled and pulled back. She smiles slightly towards the viewer.

Women and Children
Outdoor scene showing two women, a child, and two toddlers. R-L: Loretta Ung, Sue Sem, James Jue, Jr., Daisy Jue, and Barbara Jue. Sue is holding Loretta in her arms and Daisy holds Barbara. James stands between the two women and appears to be…

Loretta Ung on Scooter
Outdoor scene of Loretta Ung as a young toddler riding a scooter. She smiles widely towards the viewer's right. Plants and boxes visible in background.

Women and Toddlers
Outdoor scene showing two women and two toddlers. Women L-R, Sue Sem and Daisy Jue. Children L-R, Loretta Ung and Barbara Jue. Loretta is riding a small scooter. Daisy holds Barbara's hands, and Sue leans down to Loretta. Both women smile towards the…

Women and Young Children
Outdoor scene showing two women watching over young child and toddlers. Women identified as Sue Sem and Daisy Jue. Children identified as Loretta Ung, and Barbara and James Jue, Jr. James holds a long stick and wears overalls. One toddler is ridding…

Barbara Jue as a Child
Shows Barbara Jue as a young child or toddler. She has short hair and is looking towards the right of the view. Portion of an older child visible on left, holding Barbara's hand. A wooden door is behind them

Ruth Ventura Zapf and Donald Zapf
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf and her younger brother Donald standing on a sidewalk. Ruth is holding Donald up by his arms. Donald appears to be toddler-aged. A baby stroller is visible to the left of the image. Palm trees in background.

Small Boy in Wicker Carriage
A young boy, sits in a wicker carriage holding on to the reins of a toy horse, and if driving a horse and carriage. The boy has on a hat and is pouting while looking at the viewer. Library records state "Cox", but it is unclear what is meant by it.

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Pansy Augusta Brewster, Child Portrait
Full portrait of Pansy Augusta Brewster as a toddler, standing on an upholstered chair leaning with one arm resting on the back of the chair. She faces the camera wearing a solemn expression. She wears a light colored dress, stockings, and Mary Jane…

Ralph and Julien Cerf
Portrait of Ralph and Julien Cerf, two young children seated together on top of a wooden carved bench. They are both wearing long gowns with lace collars and buckled boots. One of the boys holds a basket of flowers in one hand.

Maria Louisa Ruiz and Gordon Nidever Ruiz - Infants
Oval portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa Ruiz sitting in chairs leaning against a drape. They are both wearing light colored children's clothes and Maria has light ribbons in her pigtails. Maria and Gordon are the children of Maria…

Gabriel Ruiz 1905
Seated portrait of a young Gabriel Ruiz with his hands in his lap on a wooden chair. He is wearing a light children's suit with frilly shoulder pads, black knee-high socks and a frowning face.

Elizabeth Hardison, Child Portraits
Four portraits of Elizabeth Hardison as a toddler, mounted. They show her posed seated and standing wearing a long white dress, necklace, and a bow in her curled hair.

Reginaldo Ruiz With Toddler and Dog
Reginaldo Ruiz and "Chickadee" Agnes Cruickshank, a toddler, outside a home possibly on South Ventura Street in Ojai. They are outdoors and Reginaldo is crouching next to Agnes and there is a dog at their feet. There are some buildings behind them, a…

Japanese Women and Children
This image shows Japanese women posing with their toddlers at the Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona.
Left to Right: Lillie Fujita and Rodney; Ruth Togama and Alan: Mary Otani and Tomi; Mrs. Yeto and her granddaughter; Hatsuye (Yoshida) Akada…

Paz Romero and Regina Romero With Son, Germán
Full portrait of Paz Romero and Regina Zermeño Romero with their son, Germán Encarnación de Díaz in Jalisco, Mexico before immigration to the U.S.
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