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William Rinebanger Home and Family
William Rinebanger and family in front yard of their home. One man (Wm. Rinebanger probably) and two women stand and two little girls sit in the grass in the front yard of the single level home. He is in a suit and the women and girls are wearing…

Ventura Train Depot, Bird's Eye View
Bird's eye view of groups of people standing around the exterior of the San Buenaventura Railroad Depot. There are men, women, and children in the scene. Some people hold on to bikes and there is one dog in the scene. Railroad tracks are visible at…

Ventura Free Press Office
Outdoor scene showing the Ventura Free Press office on right with sign. Home with fence on the left. Trees line wooden sidewalk. Street appears to be unpaved. Man wearing top hat is walking a spotted dog by the offices. Man is identified as Dr.…

Valentine's Day Card - "My Valentine" Little Girl and Dog
Valentine's Day card with a little girl and a dog in front. The little girl's hat reads "My Valentine" on it. The little girls holds a red heart in her hands and she appears to be sitting on the dog. Both the girl and the dog have surprised looks on…

Two Girls and a Dog
Portrait of two little girls wearing identical clothes standing on either side of a chair with a dog resting on it. Both girls are smiling into the camera and the girl on the left, identified as Myrtle Warring Crumrine, rests one hand on the dog's…

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Three Men in Front of Small House
Three men stand outdoors in front of a small wooden house or cabin at the Nick Walnut homestead. They are surrounded by wilderness. The man in center identified as Nick Walnut (Nicola Noce). Nick is holding two horses (one may be a mule) on either…

Street Scene, Ventura, Cal. postcard
A view looking west on Main Street from the intersection with California Street. City Hall is on the northwest corner and a bank building is on the southwest corner. Pedestrians and horse buggies are visible in the street. The streets are unpaved.…

Somis School
A group of children and a dog stand in front of Somis School, established 1895, which stands prominently in the background. An adult, possibly the teacher, stands at the steps to the school. A sign on the school reads "Somis School 1895." Writing on…

Shaw's Soda Works
A man dressed in a suit, tie and hat is sitting in the driver's seat of the Shaw's Soda Works delivery wagon. Two horses pull the wagon. "Acme Soda Works" is painted on the side of the driver's seat and "Mineral Waters" is painted on the side of the…

San Buenaventura Mission

Ruth Standing Among Plum Trees
Image depicts Ruth standing among plum trees in Rancho Ladera with her dog, Perky. The surrounding environment is heavily vegetated. The plum trees planted in a row with a walking path beside the orchard. In the background there is taller grove of…

Ruth and Perky in Joshua Tree National Park
Image of a woman identified as Ruth and her dog Perky in Joshua Tree National Park. In the foreground you can see Ruth standing on the flat desert ground surrounded by boulders. Perky is standing to the left of the image next to a dry shrub. Behind…

Ruth and Perky in Joshua Tree National Park
Shows a woman identified as Ruth and her dog, Perky. The dog stands on top of a small boulder next to Ruth. Behind the both of them is a large boulder. The ground appears arid with low lying dry bushes being. More boulders in the background to the…

Ruth and Perky in a Desert Landscape
Image of Ruth and her dog, Perky standing on a dirt path. Directly behind them is a thicket of desert shrubs, in the background palm trees can be seen in clear view. Ruth stares off into the left side of the image while perky stands by her side on a…

Ruth and Perky in a Desert Landscape
Image of Ruth and Perky standing at the top of a small slope in a desert landscape. Behind them are three palm trees. The slope they're standing on is a part of a dirt path. On both sides of the dirt path are densely packed shrubs forming a thicket.

Ruth and Perky in a Desert Landscape
View of Ruth holding her dog Perky as the both of them stand facing a large cactus. Desert shrubs and bushes can be seen throughout the image, with denser vegetation in the background of the image. In the far background is a mountain on the right…

Ruth & Perky Kneel in Front of Wooden Building
View from the roadside. Ruth and her dog Perky kneel in front of a Hotel on Whidbey Island in Washington. To the left of the building there is a much smaller wooden structure with two canoes inside of it and one on top of it. In front of the building…

Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor
Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor on Vanoni Ranch, Saticoy, at 10814 Telephone Rd. He drives the tractor on a trail through trees, and a small dog sits atop the tractor.

Reginaldo Ruiz With Toddler and Dog
Reginaldo Ruiz and "Chickadee" Agnes Cruickshank, a toddler, outside a home possibly on South Ventura Street in Ojai. They are outdoors and Reginaldo is crouching next to Agnes and there is a dog at their feet. There are some buildings behind them, a…

Raising of Hill Cross
Hill Cross, Grant Park Cross, being raised on November 24, 1913. A crowd of people stand around the cross and the ocean and sky are visible in the background.

Portrait of Richard Bard as a child
Full portrait of Richard Bard as a child and his dog. Young Bard is standing looking to the left of the camera with arm around the dog.

Portrait of a man with three dogs.

Portrait of a man with dogs.

O. F. Warner With His Hounds
O. F. Warner stands in a fenced yard with 10 hounds, all tethered to each other. The dogs sit and stand around Warner.


Mother Dog and Puppies
A spotted mother dog wearing a collar stands outdoors with about 7 spotted puppies around her. One of the puppies is nursing. Library records state: "Charles Kuhlman hounds."

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