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Blanchard Livingstone Cabin
This image, taken in Oregon, shows the porch of the cabin. The right side of the image shows three people sitting on the wood railing of the porch. A car can be seen parked in front of the porch but is partially shrouded by vegetation. In the…

Blanchard Livingston Cabin
This image, taken in Oregon, shows a car parked in a plot of grass, to the right of the image the porch of a cabin is in clear view. There are three people standing on the porch looking towards the camera. Dense vegetation surrounds the car and…

Wheelers Hot Springs, Ventura Co., California postcard
View of Wheeler Springs with pedestrians surrounded by forest. Tall hill visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70993]

Building New Cabins at Point Mugu After 1939 Storm
A view of several wood cabins being constructed at Point Mugu after a storm in 1939. Siding is being nailed to the front side of one building by two men who are standing on scaffolding. Another man is standing nearby.

Library records indicate…

Lathrop's on the Sespe
View of the exterior of a long cabin with some buildings adjacent to it, either attached or unattached. A wire fence is in front of the cabin and there is a sign that reads "Lathrop". Museum records indicate this is Lathrop's. Herbert Lathrop ran a…


U.S. Forest Ranger at Willet Cabin in the Sespe
An unidentified U.S. Forest Ranger stands in front of 3 horses at the Willett Cabin in the Sespe. The ranger looks at the viewer. Cabin with a stone chimney and a shade structure in the background.

Three Men in Front of Small House
Three men stand outdoors in front of a small wooden house or cabin at the Nick Walnut homestead. They are surrounded by wilderness. The man in center identified as Nick Walnut (Nicola Noce). Nick is holding two horses (one may be a mule) on either…

Scene showing men on horseback in the Sespe. In the background are two houses or cabins and some large tents, as well as mountains. Museum records indicate this is Lathrop's. Herbert Lathrop ran a fishing and hunting resort/camp at the property known…

Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, mainly of hunting and trapping, animal carcasses, captive wild animals, and mountain scenes.

Keene outside of a cabin covered in skins; High cliffs; Keene examines the leg of a horse with a…

Signs and car camping.mp4
Black-and-white, with some sepia, footage of different scenes, some disturbing and graphic, that mainly include wilderness, mountains, camping, and fishing.

Man and pack horse walking up steep trail; Woman stalking deer in brush; Giant pine trees;…

Keene at Cooking Fire.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of a wildfire and burned areas, trapping, hunting, fishing, rattlesnakes, skinning animals, camping, and a dead body of a child being pulled from water. There are 3 of the same film, with very…

cabin with pelts.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of people skiing, mountain landscapes and wilderness, camping, and rattlesnakes.

People skiing, crowds, skiers with numbers, possible competition, one person's sweater appears to read Utah Ski…

Pine Mountain Lodge
Landscape view of a man standing in front of a wood cabin surrounded by trees. Museum records indicate that the man resembles William Hubert. There appears to be a second man on horseback on the right side of the image.

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