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Maxwell Grace Brigham Reed - Archive.mp3
Interview with Grace Brigham Maxwell about her childhood and visiting her grandparents' ranch in Simi Valley. Maxwell describes life on the ranch and her family and friends in Simi.

Content Warning: The following oral history may contain outdated…

View of the Strathearn House
Exterior view of the Strathearn house. Shows house surrounded by dense trees and foliage. Wooden fence and lawn visible in foreground.

"Echo Point," W. J. Richardson Ranch
Birds-eye view of the W. J. Richardson Ranch in Moorpark. Barn, farmhouse, windmill and other structures visible. Hillside visible in the background.

Hill Ranch Map for Culbertson Investment Company
White line on blue map of Hill Ranch in Ojai for Culbertson Investment Co. Rice Road runs vertically along left side of map and a private road runs horizontally through the middle. The land shown on the map is divided into two rows of even land…

Proposed Irrigation Line, Hitch Ranch, Moorpark
Grey pencil map of proposed irrigation line prepared for Joseph Levy showing leveled area drainage ditch and pipe lines from Well No. 3 on Hitch Ranch in Moorpark. Map diagrams include illustrations of elevation of ditch drop, plan of ditch drop,…

Map of Part of Section 19, T2N, R20W, Pope Ranch
Grey pencil survey map of Pope Ranch, part of Section 19, T2N, R20W for Mrs. Haley Pope. Rancho Las Posas is seen above area of interest and Rancho Calleguas to the right. Seperating Pope Ranch and Rancho Calleguas is the S.P.R.R. (Southern Pacific…

Map of Part of Section 19, T2N, R20W, Pope Ranch
Map of part of Section 19, T2N, R20W of Pope Ranch. Area of interest in bold lines and is shown to have 44.25 acres. Visible streets are Las Posas Road located at the top of the map and Somis Road along the right side. Neighboring properties are…

Tentative Minor Map for Portion of Lot 5, Rancho Calleguas
Map of portion of Lot 5 on Rancho Calleguas, showing the Adolfo Camarillo Ranch House. Map portion is divided into Parcels A and B. Parcel A is on left side of lot and includes some flora while Parcel A is to the right and contains flora as well as…

Survey of Teague Lemon Ranch, Rancho Ex-Mission
Map of Survey of portion of Lot 2 of Rancho Ex-Mission San Buenaventura, made for Teague Lemon Ranch. Shows a portion of Middle Road and the grant line of Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy.

Survey of Sections 17 and 18 T2N R18W Rancho Simi
Map of part of Sections 17 and 18 T2N, R18W, Rancho Simi, showing survey for Sinaloa Ranch. Shows a portion of Kujawsky Road, Sinaloa Ranch, and McCoy Ranch.

Survey of Lot 37, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy
Map showing survey of a portion of Lot 37, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy. Made at the request of Hardison Ranch Co. and Todd Estate. Shows a portion of Telegraph Road and proposed location of Todd Road.

Survey of Lot 37, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy
Map showing Survey of a portion of Lot 37, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy. Made at the request of Hardison Ranch Co.

Waterway on Thornhill Broome Ranch
Panoramic view of a river or estuary on Thornhill Broom Ranch. A directional sign is shown in the bottom center of image. Shows a water way and embankment.

Sheep Shearing
Birds-eye view overlooking a ranch. There are several pens housing sheep. In one of the pens there are ranch hands shearing sheep. Pens are surrounded by fields and trees where three horses are grazing. Hills and mountains visible in background.

Survey of a Portion of Lot 3, Broome Estate Ranch, Rancho Guadalasca
Survey of a portion of Lot 3 of the Broome Estate Ranch in Rancho Guadalasca. Made for the American Sugar Beet Company and Thornhill Broome. Shows a portion of the California State Highway and the grant line of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la…

Home of Casper Borchard on the Conejo
The Casper Borchard family is depicted standing in a row in front of their two-story wood frame house. There is smaller building to the left of the house. Some trees, a windmill and farm implements are visible.

Santa Susana Pass postcard
A road and surrounding mountainous terrain in the Santa Susana Pass.

Verso: Message addressed to Mr. Percy at the Ventura County Museum, from Eleanor Taylor. Taylor requests a correction regarding the distance between Moorpark College and…

Distant View of Albertson Ranch
Distant view of Albertson Ranch, cows grazing in field and mountains in the background. It was purchased by American Hawaiian Steamship Co. to build Westlake Village in Thousand Oaks. View is looking south toward the Santa Monica Mountains.

Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor
Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor on Vanoni Ranch, Saticoy, at 10814 Telephone Rd. He drives the tractor on a trail through trees, and a small dog sits atop the tractor.

Baling Bean Straw
Agricultural scene at Goodyear Ranch showing several men, horses and equipment. They are baling lima bean straw.

Vaqueros on the Patterson Ranch
Group photo of men on horseback at Patterson Ranch. They form a line in front of a house and a large willow tree. They are (l-r): John Machado, Alex Lopez, George Eastwood, W. P. Daily, Frank Olivas, and Coon Gonzalez.

Water Well Drilling Crew on Hartman Ranch
Water well drilling crew on Hartman Ranch. Equipment and men surround a pipe releasing water in to a canal. J. C. Hartman on left.

Group Photo on Frank Petit Ranch
Oval portrait showing three men working on a field with a threshing machine on the Frank Petit Ranch, possibly lima beans. Horses and agricultural equipment in the scene.

Limoneira Ranch, Bird's Eye View
A bird's eye view of Limoneira Ranch with vast fields and/or orchards and some buildings and houses in the scene. There appear to be taller lines of trees as well, possibly wind rows.

Manuel Faria with First Car
Manuel Faria with his first car, a Chevrolet pickup. Manual is standing next to the car with some rope in his hands. He wears a hat and looks at the viewer. In the background is a building and tall mountains. He is at Faria Ranch, Rincon, circa 1920.

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