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Arnulfo Sanchez in Sespe Canyon
Arnulfo Sanchez stands on a boulder in a creek or river at Sespe Canyon. He is off the left of the image, rocky hills in background, and he wears a suit and tie.

Men and Horses Carrying Deer
A group of three unidentified men with horses carrying deer on their backs. One man rides a horse and two men lead horses. Mounted photograph.

Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of backcountry, wilderness, snowy weather, captive African lions, hunting and trapping of animals.

Child playing in yard with dog and cat; Trees and large rocks; Two people outside of structure…

Group photo of a hunting party on the North fork of Matilija Creek. There are five men on horseback, some are carrying rifles. There are two pack mules with the group.

Potrero Seco Forest Service Station
Image is of Potrero Seco Forest Service Station. Scene shows two horses in a field facing each other (view of horses in profile) with a flag pole between them--a United States flag flying atop the flag pole.

Family Camping

Drawing of a sled in a wilderness area.

Drawing of Lake Bennett wilderness area.

Camping with tents and families

Fishing in a canyon river.

River and hills with campsite.
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