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Bill LaPerch Riding Skip-Loader
View of Bill LaPerch posing seated on skip-loader tractor at Bonfire Farms in Moorpark. LaPerch is wearing a white t-shirt with his glasses hanging from the shirt neck. His hair is slicked back and he leans over the steering wheel, looking toward the…

Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor
Roy Hurt on Caterpillar Diesel Tractor on Vanoni Ranch, Saticoy, at 10814 Telephone Rd. He drives the tractor on a trail through trees, and a small dog sits atop the tractor.

Largest Loaf of Bread Ever Made
Bill Baker's "largest loaf of bread ever made" on trailer with Fordson tractor attached, parked in front of American Bakery in Ventura, CA. The trailer is decorated with US flag banners. The American Bakery is also adorned with US flags and banners.…

Hillside with Crawler Tractors
Image showing a bird's eye view of a steep hillside, with an oil derrick on top of the hill in the distance. Two tractors are on the hillside. Library records indicate: "Slide of Ventura Field Hartman Lease Slide Area, 1940s-1950s."

Pipeline Construction Along Pierpont Boulevard
Pipeline construction along Pierpont Blvd. in the rain. A Caterpillar diesel tractor holds one end of the pipeline up, while four men try to place it. A man sits in the tractor with an umbrella open above his head.

Caterpillar Engine Hauling Beets to Sugar Factory Postcard
On a field is a caterpillar engine tractor with two young men sitting on the back of the engine, one at the steering wheel and one smiling. The vehicle is attached to four white carts with red wheels, filled above the brim with beets.

Cutting and winnowing machine
Farm machine for cutting and winnowing bean in a field
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