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Building with Picket Fence
Image depicts a building with a white picket fence at Rancho Camulos. To the right of the building is a fence. Behind the fence is a line of trees. In the background are mountains and a cloud covering a mountain valley.

Clouds After a Storm
View of clouds after a storm. There is a break in the clouds in the upper center. Hills are visible in the distance.

Aerial View of Oxnard Plains Looking South toward Pt. Mugu
Aerial view of Oxnard plains looking south towards Pt. Mugu. Some homes visible surrounded by farmland. Mountains in the background.

Seascape showing waves lapping the shore of a beach. A shoreline wraps around the water in the distance. Mountains in the far distance. Sky is very cloudy, with some sunlight making it through.

Bird's Eye View of Oxnard Plain from Camarillo Heights
Scenic view of the Oxnard Plain looking south from Camarillo Heights. Mainly agricultural fields in view along with a few scattered houses. Mountain rain spans across the middle of the image, with clouds making up the top half of image.

California School for Girls, Ventura, California postcard
Distant view of six large white buildings nestled on a hillside making up the California School for Girls in Ventura. A car is visible driving away from the school. "California School for Girls, Ventura, California" printed along the bottom of the…

California State School for Girls, Ventura, Cal. postcard
Landscape image of the California State School for Girls from a distance. Several buildings are visible along the base of rolling hillsides. A Model T vehicle drives along a winding road in the foreground, cutting through a field of…

Three Postcards of Ventura Postcard
Postcard titled "Greetings from Ventura, Cal." featuring three images of Ventura: "Street Scene in Ventura," "San Buenaventura Misssion (Founded 1783)," and "Birds-eye view of Ventura." The background shows holly berries and leaves, clouds, and angel…

Ventura Marina & State Beach Park Postcard
Two photos stacked one above the other. The top image is taken from the water, facing towards a marina. A sailboat is on its way in, and a small boat and a ship full of passengers are on their way out.
The second image is a crowded beach. People are…

The Palms, Ventura Postcard
A black-and-white photo of a squat house with a stone wall in front being dwarfed by two palm trees that stretch high into a cloudy sky.
[MacGregor, J.J., Ventura, Cal.]

Thousand Oaks, California postcard
A shot of an oak tree standing by itself in a field on the right. In the background are many more trees, possibly all oaks. A blue metal building is partially visible through the shrubbery in the bottom left of the shot.
[Columbia Publishing, 11401…

Chautauqua Grounds Postcard
A scene of the coast in Ventura, California (as listed). A green field has a path cut through it, leading to a large brown house (?) is slightly to the right of center, surrounded by small white tents. Smaller brown buildings are at either edge of…

Raising of Hill Cross
Hill Cross, Grant Park Cross, being raised on November 24, 1913. A crowd of people stand around the cross and the ocean and sky are visible in the background.
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