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Group Photo Near Matilija A
Two group photos taken in the area of Matilija Canyon.

Photo A: Several people sit on a boulder. Identified as C. C. Staunton, Jenny Stump, Doris Pennypacker, Annie Hanrahan, DeLee Staunton, and Peggy Staunton.

Photo B: Several people pose by a…

Life at Fallbrook A
Four outdoor photos depicting the Staunton family at Fallbrook.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton standing in a dirt yard. She wears a dark coat over her dress and holds a baby doll in her arms. House in background.

Photo B: C. C. and DeLee Staunton…

A.B.P.G. Picnic, Camp Comfort
View of the A. B. P. G. picnic at Camp Comfort. Shows crowd of people seated at picnic tables and eating. Building in background.

A.B.P.G. Picnic, Camp Comfort
View of the A. B. P. G. picnic at Camp Comfort. Shows crowd of people seated at picnic tables and eating. Cars in background.

Garden Scene, Berylwood
An outdoor garden scene showing the Bard family at their home in Hueneme, Berylwood. Left to right: Anne playing with dog, Berle seated, M. B. Bard knitting, Tom lying on ground, unidentified woman and girl behind Tom, baby Richard in buggy, and…

Group Gathering in Front of Automobile
Group of people gathering around an automobile. There are two people in front of the automobile to the right side of the image, possibly E. W. Daily and his wife. The rest of the group, situated on the left side of the photo, is facing the two people…

Two Couples Sitting on Porch
Picture of two couples sitting on the stairs of the E. W. Daily house. Two men are sitting on the outside of the group on the left and right sides. The men are wearing formal clothing with the man on the right wearing a full suit and the man on the…

Estimating the Bean Crop
Picture of three men estimating a farm's lima bean crop. From left to right: C. J. Daily, William Q. Markham, and C. W. Daily. Markham and C. W. Daily are holding a stalk of the lima bean crop and examining it. C. J. stares towards the camera with…

Group Photo in Front of Home
Two women and two men, standing in front of a house, possibly J. Maulhardt's house. The people are dressed in early 1900's attire. The house itself seems to be built in the Craftsmen style architecture evident by the square pillars and details under…

Six Women Group Photo
Six unidentified women standing for a group photo, possibly women of the Daily family. All of the women are wearing dress coats and hats. The sun seemingly beaming down on the women as all the women are squinting. Four of the six women are smiling.

E.W. Daily Family Portrait
E. W. Daily family portrait on the steps of the family home. There are five women and two men. The family dog is pictured on the left of the image. Two of the people in the picture are standing on the walkway to the household rather than the steps.…

People in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
View of five unidentified people standing in front of the Ventura County Court House. The five people are on the left of the image, with automobile nearby. The front facade and entrance of courthouse are visible.

Horses on Parade
View of nine men on horseback at the Ventura County Fair. Riders and horses are standing on a racetrack. Trees in background.

Trees and Entryway to Rancho Camulos
Outdoor scene of a dirt field with multiple trees. In the foreground the branch of a tree hangs low in front of the camera. In the background a group of four people are leaning along a picket fence.

Barbeque in Progress
View of a group of men surrounded by trees. In the background there are people gathered around a table for a barbeque. Surrounding the people is a multitude of trees, likely walnut trees. In the background is a small picket fence.

Group Photo in Garden
Image depicts a group of four people, three women and one man, sitting in a garden. Each person in the photo has a number over them to help identify the person. From left to right, Nena del Valle Cram, Ysobel del Valle Cram, Charles Lummis, and…

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group of seven people posing for a picture on a bench at Rancho Camulos. There are five people with numbers over their heads for identification purposes. From left to right there is Enedina del Valle, Susanita del Valle, Charles Lummis,…

Priest Blessing the Del Valle Family
View of a priest blessing women of the Del Valle family. There are numbers over each person in the image to help identify who they are. In ascending order: 1. Nina del Valle Cram, 2. Susanita del Valle, 3. Ysolbel del Valle Cram, 4. Natalia "Nachita"…

Group Photo by Palm Tree
Shows a large group of men, women, and children posed for a photo. Large palm in background. Individuals largely unidentified. Museum records indicate that man on far left is Charles F. Zapf.

Group at Table
Shows four people seated at a table. Shelves of jars, bottles, and packages to left of table. Oven and stove in left side foreground. Man in center is identified as Arturo Ruiz. The woman seated on the left may be Raphaela Cota Ruiz.

Old Hotel Garden
Shows the garden space of a hotel between Mission and Palm Streets. Five people are shown in the garden, standing and sitting near a door. Foliage partially obscures the group. Writing on photo verso: "A gathering spot to talk and smoke pipe."

Pavins Company Workers Group Photo
Portrait of a group of men posed with gardening tools in front of a house, another house in background. Men are dressed in hats, overalls, work shirts, and work pants. Writing on photo verso: "Nacho Camarillo and Charles Camarillo, Pavins Company of…

Cannon Firing on May Day, Fillmore
View of a crowd standing around a cannon on May Day. The cannon is pointed towards the right of the image. Leon Harthorn is lighting the fuse of the cannon. Harthorn is wearing a top hat and dark suit. Vehicles and palm trees visible in background.…

Oxnard Aces Group Photo, 1936
A group portrait of the Oxnard Aces baseball team in 1936. Team is dressed in their uniforms and pose with bats and mitts on the ground in front of them.
Top row (L-R): Lazaro Ponce, Joe Uranga, Albert Martinez, Tony Martinez, Humbert Escalante,…

Olivelands Crew at Limoneira Ranch
Outdoor group photo of the Olivelands crew at Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula. Majority of the group is standing or sitting outside a building with covered patio. A. F. Harms is seated to the left in a horse-drawn buggy. Fong, a Chinese American cook,…
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