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Ventura County Courthouse Parking Lot
Snap showing the rear exterior of the Ventura County Courthouse with parking lot in foreground. Numerous cars fill the lot. Courthouse rear is blocky and multistoried.

Downtown Ventura, Aerial View<br />
<br />
Aerial view of the downtown area of Ventura, Calif. Courthouse visible at the foothills, slightly above center. Plaza Park in lower right quadrant.

People in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
View of five unidentified people standing in front of the Ventura County Court House. The five people are on the left of the image, with automobile nearby. The front facade and entrance of courthouse are visible.

Ruth Ventura Zapf Seated in Garden
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf as a young girl seated in the garden of a Meta Street home. She is seated on a small wooden chair, and is holding a dark-colored umbrella. She is wearing a short-sleeved, light-colored dress. Palm trees, fence, and other…

Ventura County Court House, Ventura, Cal. postcard
East and southern views of Ventura County Courthouse. Building is Neoclassical architecture.
Verso: Describes writer's train ride from Ventura to Santa Barbara, CA.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. C.T. American Art, A-65871]

Father Serra Statue In Front of County Court House, Ventura postcard
Portrait view of statue of Father Junipero Serra located in front of Ventura County courthouse. Statue visible on left side of postcard on a concrete base with plaque. Courthouse entrance is partially visible on right side of postcard and partial…

County Court House, Ventura postcard
Three-quarters view of the Ventura County Court House, taken from the right side of the building. Building is in neoclassical architecture style. Hillside and trees visible behind the courthouse. Temporary structure and young palm trees are visible…

Ventura County Court House, Ventura postcard
Painting of the exterior view of the Ventura County Court House building. There is an ample street leading up to the building with lawns on either side of the street. An automobile is visible in the foreground, another in the distance, near the…

Court House, Ventura postcard
Exterior view of the front entrance of the Ventura County Court House building. The building is made of stone. Steps lead up to the entrance. A lamppost sits on either side of the steps. There are two large columns on either side of the door. Three…

Court House, Ventura, Calif. postcard
The front facade of the Ventura County Court House is depicted. It is a neoclassical building with a circular pathway surrounded by lawn. A statue of Father Serra is in the center of the walkway. Statue head is turned, looking to right of the image.…

The Court House, Ventura postcard
View of the Ventura County Courthouse taken from the side of the building. It is a two-story building with a four-story clock tower. A lawn and landscaping are visible in the foreground. Several other large buildings are depicted in the…
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