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Palm Trees on Blanchard's Ranch Postcard
A dirt road lined with squat but very leafy palm trees. On the left edge of the road is a man squatting to hold a toddler in white towards the camera. Six men in black suits and hats stand next to each other, spanning the road, with a woman in a hat…

Bathing at Lyon Springs, Matilija Canyon postcard
A river or pond with a rocky beach made up of large white stones and boulders backing up to a forest. A man in a suit and yellow hat sits near the top of the beach. A woman in pink sits closer to the shore. In the water are two children on a yellow…

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a Native American family.

Photograph of an image in a book, possibly Native American housing.

Family porch with automobile on street.

Portrait of a family.

Family on porch in front yard with climbing plants in bloom.

Portrait of family on porch of house.

Family portrait with dog, under a tree.

Stereoscopic view of a family on a coastal tide pool.

Families at harvest time, with buildings and threshing equipment in background.

Hill Cross
The top of Hill Cross is visible above a crowd gathered to witness the raising of the cross

Portrait of a family of four.

Portrait of a family of four.

Families relaxing at the beach.
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