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Arcade, Ojai Avenue, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Two people stand under arcade arches, looking at the viewer. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."

Post Office, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Ojai post office on the right side of the image, showing Ojai Avenue on left and center of image. Arcade and Libbey Park on either side of postcard partially visible. Many cars are parked on Ojai Avenue.

West from Post Office Tower, Ojai, Cal. postcard
Bird's eye view looking west on Ojai Avenue from the post office tower. View of Ojai Avenue with cars parked on both sides, Libbey Park and arcade partially visible on left and right of image. Bottom of postcard captioned "Post Office Tower, Ojai,…

T. M. McFarland Leaning Against Car
T. M. McFarland leaning against car with his right arm while looking away from the camera, his left hand is tucked into the pocket of his trousers. He is dressed in a three piece suit and tie with a hamburg style hat.

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T. M. McFarland Leaning against Car
T. M. McFarland leaning against car looking past the camera to the left. He is dressed in a three piece suit and tie. He is holding his hamburg style hat in his right hand that is leaning against the car door, his other hand is near his side.

View Looking North on C Street in Oxnard
View looking north on C Street from 5th Street in Oxnard. C Street is wide and lined with palm trees and cars are parked tightly on the street. Some houses visible on both sides of the street. Probably taken during late '40s or early '50s.

Bank of America Building, Oxnard
Original Bank of America building on A Street in Oxnard. It appears to be located on a corner. Cars are parked in front of building.

Hotel El Roblar
Street view of Hotel El Roblar in Ojai, CA. Image shows front entrance, front landscaping, sidewalk, and a car parked in front of hotel.

Lehmann Bros. Department Store, 5th Street Oxnard
Image of Lehmann Brothers department store with Poggi's Drugs to the left and a bakery to the right. On Poggi's Drugs store front there are two signs advertising for "Dr. Chas A. Frease Dentist" and "R.K. Harker M.D., Physician & Surgeon." Three…

St. John's Hospital, Oxnard
Exterior side view of St. John's Hospital taken from across the street. Image of a two story building with three 1930s style cars parked on the street in front of the building. Building's windows are open.

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North 5th Street across from Plaza Park, Oxnard
Image taken from B Street intersection looking southwest at North 5th street across from Plaza Park. Part of Carnegie Library visible behind buildings. Building has shops including Automobile Trimmings, Plaza Hotel, and Plaza Hardware Co. Cars parked…

Oxnard Carnegie Library
Exterior side view of the Oxnard Carnegie Library. Image taken from the street view to the right side of the entrance. Buildings visible to the left and right of the library. Three cars parked to the right side of the library.

All Saint's Church, Oxnard
All Saint's Church on 2nd and C streets. Image taken from C Street side of the building, entrance on 2nd not visible. 1920's style car parked in front of the church. Trees visible on both sides of the church.

St. Paul's Methodist Church in Oxnard
St. Paul's Methodist Church on the south east corner of C and 6th Streets in Oxnard. Image taken from across the street to show entire building, including entrance and large stained-glass windows on the side of the building. 1920's style car parked…

Exterior View of Catholic Women's Club Building Oxnard
Catholic Women's Club building in Oxnard with cars parked in front of the building. Image taken from across the street.

Cars Buried by Flooding after St. Francis Dam Failure
View of two cars mostly submerged in what appears to be mud and rocks after the St. Francis Dam failure. Photograph notes state "Our car parked below all that's left of dam site."

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Main Street Ventura, 1920
Main Street looking west from California Street, Ventura, CA. Several automobiles parked and in the street. Buildings and storefronts visible on both sides of Main Street. Utility poles dot the sidewalks along the street.

Mercer's Garage
Mercer's Garage exterior front and side of building located on a corner. Two autos parked at curb in front and on side of garage. Streets in foreground and a utility pole is prominent on the street corner.

Automobile on Desolate Road in Ojai
View of a dirt road with an open car on it. There are trees on one side of the road and a meadow or clearing on the other side of the road. A driver or passenger is seen standing up in the car with one arm outstretched skyward.


Somis School
View of hedge lined driveway up to school with two cars parked in front. Caption reads "Somis School."

Ventura County Hospital Exterior
Ventura County Hospital front view of exterior, showing a large stretch of lawn with trees in front of the building. Cars are parked directly in front of the hospital and a car is parked on the street in foreground. A view of the "Five Trees" on the…

Actors Performing a Stunt in a Car
Actors in a convertible seemingly fly off a broken bridge. Image taken from ground below the bridge. There are appear to be two men in the photo off of the bridge, one appears to be running equipment (right). Library records indicate: "Actors (not…

Main Street View, Ventura, 1929
View of a busy Main Street scene looking west from in front of the E. P. Foster Library. There are several parked and driving cars in the scene. Many storefronts are visible, and the Hotel De Leon is prominent on the right side of the image.

Pierpont Inn
Exterior view from a distance of the Pierpont Inn. Image shows extensive grounds in front of the inn that appear to be ready for landscaping. A circular driveway in front of the building with people in a car on the left of the image on the driveway…

Ventura Railroad Station
View of the Ventura Railroad Station showing the depot building, several people in front of the building, and a train on the tracks. On the left of the image are two horse drawn wagons for Hotel DeLeon and Hotel Anacapa presumably waiting for or…
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