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N. O. Taylor House, Ventura
Exterior front view of the N. O. Taylor House at 973 E. Main St. Multistory, wood-sided building with diamond-patterned glass in several windows. Balcony over porch. Light-colored Triumph TR7 parked in front of building.

Museum records indicate…

E.W. Daily home and Automobile
Photo of E.W. Daily home with family automobile in front of home.

Arrival at E.W. Daily Home
Glossy photo of two girls on porch of home. Woman walking down sidewalk toward man arriving per automobile. Automobile visible. Home is the E.W. Daily home at 145 Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

Automobile and People in Front of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Matte photo of automobile in front of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. People standing next to automobile.

Note: Museum records include text "Visiting Sugar Beet Factory."

Exterior of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Glossy photo of "Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory" Oxnard, California. Two people standing next to automobile on dirt road in front of factory building.

E.W. Daily Home in Los Angeles
Photo of E.W. Daily home with automobile parked in paved driveway.

Note: Museum records include text "145 Kingsley Drive, LA."

E. W. Daily Irrigating Field
Photo of E. W. Daily standing next to irrigation trough where it empties into furrows in soil. Water storage and shed in background of photo. Several automobiles parked in rear of photo.

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E.W. Daily at Ford Coupe
Photo of E.W. Daily and Ford Coupe automobile in front of A.J. Dingeman's Ford Dealership.

Note: Museum Records indicate that Dingeman's Dealership was located on Saviers Road & 3rd Street, in Oxnard.

Tunnel Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of an automobile driving through a tunnel on the road to Wheeler Hot Springs.

Traveling to Wheeler Hot Springs
View of an early automobile driving down an unpaved, mountain road towards Wheeler Hot Springs. Tunnel in left of view.

Entrance to Wheelers Hot Springs
View of the entrance to the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Five people on horse back on road in front of entrance. Sign above entrance warns drivers to slow down. Cabins and mountains in background. Early automobile on left.

Main Street Scene, Ventura
Street scene showing the 500 block of Main Street in Ventura. Cars parked along sidewalk in foreground, partially obscuring street. Opposite storefronts visible including McCauley's Cafe and Montgomery Ward (at 529 and 535 E. Main Street…

Cal Worthington Dodge Agency
Exterior view of Cal Worthington Dodge Agency at corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue. Shows storefront and drive-in entrance.

Bolyard & Son Studebaker/Jeep Agency
Street scene of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing the Bolyard & Son Studebaker and Jeep Agency. Row of cars parked on street outside of agency. Other businesses in background.

Watson's Furniture Storefront
Exterior view of Watson's Furniture at 138 E. Main Street, next to National Market. Lamps, chairs, and other furniture visible through store windows. Painted above door is a maple leaf with words reading "Maple and Birch."

John Taft Electric Storefront
Street view of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing John Taft Electric. Signs for GE Appliances and Westinghouse Appliances above windows. Store sign and GE billboard above roof. Large appliances such as washing machines visible through windows.…

Northside of Main Street, Between California and Oak Streets
Street view showing the northside of Main Street between California and Oak Streets. Automobiles parked at diagonal in front of storefronts. Hotel Ventura on far right. El Jardin Patio building on left. Other storefronts show signs for a Jeweler,…

Ventura County Courthouse Parking Lot
Snap showing the rear exterior of the Ventura County Courthouse with parking lot in foreground. Numerous cars fill the lot. Courthouse rear is blocky and multistoried.

Glen Tavern, Santa Paula, California postcard
Exterior view of the Glen Tavern in Santa Paula. Shows angled view from southeast corner of building. Half-timbered and wood siding façade. Automobile with two occupants in driveway.

Verso: Message to Ruth Ruiz of Ventura concerning the sender's…

Glen Tavern, Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
Exterior view of Glen Tavern in Santa Paula, Calif. Shows building from the front from opposite sidewalk. Half-timbered and wood siding façade. Two flagpoles without flags on roof. Automobiles parked alongside hotel.

[Neuner Corporation, Los…

Weatherly Motor Company Used Car Lot
View of the Weatherly Motor Company's used car lot on Main Street between the Mission and the Avenue. Shows many cars parked in a lot with three signs above. L-R the signs read: "Dodge - Plymouth, Guaranteed Used Cars - Trucks, Cash for used cars,"…

Weatherly Motor Company
Exterior, frontal view of Weatherly Motor Company at 52 E. Main Street in Ventura. Shows storefront and headlight station 92. Sign for Dodge Plymouth on top of building. Two automobiles parked in front.

Weatherly Motor Company
Exterior view of Weatherly Motor Company at 52 E. Main Street in Ventura. Shows storefront with automobile visible through windows. Signs for Dodge Plymouth on top of building and painted on side. Portion of adjacent building and side parking lot…

DeLee Staunton Childhood Scenes A
Four photos depicting DeLee Staunton as a child.

Photo A: Group photo. Left to right, Mary Hanrahan - grandmother, J. C. Hanrahan - grandfather, Ann Hanrahan - aunt, Margarite "Peggy" Staunton - mother, and DeLee Staunton.

Photo B: Outdoor…

Staunton Family near Tahoe A
Four photos depicting DeLee and the Staunton family, most taken near Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe.

Photo A: DeLee wearing swimwear and standing in a shallow river.

Photo B: Closeup view of DeLee smiling towards the viewer.

Photo C: DeLee…
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