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Estimating the Bean Crop
Picture of three men estimating a farm's lima bean crop. From left to right: C. J. Daily, William Q. Markham, and C. W. Daily. Markham and C. W. Daily are holding a stalk of the lima bean crop and examining it. C. J. stares towards the camera with…

E.W. Family Poses With Crops
Picture of E. W. Daily family members posing with ranch workers and their harvested crops. The Daily family members look towards the viewer, while the ranch workers load up a large horse drawn wagon with harvested crop. Edges of the photo are…

Model T Hooked up with Hay Mower
Scene showing two men in a vast beet field, one in a Model T and the other on a hay mower. The Model T is hooked up with hay mower. Unknown location, although it is either Oxnard or Hueneme.

Hauling Beans at J. F. Lewis Ranch
Scene showing an eight horse team pulling a wagon loaded with sacks of beans at the J. F. Lewis Ranch in Camarillo, CA. Another team follows behind in the background. The teams are on a path amongst crops. Crop in foreground right appears to be…

Farm house in the midst of crops and trees, with mountains in the backdrop.
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