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Dr. M.A.R. de Poli
Bust portrait of Dr. Manuel Antonio Rodríguez de Poli. Photograph of a portrait in an oval frame in Collections.

Edward Drummond Libbey
Bust portrait of Edward Drummond Libbey wearing a dark suit, tie, and glasses. He is turned to his left slightly but turned to look at the viewer.


Joel McCrea
Portrait of Joel McCrea from the waist up. He is wearing a jacket, tie, and cowboy hat. He is smiling at the viewer.

Francisco de la Guerra
Bust portrait of Francisco de la Guerra wearing a three piece suit and tie, gazing to the left of the viewer. He was son of Captain José de la Guerra, and lived on Tapo Alto on Rancho Simi. This is a photograph of portrait that is in Collections.

George G. Sewell
Bust portrait of George G. Sewell. He is wearing a suit, bowtie, and has a mustache and beard. He is looking at the viewer. This is a photograph of portrait that is in Collections.

Bardsdale Bridge after St. Francis Dam Disaster
Image shows the damage sustained by the Bardsdale Bridge and surrounding land after the St. Francis Dam collapse on March 13, 1928. Visible in the scene are sandbags and some vehicles. There are cylindrical tanks at the left of the image. Mountains…

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Mission San Buenaventura Aqueduct, View from Above
Bird's eye view of aqueduct ruins. Caption at bottom of photo reads: Mission San Buena Ventura aqueduct from top showing its massive construction and heavily covered channel, 30" x 10".

Second Schoolhouse Built in Santa Paula
Exterior view of a schoolhouse in Santa Paula. There re trucks parked in front of it and a group of people near the front porch. It appears to be raining. According to library records: "Second schoolhouse built in Santa Paula in 1884. 1938 flood.…

Man Standing at Site of Bear Trap
Charlie Brown standing on site of bear trap at head of
Seymour Creek. He is surrounded by wilderness and is looking at the camera.


Head of Seymour Creek with Mt. Pinos Behind
Scene showing meadow and mountains. According to library records: "Head of Seymour Creek with Mt. Pinos behind (on right). Meadow in foreground is where Kelly caught a grizzly bear [Kelly's full name is not given]. Meadow was known as Examiner…


Edward Drummond Libbey on horseback at Arbolada, Ojai
Edward Drummond Libbey on horseback at Arbolada, Ojai, CA. The home at Libbey Ranch is in the background.

Actors Performing a Stunt in a Car
Actors in a convertible seemingly fly off a broken bridge. Image taken from ground below the bridge. There are appear to be two men in the photo off of the bridge, one appears to be running equipment (right). Library records indicate: "Actors (not…

Marguerite Welton Holding Giant Fish
Marguerite Welton, portrait full, with large black fish caught from boat at Pt. Mugu in the 1930s. Fish is possibly a Goliath Grouper. The fish is hanging by its mouth and appears longer/taller than Welton. Welton wears nautical or sailor style…

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Ventura County Cultural Heritage Board Group Photo
Group photo of the Ventura County Cultural Heritage Board at Sharp-Thille house. They are on a porch outdoors. All are smiling at the viewer.

Front row, L-R: Lou Wright, Dorothy Ramirez, ? , Eleanor Taylor, Dr. Penfield.
Back row, L-R: ? ,…

Mission Santa Inés Interior
View of the interior of the Mission Santa Inés church, with a view of pews, altars, stations of the cross, and paintings and statutes of religious figures. Caption on photo reads "Interior of Santa Ynez Mission (taken from the gallery)."

Ruins of Santa Margarita Mission
Image shows a man standing next to the ruins of the Santa Margarita Mission, also known as Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia. Image shows the base of the building and a portion of the walls still intact, but the remainder of the building is…

Small Child with Large Beets
A little girl wearing overalls and a large sun hat poses for a full portrait in the outdoors. She is seemingly farming, as she holds a gardening tool over one shoulder and holds a large sugar beet in her other hand. There is a basket of produce on…

Group of People among Tide Pools
A group of three people are seen exploring tidepools that are at the base of a cliff. Seaside cliff looms large in the background.

First Ventura County Courthouse
Front and side exterior view of the original Ventura County courthouse building on Santa Clara Street in Ventura, CA. Adjacent buildings visible. There is a low fence around the building and two boys lean and sit on the fence. Santa Clara Street, a…

Worker on Sugar Beet Machine
Snapshot, close view of a worker on sugar beet machine in a field. Many beets in view on the machine.

Pioneer Ladies, Ojai Valley
Group photo - Pioneer Ladies, Ojai Valley. Three ladies sit outdoors, identified as (l-r): Mrs. Fannie Ayers, Mrs. Emma Bullard, Mrs. Alice Fordyce, Mrs. Ida Mead, Mrs. Hattie Cota.

Wagonload of Walnuts
Two horses pull a wagon that is loaded up with sacks of walnuts. A man sits atop the load holding reins. The man looks down at the viewer. A young girl stands looking at the viewer on the bottom left of image.

Old Horseshoe Curve on Conejo Grade
Bird's eye view of a section of road on the Conejo Grade that is in a horseshoe shape. Mountain that the road is cut into visible in image, as are mountains in the background of image. Mountainsides are covered with brush. Some safety guard rails…

Main Street, Santa Paula, 1888
View of Main Street in Santa Paula in the summer of 1888. View down the middle of Main Street showing buildings on either side. There is a church on the left foreground of the image. Dr. Mott is identified as the man with a satchel in the foreground.

Model T Hooked up with Hay Mower
Scene showing two men in a vast beet field, one in a Model T and the other on a hay mower. The Model T is hooked up with hay mower. Unknown location, although it is either Oxnard or Hueneme.
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