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Adolfo Camarillo and Abe Hobson on Horseback
Adolfo Camarillo and Abe Hobson both seated on horseback. Adolfo Camarillo is astride one of his distinctive Camarillo White Horses. Abe Hobson is riding a black horse. Other people, horses, and an automobile are visible behind the two men.

Lane of Trees at Camarillo Ranch
An view of a lane of trees on Camarillo Ranch. Portions of buildings can be seen behind the trees.

Quote associated with this negative explains, "Often the dining room would not accommodate its many guests. A string of tables would be set up down…

Camarillo White Horses in Tree Grove
In the rear of the Camarillo residence, a pair of Camarillo White Horses stand in a grove of trees. A horse trailer can be seen in the background.

Camarillo White Horses on Parade
Camarillo White Horses and riders in the County Fair Parade on Main Street. Parade watchers are visible in the foreground.

This view of the parade is in front of the Darden and Randall Buick Agency (52 E. Main Street).

Camarillo White Horses In Formation (A)
Overhead view of four women riding Camarillo White Horses in parade formation. Second image is mirror of the first.

Camarillo Ladies Riding Horseback
Seven ladies of the Camarillo family all riding Camarillo White Horses side by side.

Carmelita Fitzgerald Nicholson on Horseback
A photograph of Adolfo Camarillo's granddaughter, Carmelita Fitzgerald Nicholson posed on a Camarillo White Horse.

Nighttime photograph of four men, one with blow horn, another with gal type lamp standing as they await a fifth man turn on the street lights. A sign states Happy New Year. [A and R in Year are hidden]. "Street Lights Go On." Year unknown. Possibly…

Limoneira Ranch Panorama, Pre 1900
Sepia toned outdoor damaged photograph mounted on cardboard.
"Possibly the earliest of the panoramic photographs of the packing house, workers dwellings, mule corrals at the heart of the Limoneira Company, Santa Paula, California. (even before…

Judge Alice Magill
Indoor photograph of Judge Alice Magill seated in courtroom holding gavel. Front view, she has a slight smile.


Judge Alice Magill, side view
Indoor photograph of Judge Alice Magill seated in
courtroom, side view. Printed on Kodak Royal Digital Paper.


Under the Cross, Sunset
View of Serra Cross at sunset, facing westward, ocean in background. Several people are gathered around the cross. Caption states: "Under the Cross" Sunset. Junipero Serra Day Ventura, Cal. 11/24/13. Dingman Photo.


Agricultural Group Photo
Outdoor panorama sepia toned photograph of an agricultural scene very similar to #38792. "Sudden Derritt" printed in white on face of photograph. Man in
buckboard in foreground. Loaded wagons, pulley belt thresher, workers and horses visible. On…

Agricultural Group Photo
Outdoor panorama, gray toned photograph of agricultural land, workers, horses, wagons, sacks, tractors, pulley belt thresher in the scene. There is an open car with some men on left of photo and there are some houses in the background just off of the…

Group Photograph, Shell Oil Company California Ventura Division
Sepia toned outdoor scene of men sitting on top of a pile of sacks as well as machinery and cars. Some men are standing. They are surrounded by machinery, early automobiles and oil wells, a citrus orchard is visible. "Cementing Gosnell No. 23-90 in…

Workers in Lima Bean Fields, Santa Paula
Sepia toned outdoor farming scene with men, threshing machinery, horses and wagons. Photograph is "rippled" from being glued to a backing. "Thermal Belt Thrashing Company operating in the Lima Bean fields near SantaPaula,Cal." "Photo#676 S.U.…

South Grammar School Group Photo
Sepia toned outdoor group photograph of "South Grammar School, Santa Paula, Cal. (1920-21). Charles D. Jones Superintendent, Student body and Teachers assembled outside, some sitting, some standing on curb and lawn. School building is to the right.…

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Hobson Brothers Garage
Exterior view of Hobson Bros. Garage. Tractor visible on left in front of building. Man standing in open double door of Garage, wooden wagon in far right in front of building.

Chinese Male Worker at Limoneira
Sepia toned outdoor photograph of a Chinese worker at
Limoneira. He is standing in an orchard row reading a newspaper. He wears his hair in a long braid, wears a straw hat, and is dressed in Chinese style clothing and shoes.

Limoneira Panorama
Panoramic photograph of Limoneira, showing rows of lemon trees, adjacent fields, flat buildings, and mountains in the background.

Panorama of agricultural workers, mules, and lemon crates at Limoneira. Captions read: "Noon time scene, World's greatest Lemon Ranch owned by the Limoneira Company of Santa Paula, California, USA." and "Photograph #694 S.U. Bunnell, 45 Stevenson…

La Conchita Looking South, Directly Over La Conchita
Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita looking South, directly over La Conchita. Not all of La Conchita visible. Industrial area visible in foreground of photograph. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

La Conchita Looking South
Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita looking South, photograph concentrates on one area. An Industrial area, possible rail yard. Numerous box type storage containers visible. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita looking North and slightly East and from a short distance from La Conchita. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

La Conchita Area, View Looking North
Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita area. View looking North. La Conchita "Strip" clearly visible. Rail line, Hwy. 101, Beach and Surf visible. Clear images of houses and roads. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.
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