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Women Doing Laundry
Outdoor scene showing Marietta Hughes and Blanche Hughes Coultas doing laundry. They are using a wringer on wet clothes, with a washboard and laundry plunger used to agitate laundry in the nearby washtub. Tree and buildings in background.

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Santa Clara Street Laundry
Interior scene of a commercial laundry on Santa Clara Street, at the later site of the Ventura County Star-Free Press building. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Moore stand behind machinery, looking towards the viewer. Mr. Moore wear a loose shirt and cap. Mrs.…

Althea Malden and Mrs. Bard
Portrait of Althea Malden (left) and Mrs. Bard (right) seated together. Malden holds a book in her hands. Mrs. Bard is working on a sewing or knitting project. Malden wears a light-colored dress and is looking towards Mrs. Bard. Mrs. Bard is wearing…

Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard
Seated portrait of Ann Elizabeth Hobbs Blanchard. She is holding a sewing project on her lap. She wears a lacy, white blouse, a bead necklace, and round glasses. Her hair is curled and pinned back. She looks directly at the viewer.

Hill Ranch Guest Bedroom
Interior scene of a guest bedroom at Hill Ranch in Casitas Valley. Shows furnishing including a bed, chairs, benches, and a covered Singer sewing machine. Windows wrap around the walls opposite the bed. Potted plants decorate the windows.

Garden Scene, Berylwood
An outdoor garden scene showing the Bard family at their home in Hueneme, Berylwood. Left to right: Anne playing with dog, Berle seated, M. B. Bard knitting, Tom lying on ground, unidentified woman and girl behind Tom, baby Richard in buggy, and…

Sewing Bean Sacks, Faria Ranch
Outdoor scene showing Tony Soares sewing sacks of beans while sitting on a stack of sacks. Wanda Faria sits on a stack of sacks nearby, looking towards the viewer. Reginald Baptiste in background.

Las Amigas del Museo, Needlepoint Artists
Shows needlepoint artists, Mrs. Jerome Berenson (left) and Mrs. Robert M. Duntley. Between them is a needlepoint quilt or rug depicting California wildflowers. Each woman holds additional needlework squares in her lap. Both women were associated with…

Snowy View of Ventura Avenue
View of Ventura Avenue from the Cross. Snow covers Ventura Avenue and the mountains.

View of Ventura Avenue
View of Ventura Avenue from a hill looking west. Large building near the center bottom of photo is the DeAnza Apartments located on Simpson Street. Past the Avenue is Diablo Canyon on Taylor Ranch.

Ventura Avenue in the Rain
Street view of Ventura Avenue in the rain. Cars driving in background. Two cars are parked, one on each side of the street. Trees and palms line left side. Welding shop on right side.

Ventura Avenue in the Rain
Street view of Ventura Avenue in the rain. Car is driving on right side of street, away from viewer. Several other cars are parked on the left side of the street. Trees and palms line right side. Two stores visible, with signs for a welding shop and…

Hill's Photo Service
Shows exterior storefront of Hill's Photo Service. The shop was located at 610 N. Ventura Avenue, and was operated by David W. Hill. Several signs visible in window.

Marcella Anderson in 1901 Cadillac
Marcella Wilson Anderson (Mrs. Philip) sitting in a 1901 Cadillac in front of her father's business. Al. G. Wilson Service Shop, located at the northwest corner of Ventura Avenue and Main Street. Other automobiles and storefront behind Marcella. Sign…

Crooked Palm
View of a crooked palm tree on Ventura Avenue. Palm's trunk has a distinctive 90 degree bend to the right.

Westside of Ventura Avenue Looking West
Street scene of the west side of Ventura Avenue looking west, near the corner of Main Street. Shows vacant lot in center, fenced off lot on left, and unidentified buildings to right and in background.

Main Street and Ventura Avenue Looking West
Street view of the north side the corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue looking west. Shows intersection. Unidentified buildings in distance. Mountains in background.

Ventura Avenue Flooded
Street scene of Ventura Avenue with street flooded. Shows cars driving through floodwaters. Storefronts visible on right side of scene, including Larsen's Market, Jerry's Beauty Salon, and Avenue Shoe Shop.

Shaw's Soda Works
Interior scene of Shaw's Soda Works, located on East Poli and Hemlock Streets. Shows five workers in a warehouse. Boxes and machinery behind the workers. Table covered in beverage bottles in front of them.

Ventura Avenue and Hillside
View of Ventura Avenue from a hillside. Foliage on the hillside partially obscures the view. Las Palmas Chili Factory to the left of photo.

Ventura Free Press Office
Outdoor scene showing the Ventura Free Press office on right with sign. Home with fence on the left. Trees line wooden sidewalk. Street appears to be unpaved. Man wearing top hat is walking a spotted dog by the offices. Man is identified as Dr.…

Avenue Drug Store
Exterior view of the Avenue Drug Store. Car parked on sidewalk by building. Drugstore and Coca-Cola signs visible on front of building.

Note with photograph: "This was my father's Drug store from about 1910-1960. His name was John H. McClaran. I…

Avenue Community Church Advertising Card postcard
Exterior view of the Avenue Community Church in Ventura. Card used to advertise church services.

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Harrison Avenue Drug Store During Flood
Exterior view of the Harrison Avenue Drug Store on the corner of Harrison and Ventura Avenues during a flood. The water appears to have flooded the roads. A man and a woman stand on the sidewalk by the entrance to the store. Signs for the drug store…

E.W. Daily Family Home
Exterior view of the E. W. Daily house from the front. The cone shaped roof and front fence are visible. The pillars of the veranda are square. Architecture appears to be a mix of Victorian and Craftsman styles. The entrance is somewhat covered by a…
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